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  1. I remember TTRTR quoting that he'll buy at 6% which for me seems quite a low yield (i.e. there's plenty of room for it to become cashflow negitive in the event of interest raises) however I do remember back sometime in the ninties my mum was considering doing a BTL for around £70k and rent it out. she had the cash for an outright buy but interest rates at the time were around 7% basically she would have got around the same in bank interest so i told her it wasn't worth it. unfortunately I was a dumb little kid at the time with no concept of inflation my point is with property you do have to think longer term (which is something I'm not great at) - TTRTR may very well end up increasing his yields by putting up the rent later down the line or property prices may even keep on rising.
  2. That's just it... RB doesn't actually do any these so called smart bets (he's just a fund investor like any other average Joe) - if he was a gambler he'd be one of those anorak gamblers who spends up to £25 in a casino testing out some roulette system he bought on ebay.
  3. Not being funny RB... your manic and loosely related replies, reminds me chillingly of a time when one of my close friends suffered from manic depression... hope that's not the case with you but it's more than plain old stubborness mixed with a little arrogance.
  4. RB do you just keep typing in the hope that you'll randomly spit out something insightful enough to silence SH? It must be fun not knowing that you know nothing
  5. SH I've got to admire your stamina! keep it up RB in the unlikely event you've stumbled across some great SM system, then please put every penny you can and can't afford into it and buy a house for the sake of it.
  6. RB I also invest via mutual funds but only because I'm not an expert! I don't go around pretending to be some kind of financial guru and neither should you - I can only conclude you're someone who's found an audience and likes the attention.
  7. It amazes me that someone who only invests indirectly in the stockmarket via funds would post everyday on this forum about market commentary which has included recommendations about shorting the FTSE. I think you sumed it up with... I'll leave it for someone else to find a use for your thoughts, i just hope it doesn't involve money (nothing personal - but it comes to money you need to be careful you don't misled people)
  8. I think RB has got it quite lightly given the amount of mis-information he must have spread. If you were to ban everyone making personal attacks against TTRTR you'd lose 2/3 of the forum
  9. if memory serves it only tracks visitors with an alexa toolbar installed to their browser
  10. Got to agree with you on that - if people cared enough about fair prices to say no, the market would never have got to this stage the demand for housing is amazingly inelastic, and as long as banks come up with creative ways of making monthly payments affordable - there's plently of people who will happily take on the debt. when BMW launched in Japan they had a hard time because their cars were far more expensive than locally produced cars - however they soon found that the locals would happily buy BMW at their prices on finance provided the monthly repayments were low - people didn't really care the fact that it took many more years to pay off.
  11. I'm amazed people even bother with Alexa ratings, it's about as accurate as a VI salesman trying to flog Dubi newbuilds.
  12. The house looks nice, 4 bed and looks like it's been well done up... but for £440k surely you can find something better? I mean £270-320k ok but £500k seems like a joke... that said I just viewed a 3 bed shitty terrace in york, in need of modernisation going for £173k - maybe if it was really tarted up and needed no work but otherwise i wouldn't have thought it be worth £155k - sad thing is someone has made an offer on it.
  13. Oh shock bloody horror! someone's going to make money from you a buying house so let's rent instead, oh shock horror - the BTL landlord is making money from renters, let's live under a bridge! oh damn the government taxes us when we work, lets all stop working and wait for our giros wake up and realise you're born - death and taxes are the only thing that's certain in life.
  14. I was at a few commerical auctions down in london - seems dominated by Asian money right now and they're making silly bids for some lots, ending up with around 4% yields.
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