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  1. Wow, Durch! I sure wish I were in your shoes! 30pc off the ask, gold investments risen to pay for the value of the property, sound job contract...! Whether privileged or you were just plain bright enough to engineer this situation for yourself, surely the whole point of life is peace of mind, and if using the advantages that have come your way to get yourself increased peace of mind (and the garden you've always wanted!) then what can be wrong with that? I say good luck to you. Heck, if I had achieved all that I'd be doing just the same (although I do like being relatively mobile which renting allows me to be).
  2. Hi guys, thanks for the replies Bart's ad says The successful candidates may or may not have experience of estate agency, however they should possess determination to succeed in this targeted sales environment... Autumn Leaves often run ads for mortgage people and trainee negotiators, more recently the latter.
  3. Not sure if allowed to mention company names here... An ea whose name rhymes with Bart is looking for negotiators in 2 N London offices. Another whose name rhymes with Autumn Leaves is too (though they often have ads for staff in the paper). Have they sacked non-performing staff or are they busier and need more due to more vendors or more buyers? I wonder if anyone can throw light on why. At the same time I'm hearing more radio ads for invest in property seminars and also for those people who buy your house if you're in debt and you can "buy it back in 3 years". Contradictory indicators?
  4. I window shop there, I don't think my income can run to dept store prices. But when I pass through it's obviously mega-busy with huge traffic jams so that Oxford St traffic moves quite slowly, especially Thurs eve.
  5. I've heard conflicting info on this. On the radio I heard someone say the West End was empty due to the Congestion Charge and that Westminster Council had cut parking charges to try to compensate. I can't verify it at the moment. On the other hand, I heard someone involved in one of the retail associations say that the West End had suffered as a result of the CC before but was coming back to increased growth year on year or whatever the phrase is. Whenever I've been in Oxford St, as you can guess it's been packed with people. But I do think consumer spending is dropping, based on my own non-scientific anecdotes and observations. I also see patches in London where houses seem to be plentiful and few buyers, etc. Nothing is crystal clear as yet, it seems to be hard to call. But from a common sense perspective, with huge council tax burdens, huge gas bills, mounting borrowings and less employment opportunities possible, things may go phut quite soon perhaps.
  6. You can always find that out by seeing if she gets a mention in Witch? magazine. PS 666 is not seen by everyone as the scary number - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/600_(number) and scroll to 616 and see also www.beliefnet.com/story/166/story_16630_1.html
  7. HENDON NW4 - in parts blighted by heavy traffic for M1, A406, A5, A41, Brent Cross Shopping Centre, full of mall bunnies to/fro the centre. Air pollution. Bag snatchers and muggers near the station. Noisy and dirty. (Except for the better streets, where property is £1m plus.) ROE GREEN NW9 - George Michael used to live around there. Yes, nice and villagey in parts. Pricey these days, and not far from A5 and Asda so can get increased traffic driving through.
  8. Cassandra, if that's their letter pasted here then their language skills and spelling of the word anomalies does not inspire my confidence in them.
  9. Yes, the VIs mostly seem to only admit prices fell in a period after the fall appears to be reversing. Few admit it at the time. And as for stong sales, no sign of it here yet if the For Sale boards are a gauge. Last 10 days or so has seen lots and lots of fresh For Sale boards, very few fresh Solds. (london/herts border) Be interesting to see if this "spring bounce" (that is much hoped for) is the swansong before a major correction...
  10. Well, I think some parts of London are looking almost good value compared to inflated values elsewhere, so that might explain why there are patches of activity in some places in Gtr London. But I think there must surely be a limit to the number of people buying on the dips and keeping some prices stagnating rather than falling? Goes without saying, if there's enough people thinking each dip is a buying opportunity (as some share traders do in a rising market) then I can be bullish for the time being! (In my own way of seeing things in common sense terms, with all the debt around and prices so much out of sync with wages, I can't really imagine prices markedly climbing at the moment, and I think it would make more sense for them to fall into line with average earnings. But when? No idea I'm afraid as I'm just an amateur at this.)
  11. Hello Jason, not a scam. I am sure they set out all the way the comp would proceed in their comp terms etc. A lady in Essex won a cash prize of I think £12K based on her guess of the asking price. The reason I mentioned this article and the bit that interests me is purely where the newspaper writer admits things aren't selling that easily and the vendor mentions that the house she wants to buy is still not sold to someone else, all these many months later!
  12. Anyone recall www.winalondonflat.com where a vendor put their flat up as a prize in a competition? The one bed flat, in East Finchley, was not won, writes reporter Henry Ellis for The Press newspaper (16 Feb, page 5, top). The house that the vendor wanted to buy (after the competition) is "still on the market" reports the article, which adds "Thanks to a sleepy property market, selling the flat in the conventional way has proved difficult..." (although people interested in the flat are now arranging viewings via the website above, it suggests). Apologies if already posted by someone else. (Quotes are from The Barnet Press, 16/2/06, Enfield EN1 3SZ)
  13. 1. Viewed a new build on a private estate in the early 90s or late 80s - local pre-teen gangs of little darlings appeared from nowhere to throw sticks and cans at my car as I drove away! 2. Very recently when viewing to rent, realised the corner-situated duplex flat I was viewing (looked like a small semi-house) actually shared a party wall with another flat behind. Most unusual design (from my experience) as the second flat's front door was hidden behind a high hedge on the corner. Not a problem I thought as I said goodbye to the agent and momentarily stood outside after the viewing, until I saw the male neighbour staring psycho-style at me from the window of the adjoining room - wearing nothing at all. (I'm male too btw.)
  14. Could the answer to the puzzle be that the figure of 122,000 includes remortgages?
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