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  1. Idiots! I'm serious and no mental case..... Just fed up with Wales and the Welsh. Answers to my posting are proof why.
  2. Hi everybody, I have had enough....of Wales, of Swansea, of the government of.....well, just about everything.... I don't want to deal with EAs or people looking around the place and the rest of it. In other words: I know, I will lose a lot of money but can anyone give me links to these "we'll rip you off and make you feel good about it" companies? There is an ad for one of these companies in this Friday advertiser you can pick up at e.g. Tesco's....are there others? Even one or two, you could "recommend"? I don't want to start a looooong thread, hence PM may be the best option. No, I'm not in a hurry, simply fed up... (and dead serious, not midlife crisis or bipolar low!!) Sorry, doesn't sound nice or positive but plain honest. Jule
  3. For 645K you could buy TWO studios/flats in Kensington. Quite honestly If I had the choice....I'd go for Kensington. I've lived there, at least it's exciting and not at the end of the world. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-45239542.html, overpriced in any case, but....great location! "Only 330K"! Jule
  4. IMO EAs are playing a very nasty (major) part in this game. When we came here, we put in an offer on a house that was on the market for 72k. Our offer: 63k cash sold as seen with all the problems. The EA refused to put this offer forward and hurled a whole load of abuse towards us. Anyway, we found another place and bought it. I kept an eye on the other house: 1 1/2 year on, the house got sold for 59k!!!!! Imagine the extra expenses for the seller (council tax, mortgage etc.) and financial loss.. All due to a display of utter arrogance by this so- called professional.... No, it doesn't sink in. They don't want it to sink in! Jule
  5. I remember in the early 90s people would have their properties with 10+ agents. Before the internet we'd call EAs, describe what we were looking for and have them send suitable property pamphlets over to Germany. We could be sure to receive the same house over and over again. I have to say, compared to those days the www is a real improvement. And IMO there is no need for more than one EA because of the way information goes out to potential buyers. IMveryPO there is no need for EAs at all. In Germany many properties get sold without EAs. Since the system is completely different to the UK hiring an EA is free for the seller, yet private sales are common. Buyers have to pay excruciating fees hence they are keen on deals without EA involvement. "At the end of the day" (hate that phrase) this is a boom that is only happening on paper. No way houses get sold just like that. Jule
  6. Too right... but you get more piccies!
  7. I know, I've got their web address. What the ... does a letting specialist (who doesn't seem to be too busy) do with 4 ruins and a huge plot of useless land? I have this strong suspicion it's about money..... Strange Jule
  8. Yeah. I don't know about your internet connection but with mine their website doesn't even work. You get some info but not what you really want. Or they're just a spoof and have nothing on offer. If you're in the area (you might like Aldi or Wicks) drive past and have a look at this matchbox mess. The entrance is opposite the Ebenezer Chapel. This used to be such a nice bit of green with horses and all, and non-official footpath to Aldi etc.. Now it is like the beginning of the Berlin wall....or worse. Jule
  9. Completely different, yet same, subject: Does anybody know anything or has heard of "Wentwood Property"? Earlier this year I told you about this development near us (Heol-y-Gors) that went bust and was sold at auction. I found out this Wentwood lot bought the site. What happened next was very Irish (the development was originally started by an Irish developer): They had a security person there for about a month, then turned up with truck loads of boards and wood, boarded the whole place up and that was it. I would love to contact this Wentwood whatever-they-are and ask them the very straight forward question: what is going to happen with the building site? Including vandalism and arson, we had the pleasure of watching the whole spectrum of the downfall. I am worried...to say the least and would welcome any ideas what to do and where to go (including moving house...which is a problem with this uncertainty at our doorstep.) Thanks in advance Jule
  10. You are absolutely right. Though Germany does explicitly not have socialism but a "social free market economy" (defined in our "Grundgesetz"/basic constitution since we still haven't got a proper state constitution.... well it's only 70 years, might get one when reaching 100). That's the huge difference "Socialism" as most other "-isms" is a self-serving extreme. "Social free market economy" means, you can on one hand do what you like, but have to consider the welfare of others in your decision making. That's probably the secret. I used to be a landlord (lady?? nope, will never be a lady!) in Germany. Tenants over there tend to have more rights than you as the owner of a property. Full stop, no other regulation needed. I know from other Germans that they are in a constant state of amazement if it comes to British letting ins and outs, re quality of the properties to quality of the tenants to quality of letting agreements. Having said that, Germans don't "do property ladder" hence tenancy is not an interim thing but what people do. End off.... I like that! I always thought it was just me being "difficult". Especially here in Wales, I feel virtually and physically overwhelmed by socialism and people who simple won't, don't and couldn't think outside their socialist box. Beginning with the NHS going right to schools and (one of my favourite NoNos) community concerns. I spent some time in Moscow and have some friends in the former GDR /East Germany. Whe I describe my daily experiences their favourite question is something like "You are not confusing this with Moscow, are you?" Well.... Jule
  11. Thanks, and nope! They are equally out of date! Jule
  12. You're definitely right about pushing house prices at the bottom end to justify ludicrous top end expectations. Re Zoopla sold prices, IMO you can't count on correct entries. I can say for sure that our house is listed as sold in May 2001 and not after then. I know that we bought it in July 2008, no entry, before that it was sold in 2006 and 2004, no entries, either. Same with our house in London. No entry after 1998, i.e. basically no entry at all. I know it has been sold at least 4 times after 2000. Is there a better/ more reliable source available? Jule
  13. You Brits are really out of this world. Death tax, bedroom tax, any tax going. Regulations to the nine....regulations for regulating and monitoring the regulations. State health or non-health system. You name it....quite honestly this sounds very much like socialism in all but name to a foreigner. Reducing people to one house only wouldn't surprise me the slightest. Actually, that's what I see on a possible Labour agenda before or after the next election. Quo vadis, Brittania? Jule
  14. I sometimes wonder whether "the best newpaper inf the world" (no, I'm not kiding, one of the journos seriously told me so!!) gets money for articles like this one: http://www.southwales-eveningpost.co.uk/8203-8-local-properties-buy-100-000/story-21962962-detail/story.html Big deal!! Shouldn't read 8 below 100k but 800! Gosh, people are deluded nowadays..... Jule (thinking of throwing our house onto the market, getting sick of so many things!)
  15. Joke prices for a joke lifestyle. Because it's not a real lifestyle but what high gloss magazines and "classy" EAs want to make their readers and potential buyers believe is "the real lifstyle". Then again we have the best kept secret of this country that you don't buy a house but a postcode. Worrying! I wouldn't want to live anywhere on the Gower. Swansea is more than far enough to the West as I personally can possibly bear. ...Or go a step further and find a Country Life style for little money in Ireland. It's a hype for the sake of EAs and money lenders. ( which, of course, helps them to enjoy their lifestyle) Jule
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