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  1. Cant see it happeningWHat did the warmongering twit Ashdown say?
  2. It seems he can't speak English properly either. Ironic.
  3. Yea OK, so because I think immigration should be restricted to just Professors, Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, specialist skills, and people who excel greatly in arts or sport, it means that anyone who isnt one of these should be fed sent to the gulag and fed to the pigs on animal farm?Am I right? Typical nonsense emotive argument. Its no different to jumping up and down screaming 'racist' for no apparent reason.
  4. So?By the way I dont live in the UK, not that it matters anyway. Your argument is another meaningless emotive.
  5. The honest truth is that an unimaginably small number of immigrants actually provide a net benefit to the society. We are talking about immigrants like the rocket scientists stolen from Germany by America after WW2. They provide a net benefit. Even the average 'high skilled' worker probably doesn't contribute much once they have brought their entire family over. Of course, there are a number of jobs where it is actually hard to employ Brits in - one where speaking multiple languages is one easy one. But I imagine there are numerous 'high skilled' jobs where a Brit could easily be employed Everyone else is absolutely not needed and immigration should be banned for everyone who isnt a Professor, Research Scientist, Olympic Gold Medalist, Rock Star etc
  6. The only hope for the West is to get the jobs back from Asia
  7. What do you expect? The Conservatives never had ANY intention of lowering immigration. Labour, Liberal and Conservative all support and encourage mass immigration.
  8. I dont think many people truly grasp the concept and/or scale of the outsourcing
  9. Farage won't do anything I think Hes always banging on about 'freetrade' etc without ever actually stopping to explain the implications of it I would like someone to actually ask Farage what he thinks of every job being outsourced and whether 'free trade' is enough to warrant the millions of jobs lost because of it
  10. Its been obvious for a while now that in the future the only jobs will be public sector and retail. Governments have encouraged jobs to be sent abroad and have even agreed to pick up the bill for the destruction it causes through benefits/tax credits and employing people in non-jobs in the public sector. Strangely noone bothers to mention this on question time, all we hear about is 'growth' - another 1984 style buzzword where noone actually knows what it means but somehow has positive connotations and is therefore obviously good.
  11. Because I got a 1st without having to do basically anything. All you had to do was turn up. And this is at a 'proper' universityI didnt learn anything and probably got thicker as a result of 4 years of doing nothing. I kind of think it all started when I finished my GCSEs. A levels were a waste of time as well (I got bad A level results btw). and YES I could have gone to the library and studied myself. But in my defense, I don't blame myself as much for that, being 19 years old surrounded by people doing the absolute opposite, as I do for not trusting myself and not going entirely. Perhaps it could have been worthwhile if I had used the resources there instead of wasting them (the resources and lecturers and the research they did was in fact very very very good). In fact this is what one professor told me when I complained that I felt I had just wasted 4 years of my life when I finally had the confidence to say I was right about the whole thing, but even he admitted that he had had courses removed because they were 'too hard'. I felt that deep down he agreed with me, but obviously if he used the language I used about it I doubt he would be working there for much longer.
  12. I graduate in 2011 with an MEng in Electrical Engineering I haven't started paying any of it back. Iøm in two minds. On one hand its a joke and I know most people will never pay the thing back, and on the other hand I think the debt will be sold to a private company and then I will be completely ******. If I ever work in the UK I might start paying it, by then it will be a ridiculous amount. Probably about 50k. University was undoubtedly the biggest waste of money and time I have ever witnessed. Unfortunately at the time I was brainwashed and didn't have the confidence to follow what I thought. University is a total joke and I knew it before I went. Basically what you do these days is you buy a piece of paper worth 30k, that is all you are doing. Its no different to going to Tescos and buyin eggs
  13. The mother/family who stays at home to raise their children are seen as subhuman by the BBC/labour party.A career as a middle manager should be more important than spending time with their children.
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