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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjcLo6NYca0&feature=player_detailpage
  2. You could also say that the people totally wasted their time and resources rearing those disloyal, useless children. Imagine if you put the money and effort you lavish on the sprog in a pension instead, as many people are doing nowadays, and the result is: no younger generation, no quality of life for the never born, and about the same old rip-off for the final generation as if happening now. Either way, no matter what you do, there is not going to be a pension of any shape or form for anyone in 20 years time, those who have a house find it'll be worth next to nothing and what's left will be taxed away, people with pension funds or any assets will have them raided repeatedly. But look on the bright side: we finally will all be equally poor, and no doubt, this is when the socialist paradise that Labour, Tories and the Liberals plus the Fabian society and all the other gangs of clever, well meaning, world-rescuing intellectuals have been working for so hard to achieve, will begin.
  3. This delightful little audio book from 2 centuries ago contains amazingly contemporary advice as to how to make (and keep) money. Nothing in there is rocket science, but it's timeless good sense and rock solid advice -- if P.T. Barnum had lived today, he would be a HPC poster and a great one at that. I raise my glass full of homebrewed Lollo Rosso to the man!
  4. Original: http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/soziales/0,1518,761136,00.html Translation: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=de&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.spiegel.de%2Fwirtschaft%2Fsoziales%2F0%2C1518%2C761136%2C00.html Who'd have thunk it? No doubt the Germans will all now sing this song and enjoy their hangover from 'Greek Wine':
  5. But in China, they live on £1 a day, so, £1000 is clearly super rich in your world. Well, all the rich people on the dole also are simply spending their money like a drunk sailor. Remember, in China, they live on £1 a day, so there is a good argument here for bringing the dole in line with a real paupers' budget . But, you just said they only needed to be thrifty in order to be rich again? And £1000 is rich, remember China! Ah, so, their 2x national average income is actually nothing and they are NOT rich? I'm confused now. (Ok I clam up now with my China joke, but consider it cracked) People who don't have money can't buy stuff, which means that the people who want to earn money can't make any. If the lady of the house starts to thriftily clean her own toilet, then the lady you cleaned her toilet up until will be out of pocket. There is always someone somewhere who is worse off that you. But this is not what we're looking at, the topic is why rich people no longer are well-off, and as a consequence everyone else, who up until this time was poor, now is really poor.
  6. So, you're saying that someone on £1000 a month is not having any problems then either? After all, in China people live on £1 a day so... £1000 is RICHES, so no-one in the UK is actually poor... And it's not a god given right to worry about £100, you're missing the point here by a mile -- if you're making £3700 a month and you're in trouble, £100 isn't much of a sum and if that is tight... it's not a good scene. Sure, you can downsize, but the point is, that what you think is 'rich' no longer is rich. If you can't afford the heating bill, you're a pauper, no matter what the Monopoly score says. Rich people do not have to worry about a poky £100 for heating bills, order in cheap pizza or wear rags instead of designer clothes to save money. They can afford to keep toasty warm, eat out in nice restaurants and wobble along on Jimmy Choos. Understand that the pie has been re-portioned, and in the meanwhile, the frog has been gently poached, If the 'rich' no longer have money to squander, in economic terms, it's a bit like turning off the Gulf stream. Mr and Mrs Nouveau Poor used to buy a lot of tat that kept itinerant people busy with lucrative work that otherwise would not exist (also check out the song: money makes the world for round). They get to turn down their heating and the people they used to buy stuff off(which they didn't need) get to turn off theirs totally.
  7. You're confusing being foolish with being substantially poorer than they were. Their thrift is not the issue here, the problem is that even guys like that are starting to feel the pinch. Fact is, those kind of people should not even have to think about £100, but they do, now think of what that implies about people who earn less than those lucky guys who are finding that even with £3700 they are just about treading water? A bit like when people here realised first that to buy a frigging hovel you need to win the lottery :angry: You can of course rent and stop complaining about high house prices, but, that is not the point... remember when owning a modest house was a normal standard of living for normal people?
  8. If people who earn as much as they do are in enough trouble to worry about heating bills, then think what people with less money are experiencing... And some people here remind me of the two budgerigars I used to keep in a cage -- stick a couple of pieces of cucumber in and they'd go round and round picking, pecking and bullying the other off the current cucumber, each thinking that the other guy has the better piece.
  9. That explains a few things, like sugar costing 2x the price in Poland and the shops at the Polish-German border being bought empty by Polish folks who are hamstering sugar like in the bad old times.
  10. Ban the papers from boring us to tears with useless mega hysteria over the nuclear problems whilst ignoring the real issues.
  11. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/apr/01/jobcentres-tricking-people-benefit-sanctions Dyslexic people are not analphabets, they can read and write, just a little slower and they make some minor mistakes as they go along. It's a pain in the neck to be afflicted with, but not insurmountable, and lots of dyslexics earn degrees. So it's quite right to sanction them if they claim that searching for a job is beyond them and refuse to deal with written searches. Besides that, if you're really stuck, the local wino will read the stuff to you if you 'fuel' him enough, if no-one else has the time of day for you...! So... the quoted statement is rubbish and I guess the rest of the article is nonsense too -- a classic lefty propaganda smear designed to spread smears and rumors. (besides that, no-one can force you to trick a claimant either, you have to want to do it. And if you refuse and get a ticking off... well, the hidden mp3 player that is recording the conversation is your friend...)
  12. Well, until I saw the 1st of April date flash by as I opened the topic, I actually didn't put it past the EU to come up with this crazy idea at all! It's a sad sign of the times when you're relieved that it's just a Aprils fools joke instead of as usual, real policy made by a real life fool in charge. EDIT: it just occurred to me that you could probably 'buy' just such a April fool from an EU MP directly: http://www.alter-eu.org/fr/press-releases/2011/03/27/transparency-and-ethics-reforms-must-include-full-disclosure-and
  13. It might help if you read the original post this was in reply to. The one where he equated all Brits with a few antisocial chavs and concluded that the entire nation was a bunch of drunks/teenage baby factories that don't deserve a life, let alone a country. So I pointed out that every nation has it's share of ugly, annoying losers (aka the underclass) and that the Brits are no different to every other nation in the world here. Regards eradicating the 'underclass' -- most of those folks are already doing all they can to die young and leave a horrid corpse, and yes, I think they should be eradicated, but not by watching them kill themselves and each other but by education on how to avoid self-sabotage.
  14. Dude, you simply spewed hateful garbage, not the truth. As for the UK being the worst in Europe -- you speak any other languages? Read their papers? Guess what? They too are told they are the scum of the earth, and get nannied just the same way about drinking, eating, fornicating, being lazy and useless and about their culture being worthless. All we can say is that 'the underclass' in general has bad habits wherever they are ... kind of by definition, because they are well, err... the underclass and most of us don't really care about them at all, no matter where we are: the UK, India, US, China, Spain, Germany... no-one likes the chavs and no national brand of chav is better than another, they all suck. But, they are not representatives of the nations they infest. Btw, chavs nowadays move countries, so, it's not even clear whether the chavs you speak of are actually British -- for example, the German have lots of Turkish Chavs, the French have a plethora of Arab chavs and everyone has their share of Romanian chavs. And on the other side of the coin are many Arabs, Turks and Romanians who are not chavs and who suffer as much from general chavdom as everyone else is.
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