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  1. Alright thanks. I had a feeling for some reason that it wasn't a legitimate reason. Probably to put the rent up. They tried to put it up before and charge me a fee for the privilege, but I declined.
  2. I had my S21 notice a few weeks ago and have since had an answerphone message from the letting agent who let it slip that they would be putting it back on the market to rent. Am I right in thinking they're not allowed to do that? If not, what shall I do about it? I don't really want to move if I can help it.
  3. Slightly OT but I find it disturbing that you classify your "friends" by their social status. Brave New World was supposed to be a warning, you know.
  4. I've watched a fair few of his speeches and there doesn't seem to be much substance, just the usual vague promises "we're going to fix x" "we're going to win again". Still preferable to Hillary's pandering though.
  5. Having looked at oddschecker, Remain is the most likely option at 3/10 vs 5/2 for Brexit. But I wonder whether Turkish visa-free access to the Schengen area in June could make people change their minds... Also interesting are the tabs on "Remain vote percentage" which point to 50-55% for Remain being the most likely result, and finally "Referendum on EU membership to take place in the lifetime of the next Government" is 1/100 on vs 47/1 against. Am I getting carried away or do they know something? Link below http://www.oddschecker.com/politics/british-politics/eu-referendum/referendum-on-eu-membership-result
  6. Do they speak American in France now? I wouldn't "bet my bottom dollar" on that 1 million figure being accurate, by the way. I suppose it comes naturally to some folk to blindly trust authoritarian regimes, hoping they're benevolent. Must be a continental thing.
  7. They probably think leaving will affect their chances of a dream job making iPad apps while commuting from Barcelona to London and shagging exotic birds.
  8. This is the only chance we're likely to have to escape "ever closer union", the logical conclusion of which is a single state. I don't think it will do us any favours to be controlled by an expansionist totalitarian regime in a foreign land.
  9. In the same way that a rat trap puts itself out of a job when it kills a rat, I suppose. But having accomplished his main task, I'm sure Farage would find something to do besides rest on his laurels.
  10. Why should a small minority of bureaucrats dictate what the rest of the EU does? You know as well as I do that if the vote had gone the way they wanted, they would have been trumpeting "democracy in action" "the people have spoken" etc. Since that didn't happen, they're trying to imply those people and their opinions don't matter. What was the purpose of the referendum in the first place, then?
  11. https://twitter.com/carlbildt/status/717798230503858176 The damage control is priceless.
  12. They tried to charge me £180 + VAT (iirc) but I ignored their email and didn't hear another word about it. Grifting slimy bastards.
  13. houses are for living in, not hoarding. How many does one person need?

  14. Can't wait to bring up my family in a single room with 3 or 4 other families who don't speak English, it'll be just like living in old London town.
  15. Capital losses which can be used to reduce tax liabilities elsewhere...
  16. Another astute business move by the gimp at No11... 1bn loss for the taxpayer. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2015/08/04/uk-britain-rbs-stocks-idUKKCN0Q90EP20150804
  17. I was born too late for the HPI gravy train. I was born too late / didn't have kids in time for the CTC gravy train (however I was born just in time to work collecting CTC overpayments in the tens of thousands of pounds and see people paid 4x my wage in benefits just because they had kids). I will retire too late for the pension gravy train (i.e. I won't receive one). Isn't it glorious?
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