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  1. Yeah great, thanks so much for your help. Really appreciate it. If you dont lile the posts,A: move on to somewhere else, B: just domt reply at all. This is a forum for help and advice on houses
  2. I would sit tight. FTB myself and we are getting the same runaround and same stories. Thanks to the people who have posted above, we have been making offers of 15% off asking and only 1 accepted but by the time they did and after the runaround we said we were no longer interested. Posters above give me confidence to carry on and that we are not taking the mick
  3. Public notice: we have viewed quite a few repos recently and all agents hae told us, even if your offer is accepted, it is still open for others to make an offer until contracts are signed. Repos are now controlled by asses agencies aand not the banks. In the past banks would have been happy tto cover as much of the debt as possible, not today. The asset agencies are looking for the highest offers and that means gazumping can take place. This could potentially mean 1000's wasted on surveys etc Lee
  4. Hi all, Found a house we like which is on the market at 140k. Little work needs doing to it. The ZED (zoopla estimated average price) for this street is 125k. How accurate are the zoopla estimates and what are they based on? The last sale in the street was for 115k last year, although that property needed dexorating throughout. The EA also mentioned the property been on market since October 2013 and the owners have divorced so want a quick sale n would be negotiable on price. Im thinking of 120k 1st offer n see what happens
  5. Thought i would give you an update. We went for the second viewing and took an extra pair of eyes. There was a viewer before us and one when we were leaving so intrest had ramped up it seems. Once finished i told the agent i would be in contact the next day. We all wet home for a coffee and a chat to discuss what offer we would submit, this was agreed and i was going to submit in the morning... Minutes later the agent called to inform us that an offer was placed by one of the couple for 'just under stamp duty' and that he would call the next morning. We agreed we would not go that high so w
  6. Just found out its been on market since October. Mental framing, a new one on me to be honest but the offer price had been established with the advertised price in mind. We are looking at it dirrerently now and think we will go in around 107k which is 2 above what the house across sold for last year
  7. Thanks for all the advice. The street is split, 3/4 of the street have postcode xxxxx and the property we like has postcode zzzzzzz My wife is now thinking of an offer of well under the asking price as a house across the road with is a double fronted house, very large inside, sold in July for 105k edited by moderator to preserve privacy
  8. The agent said they agree close to asking price ans wanted to move in end of Jan. The seller said this was not enough time to get her belongings together and ship up county so it fell through and was put back on market at original price. Maybe they had second thoughts on the work and cost as others have said and pulled out on those grounds. Perhaps another chat with the agent is worth a shout?
  9. Yes that is one thing we have said, less than 125k. I believe 120 would be about right, which is what the average price for the street is, although that is slightly under the area average. The agent said the boiler is old so would need replacing soon, although it works. It would need carpet throughout and papering. It is a 3bedroom, front room, dining room. The bathroom would need doing ttoo. The kitchen is fairly new. The owner has a couple cats so the carpet is pretty bad
  10. [quote name=Oh Well ' timestamp='1390335034' post='1102453203] Depends...... On......... :-)
  11. Hi all after a bit of advice. We have found a house we like which is £129,950. The agent said a sale was agreed previously close to the asking price but fell through because they could not agree on a moving date. The seller is selling to move to another part of the country to be with family. The house we think needs decorating throughout and new carpets etc. A recent sale in the street, same size etc went through at 110k after being lister at 119k. My wife want to put in an offer of 118k. Do you think this would be reasonable? Thanks
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