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  1. We all drink for different reasons although a reason is never needed.
  2. Bougt 50euro worth. if it goes back to 100 bucks i have £12m 🤣
  3. My only pleasure now is beer and Schadenfreude. Give me either and i'm happy for a moment.
  4. Living in compounds and having to drive everywhere for the off chance of a shag with some Mcslags is not for me. I just don't like yanks.
  5. Can you legally shoot the crocs ? They make some nice boots skinned. I was always partial to a lacoste shirt.
  6. The best investment you can make is to learn bushcraft, humans have been conditioned to corporations supplying food for them, this is not the way to live. There is food everywhere and its free. I recomend Ray mears bush survival series a thorney bush can supply a tasty meal of berries or nettle tea, in drought a compressed mound of horse dung can provide a life sustaining drink.
  7. They love to go hunting for food from the everglades, mother did a trip out there and stayed with a florida family for 3 weeks years ago and crocs visiting is like squirells in the uk. Chain mail fences to keep them out, apprantly dogs and cats go missing regulary.
  8. I never went to bed in the first place. Making pizza dough, and preparing my bbq meats ready for eurovision. Gotta love europe.
  9. 15 years ago 600k would have bought a home. I thought 600k was first time buyer territory ? HTB limit is that.
  10. I would rather stay at home forever than live in the states. Ain't florida full of oldies waiting for god ?
  11. Why can't we have a temporary law where we can expel those we do not like from the earth. Can we have a just giving page.
  12. When is a halt a shut down forever ? Things come back to life like a phoenix now and again.
  13. You can live for decades on income drawdown, move around and hpi pays for it.
  14. Unsellable ?? Nothing is unsellable. I buy plenty from the desperate. Drop price, suck it up, can't live with it, check out. Simple. A new hamster.
  15. Immigration would reduce if we had more sea defences, we need those gun boats. More boats and more tories used as pin cusions.
  16. 30p is impossible a decent butchers steak is at least £6-7 before accoutrements, what about wine ?
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