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  1. Those people claiming that a property crash is coming are very mistaken and every day that goes by without even the slightest indication of a prospect of a crash in house prices only undermines their case. Many predicted that a crash would happen years ago but house prices have only continued to surge to the dizzying heights that prevail today and anybody taking the scaremongers advice will have certainly lost out on some specular rises in house prices. A property crash is unlikely because in order for a crash to occur there will need to be a dramatic change in the economic fundamentals but
  2. House prices are set to move higher in the early part of the year. Agents throughout the country say stock levels fell to two-year lows just before the holiday break, thanks to an unseasonal increase in buyers in December. “We got rid of a lot of our old dogs — properties that had been hanging around — in the weeks leading up to Christmas,” says Richard Gaynor, head of Savills’ country homes department. “As a result we’re facing the first weeks of the new year with a shortage. That means only one thing for prices.” Giles Soutry of Hamptons International, another estate agency dealing mainl
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