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  1. Hi all thanks for reply . I'm not planning a family . Location is pretty important to me I guess I'm single and friends live manchester work is knutsford . The property down road is on for £165 without kitchen extension and needs new kitchen and bathroom. I want something ready to move into really . My limit is £176k .. And all the semis that are nice seem to be in the £200k range ... I checked out other terraces in chorlton £250k price range and Stockport £160k range but not keen on area .....
  2. Hi well I pay £650 rent at the mo with £35k deposit the repayments are £720 so not too bad
  3. http://www.andrewdawson.co.uk/search/cheadle/2-bedroom-end-of-terrace-house-for-sale-in-cheadle/full_details_gallery_adv/690966 What do you all think of this house ? I am 33 single woman I am not very savvy when it comes to property and ppl keep telling me I could get a semi in stockpprt cheaper but I don't like Stockport so much . This house right next to village cheadle and shops and five min drive from didsbury and close enough to motorway for work ( knutsford 3 days a week ) house prices seem to have gone through roof this last year ... But don't want to be ripped off ... Thoughts welcomed xx
  4. Hi thanks il be driving so transport links aren't a priority in terms of trains ... I forgot to add I need to buy this year really as il be going fully self employed from September And I know it's a nightmare to get. Mortgage when self employed so need to hurry up and decide and look ! Il have a look at cheadle though thank you x
  5. Hi all thanks for the suggestions yes Manchester side would be best really as have friends in Manchester I don't really know anyone the other side so I'd much prefer to be closer if I could . Il check out heald green anywhere else ? Thanks again
  6. Hi I'm 33 year old woman looking to buy in south Manchester. I work in knutsford so anywhere within reasonable travel distance. I only have around £155k to spend so I'm aware that doesn't get me a great deal but as long as it's safe and in an ok area . I prefer old and characterful Rather than new build but open to suggestion ! I not from Manchester so I'm totally ignorant on areas but I went to view a couple last week that said they were timperely altrincham but they definitely seemed more wynthenshaw area !!! Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated ! X
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