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  1. I'm confused. Can you not bring yourself to look at the screen? Or maybe you meant "site"
  2. In a years time, what are people going to be investing in! Shares tanked, BTL destroyed. There is very little return out there.
  3. Great dream. But the reality is that some people are quite happy working in Starbucks or McDs. I'd love it to be a society where everyone wants to be in interesting and useful jobs. But they don't.
  4. http://www.expressandstar.com/business/city-news/2015/08/18/ftse-100-in-the-red-as-housebuilders-see-share-falls/
  5. Ultra Fox

    New Property Portal

    Average Rental Price In london -1 bedroom 925 (that minus one bedroom) 1 bedroom 538 2 bedrooms 720 How do you have minus one bedroom?!
  6. Depends where. North Leeds is insane. We've been looking for a family home. Two houses we looked at have gone for 20 grand over asking. Unbelievable. In Bramley (where i bought in 2007 - ahem :-/ ) prices are still below 2007 peak by 10-15%.
  7. Ultra Fox

    Land Registry April +0.9%

    Similar in certain areas of Leeds (North). Family homes in the 200-325 range are going over asking.
  8. Ultra Fox


    Yep. The Cons have really been cooking the books.
  9. Ultra Fox

    Labour Pledges Stamp Duty Help For First-Time Buyers

    Actually, I've found that since they changed the stamp duty at 250,000 that prices have now gone up a between 20,000 and 30,000. So houses that were no for 255,000 (to 260,000) and being sold for 250,000 now go for 265,000 to 280,00. Thanks George. Yeah you've really helped.
  10. Sometimes its the change itself which stops people changing.
  11. But surely if they are prime building sites they would hold there value with all this '200,000 homes a year' talk....
  12. Ultra Fox

    Worrying Trend

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32332201 Interesting story from the BBC (mainly because its even on the BBC)
  13. Ultra Fox

    Do Britons Feel Rich Or Poor?

    For me, both of these people sum up with what is wrong with modern life.

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