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  1. The media are finally waking up and smelling the shit
  2. If they were to sell the site tomorrow, what would they be really selling? The customer base which is dwindling at a fast rate.
  3. what you mean www.****** ***** ***** *****.co.uk (without the space) Censorship sucks. As do control freaks
  4. If IR rise from 3% to 6.5% surely someone would be spending 33%+ of their monlthy income servicing the mortgage? But Gavyn is saying prices would still rise by 2% VI article
  5. Common faults with s80s. Doesn't mean it needs a Emissions service. Try tightening your petrol filler cap - make sure it clicks loads of time The other thing it could be a MAF sensor - ebay do them for around £100. Dealer is £300+
  6. What a bunch of stupid pricks. "Finally on the housing ladder" No, more like on the slippery slope to negative equity
  7. Where was the Mori poll conducted? Outside the Finsbury park mosque? EDIT: that was that year that all the polls predicted a Labour majority and the Tories won easily ...
  8. Thanks for all the replies so far. So does that mean I can ask for a four month fixed contract with 1 month notice period?
  9. I'm currently in a short term assured tenancy agreement (6 months) which runs out this month. The agency have rung me up asking when I'm coming in to sign the extension for another six months. The problem is I don't know whether I'll still be here in six months, so I ideally I'd like to rent for another 3 months and then on a rolling one month contract. What's the best way to go about this as I know the agency are a bunch of barstools.
  10. http://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=chapeltown+leeds&n=10 There is money in chapel town. You could convert the house to a brothel.
  11. I'd still have enough to buy a house without the hassle of a 25yr mortgage. But I don't entertain the thought. The writing is on the wall for me. The tanker has turned
  12. Yup, I supplement my part time income by being a pimp No, just happens to be the shortcut to the A62 - at least, that's my excuse
  13. Leeds is unique in the fact that it has two red light areas. One is smack in the middle of a new build
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