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  1. Thanks, will check that out. This whole thing is so stressful.
  2. I ought to also add, we did leave with 3 weeks rent in arrears as we needed to move asap and really couldn't afford to do so at the time. We did speak to the letting agent about this and said that this could be recovered from our deposit. it has been highlighted that the deposit is not to be used for rent arrears in the tennancy agreement. Will that count against us? Or be seperate to our claim for none protection of deposit? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum and was hoping for some advice/help filling out the N208 form. We rented a house, which we had to pay 2 months deposit of £1395. We had issues with the landlord in getting repairs made that we deemed necessary, the boiler was on it's last legs, we were without hot water and heating for 2 months(in the summer so it wasn't a huge hardship and we had an electric shower, but due to my disability I need baths at times), after the repair happened it still was not functioning correctly, to which the landlord said well I have the invoices here, I had it fixed!! The patio door didn't shut easily, we think the runners were out of line, so with my disability I could not close the door & relied on my partner. Same for the kitchen door The decking needed staining it got very slippy when wet & I had slipped on it a couple of times and we have 2 young children, our toddler had slipped on it a couple of times too. We vacated the property and the letting agent inspected while we were present and stated that he thought the property was in excellent shape and he could see no reason for any deductions. We hear nothing from them and get in touch about 2 weeks later. We were then advised the landlord had inspected and had numerous things she wanted to have rectified. We disagreed completely! We managed to get the amount reduced, but not completely and we failed to come to an agreement. We sought advice from shelter, who asked about our deposit protection. We were told proceedure had not been followed and if we had no joy recovering our deposit to take them to court. We had a letter in august during our tennancy to state that they would no longer be holding our deposit. We received no further comms after this to say who our deposit was now held with. We have called all the deposit protection comapanies and none have a record of us that we could find We asked our letting agent numerous times who our deposit was held with, we have had no answer on this. The closest we had was it has either been held with x,y or z. We have sent two notice before action letters. The first was replied to with thier reasoning behind the over inflated chages the second has been ignored. So we feel and have been advised by shelter that we have no other option but to take them to court to recover our deposit. We are now left with the task of filling in the N208. We have no law knowlege and don't really know what we need to put in the form. The guidane notes have disapeared from the gov page... Do we put in about the deductions that they wanted to recover and that we felt it unreasonable? Or do we just stick to the none protection of deposit and keep it simple? Do we put pretty much a more detailed version of the above in? Or do we keep it to facts? Also, we moved out of the area, can we file in our new area for our convenience? Though if they needed to attend court it would make it difficult for them as it is a 3 hour trip. Sorry for the essay! Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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