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  1. Inflation wise I agree but rarely is anyone getting inflationary salaries regardless of profession if the same position is held. House prices are too distorted to make a average level especially in London.
  2. where can the best property be found with the best transport links and work potential in the whole of the UK ? 4 bed detached plus only ?
  3. More money is always the answer. HTB will be discontinued and replaced with something else more palatable to swallow.
  4. mostly it is a wage problem, houses are inflated but not as much as wages are depressed. i have told many agencies why is the salary the same as year 2000 but falls on deaf ears.
  5. and half as many are probably better off than workers.
  6. School teaches you how to take orders obey your masters and do as your told. Ready for work, excessive debt to be taken on a wife to obey.
  7. can`t be any less humiliating than going to work paying the landlord and nothing else left.
  8. Happens all the time, at the interview for a System support job a small amount of admin work was listed as part of the role described as updating spreadsheets sending a few emails weekly etc, fine i thought. started the job and was give a 6 sheet process on how to check and send multiple BACS payments daily if this was missed it would be a fire-able offence. i left after 2 weeks. Surely this is an accounting payrole function ? i did ask management why this was part of IT function they told me the bacs server had to be rebooted daily as was not reliable for admin staff to do this. πŸ˜† Why not fix the damm server ?? inept ahole of a company.
  9. Why ??? Looking at a guy here no older than 23 ish and covered in crap and plastic love earrings what a fuking mess.
  10. 75% IT work = looking on google. fake interviews to go with the fake job adverts.
  11. So what is HTB for exactly in that case ??. Would these savvy FTB's even be able to buy without it.??
  12. Office administrator Tina Gotla-Aluri, 42, was struggling to cope with the Β£950 a month she was paying for her house share in Putney, south-west London, when a friend suggested Share and Care Homeshare, which matches older homeowners who have a spare room with people who can offer practical help in exchange. She now lives in Putney with a man in his 90s and pays Β£180 a month to the scheme. In return, Gotla-Aluri provides companionship, goes food shopping, and cooks meals. β€œHe is quite well travelled and food is one of the things we have bonded over,” she says. β€œI cook British food like Sunday dinners and sometimes Indian or Moroccan food. It’s mutually beneficial.” She says the lower rent has made her less anxious about money. β€œIt has given me breathing space. It was very stressful. I was only working to pay rent, and as an administrator I don’t make much. I hardly had anything left for food and travel. It was very depressing, but now I can go to the cinema and out with friends.” working only to pay rent ?? why bother working go on the social. going to the cinema to pay Β£20 to watch one film and Β£10 for a box of popcorn. The high life. i feel less of a chump reading these stories Thanks OP.πŸ˜„
  13. should have saved it up for a BIG day.
  14. Lives in a van yet he smiles. i guess having a mug with your name on it makes all the difference.
  15. longgone

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  16. Because the actions of a few morons have an effect on everyone else. You already had BTL paying anything to get property on IO. now if this is true the FTB is taking over.
  17. but they only go up ?????????????????????????
  18. Hey FTB`s all your friends are buying as the 10% discount from the 200% raise after HTB is a crash. Don`t miss out. a one time deal. any evidence to back this krap up ? or will a few lies convince the other lemmings to join the party.
  19. longgone

    Rightmove February 2019

    πŸ˜„ vintage is always extra
  20. i will just have to go back to work full time. i have no idea what i would do outside work anyway. buy a place and try and pay it off. i did 5.5 years service and only got 1 week for every year in redundancy
  21. similar position myself. early 40`s no property no pension at all and only a couple of hundred K in savings currently being eroded by inflation. no idea what to do with it really. does not help i have not worked for best part of 8 years either.
  22. longgone

    I think the wait is over

    too much hassel

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