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  1. Estate agents are reporting a sudden deluge of panic stricken first time buyers and people who sold-to-rent who are rushing to their shops to buy whatever properties they can afford in order to take advantage of a flattening in property prices and to get a foot onto the property ladder before house prices start to rise again. These same estate agents have noticed that many of the people rushing to buy property are people who sold-to-rent and are deeply regretting their decision to sell to rent and are desperate to buy back their properties even though the prices of the properties they had so
  2. Homeowners can look forward to a merrier 2006 with the Bank of England poised to cut interest rates again, perhaps as soon as February, most City economists believe. A year ago, with rates at 4.75 per cent, the Square Mile’s analysts sounded warnings over the threat that the Bank would raise rates still higher during 2005. Instead, the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) sat on its hands until the summer and then cut rates to 4.5 per cent as the economy weakened. Now, the MPC is expected to deliver a further fillip to borrowers with a new cut that many expect to take place by spring, and
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