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  1. Add GB's statement yesterday that the role of banks is to "provide" money. Utter nonsense, as Phil Collins might say.
  2. Note the terminology. Banks are giving organisations, never charigng us interest for our money: "These decisions on stability and restructuring are the necessary building blocks to allow banks to return to their basic function of providing cash and investment for families and businesses," Brown will tell reporters.
  3. I'd happily see my council tax pay for something like that.
  4. Plus banks are still throwing money at anything with the slightest evidence of a pulse. But don't waste your breath here; many were convinced a crash was happening in Oz three years ago and had no qualms in repeatedly saying so, despite the masses of evidence to the contrary. Different tax laws, different stage of the OCR cycle, different state of banking ... and on it goes. How long before the first 'It's different this time. Winking emoticon' retort?
  5. What's the point of throwing money at banks if they continue to old on to it? What are they doing with it?
  6. I don't know much about this Jeff chap. Was he able to count beyond five back in 05 and tell us all?
  7. Don't deposits, by their very nature, already exist before they reach a bank?
  8. You could always ask the Governor General in Oz if he's willing to take action. I'm pretty sure there's a reciprocal agreement.
  9. You must be proud, of not being called 'Sack Monday' that is. Something tells me sentiment has changed.
  10. Brilliant tactics. Although I've used lemons as a cleaning product for a long time - with that other housewive's favourite, white vinengar - I'm not sure I've ever made good use of a smok. No time like the present. (You could probably also make some ace maracas out of those left over lemons and seeds.)
  11. ASX closing in on 2.5 down ... so far.
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