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  1. Not entirely sure why I only post on here after a few jars, but such is life... How much additional fuel do you think you might waste waiting at junctions until people let you out when you're driving your BMWs (diesel or otherwise)? The point I failed to make earlier was about the fact that if you're not spending wads of cash every month to not own a car makes the amount spent on fuel effectively irrelevant. As far as the sound a BMW twin-turbo makes pulling away from the lights goes, have you heard the noise a Ford V6 makes between 6,000 and 6,750rpm? And they'll easliy do north of
  2. But if you bought a V6/V8 petrol with your own money to begin with it wouldn't make any difference what the fuel consumption is. £340 worth of free petrol every single month which equates to somewhere around 15,000 miles per year (assuming you're getting high-twenties mpg.) Probably. And you'll find the only sport mode you need is your right foot.
  3. Hi all Been lurking for seven or eight years now and thought it was about time I signed up and maybe even posted something...
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