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  1. Again the thread that keeps giving! So very interesting that the £999.999 house on Cotterill is the very one I said I always liked... sadly not enough to may that and then have to spend another £100K plus. I think it really could be a great place. And now the small study house, one I walk past every day.... Its a nice road and a house that has many identicals. Very interested to what it goes for, On Saturday I even saw a a couple enter with the agent. Was talking to a group of locals at the weekend (all owners of similar places, stretching into Berrylands). All are equally shocked about t
  2. Love this thread.. That last re-launch, know it as well... Many years ago I knew people who lived in it (was a student let). Having looked as I drive past over the years, assumed it always has been a student place, piles of rubbish and broken furniture the norm in the front garden. Looking at the pics, not much has changed (I'm talking 15+ years ago as well). The kind of place where you could spend a load of cash, as it won't have been looked after that well. Although again compared to other places a reasonable price for a decent sized place. Better than actually living on the A3 (Just!)
  3. Well a crazy market indeed. Will be interesting how much the Cotterill one gets. If anyone cares to look on google earth, I like the neighboring house to the left. Detached and fairly big. Looks like its owned by an elderly person. If / When it comes to the market could be a great doer upper!
  4. Having been away for a few days some interesting places being listed. Re the Cotterill Road places, the record place at £725K, I actually know it. At £725K it was actually a doer upper. Needed full redecoration (flooring included), new bathroom, new Kitchen (which would actually mean a new extension on the back). So to bring it up to that million pound plus place a few doors down you would need to add £100K at least. The Million plus house is one pricey, but I assume it will sell, only a semi but has been well extended, and although clearly not a favorite on here a good location for 'Tol
  5. Just curious what difference does it really make being a couple of roads? So I live on Ditton Road the street sign says Surbiton, or I live on Cotterill Road, the sign says Tolworth on the bottom. Difference of 20 seconds walk... Somehow Tolworth is seen as the Ghetto, when all it really is , is a shabby parade of shops. The rest, an uneventful bunch of quiet roads
  6. Really would you? Not me.. like I say if you live on the 'borders' you're very walkable to the station etc. Closer to Surbiton station than Tolworth
  7. The main problem with Surby is a lack of house per se. So many flats, then people like the area, make friends have kids want to stay and then mega competition. That's what I'm seeing. People don't want to move to other area's hence pushing the houses up.
  8. I wish I could save £25K a year! ... Just putting a real life spin on the situation, I do wonder how my kids will get a house... Bank of Mum and Dad perhaps
  9. Reasonable? Compared to other more expensive places yes, compared to cheaper places no.... But you have to live somewhere, and I'd rather not rent. Once again, who knows what the future holds, I will just be happy to live in a nice house in a nice area, pay down the mortgage and not worry too much.
  10. I fancy Southborough myself, however the places I like are £1.2+... maybe one day
  11. Nice looking place that, and can see there being some money in it too. Sadly with young children I don't have the energy for a project. I do envisage leaving at some point, make the equity work. But happy at present, even if towards filthy Tolworth!!
  12. very true, oh to have that time machine and pick up some bargains! I purchased a long time ago, as the time was right for me. Although I will only see the gains if I leave the area, which is unlikely. Anecdotally (and not to try and say look at me), I have circa £500k in equity and a six figure household income, I really cannot envisage moving up the ladder in Surbiton anytime soon. That jump would cost me £200K / £300K and I just cant do it. But I really don't see apocalyptic falls
  13. Berrylands not for me either... just don't like the style. But if you did buy in 2007, would you now be up or down? I'm one for buying when it's right for you, if you get caught up in bubbles and crashes you never commit. Further to earlier posts, the whole Ellerton, Cotterill, Douglas group of roads are hugely popular at the moment. Not too far from the station (15mins walk) and good solid Victorian semis. A lot of these now having lofts done.
  14. None, just a mid 30 somebody who knows lots of families with a couple of kids. Several lived in smaller houses or flats, and now need more space. Some shifting into Berrylands but all struggling with competition. You can see it yourself, anything gets snapped up. Places needing work have developers and families, developed places still get snapped up.
  15. good to hear it! It is crazy, several people are struggling to find the houses... I actually know the owners of a couple of the houses that have been posted in this thread
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