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  1. Its enough now, you have all given your views many thanks, but now its getting personal and you are losing credibility
  2. The price being asked at the moment for an apartment is £13000 more than we are paying. I dont understand percentages/gains/projections etc we are buying simply because we love the place and will be hanging onto it for a good few years.
  3. Hi, we have bought a two bedroomed two bathroom Magnum apartment, first floor apartment also with Saffron (who are excellent). I was told by them and FADESA ( via email) that we can use the property however we wish, and we are not obilgated to take their 2% option. Our apartment has gone up £13,000 in two months since we signed our contracts.
  4. Many thanks for that Andy, good to hear the Magnum apartments are coming on. Sheila
  5. Hi Dogbox You can no longer buy a marina berth for £10,000 I just got the latest prices and they are €71,339.45 plus 20% tax on top of that for an 18m berth which is not so cheap after all. Pity, I would have taken one for £10,000 but at £48,000 its like buying another property.
  6. Hi Andy and welcome, I know what you mean about Morocco, we have been tempted a few times with overseas properties but nothing excited us like Saidia. It is quite unique. We have bought a Magnum apartment and went out there in March so it was great to see your pics (although not much has moved since then !!) keep em coming please !!!
  7. I have been to Saidia, insisted on a visit before signing on the dotted line - the town was sleepy and quaint reminded me of Agadir a little, however, the complex at Saidia is going to be breathtaking, even though its still a building site the potential is obvious. We were able to see a show apartment, the furnishings are of a high standard and the finished site is on display in all its scaled down glory.
  8. Hi Everyone We are buying an apartment in Saidia, its one of 228 luxury apartments called Magnum and are virtually on the beach, our apartment will overlook the golf course. As someone said, to get that position in Spain/Portugal/Dubai etc it would cost a lot more. You probably wont have heard of Magnum because i believe they are all sold out, the block on the beach has been bought (or given !) by Deportivo La Coruno footballers so that should pull the crowds !! Our apartment will come fully furnished and costs £110,000. I highly recommend the company we are buying through, they specialise in Morocco, we have been on an inspection trip and the site is gorgeous. If you would like contact details of the company I will be happy to pass them on. I am sooooo excited about Saidia, it is going to be something very special.
  9. Thank you Peter, I love Morocco to visit and we were considering investing in one of the new resorts however you do raise interesting arguments. As it has to be an investment as well as a vacation home, i think perhaps we have to widen the net. Any advice on up and coming "stable" places to buy? Much appreciated
  10. Can I ask why? I am tempted by the new resort being built on the med. coast near Tangier, looks a lot for your money. Lots of "fors" cant think of any "againsts". Any advice on buying in Morocco please? Thanks
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