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  1. The Olympic Village itself is in E20, a newly created postcode for the Olympic park area. Probably not much data for there yet. I think it's hard to seperate the the HPI we're seeing all over London from the massive amounts of money have been and continue to be pumped into this area - the creation of the park itself and projects such as http://hereeast.com/ , http://www.internationalquarter.london/ and http://www.queenelizabetholympicpark.co.uk/the-park/attractions/cultural-and-education-district. Loving the data. Any chance of E10 and E11 please?
  2. Cachement areas for grammar schools tend to be extremely large as they academically select their pupils. They want a huge number of pupils to be eligible so that they can pick (what they deem to be) the very best.
  3. Another Bubble Bursts: Ultra Luxury London Home Prices Tumble 12% http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-12/another-bubble-bursts-ultra-luxury-london-home-prices-tumble-12
  4. Leytonstone definitely used to have the upper hand but Leyton looks to be catching up very quickly now. Proximity to the Olympic park / Hackney / Walthamstow / Upcoming Crossrail in Stratford seem to be having an effect and the tart up of the high street didn't hurt either. Francis road area especially with hipster cafes (Marmelo kitchen, Albert + Francis) popping up.
  5. People queueing overnight for the next round of Olympic flats. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/house-hunters-queue-overnight-for-chance-to-spend-400k-on-a-one-bedroom-flat-9998005.html Seems like a piece from years ago...
  6. Hi HPCers I'm wondering whether you can help. I have an elderly relative who has been renting for a while but has now come into some money and is looking to buy. Here's an example of the sort of thing they are looking at. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/33433825 They would be a complete cash buyer. Their current landlord is looking to sell up so there are constant visits from people looking round which isn't very pleasant for them. The relative is pretty fed up with the uncertainty of the current renting situation (no rental contract) and believes that buying would give them a
  7. There's money piling into the Olympic park. http://londonist.com/2014/07/mayor-announces-plans-for-olympicopolis.php http://www.forbes.com/sites/edmundingham/2014/07/21/here-east-will-establish-londons-largest-tech-community-under-one-roof-at-the-queen-elizabeth-olympic-park-london-creating-7500-new-jobs/ http://www.tiqstratfordcity.com/ FCA are relocating there, UCL are opening there, V&A opening there, Sadlers Wells opening there, Smithsonian possibly, the Slade
  8. Stratford's stations are being reclassified as zone 2 - https://www.london.gov.uk/media/mayor-press-releases/2014/07/mayor-announces-major-new-plans-for-queen-elizabeth-olympic-park
  9. It's only Heather Small on the rereleased (remix) version. These vocals are from Loleatta Holloway's Love Sensation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22fRZc1zrF8
  10. I cycle through the East Village every day on my way to work in the city. You can get a remarkably long way into town on tow paths and exteremly quiet roads (Through the Olympic park onto Loop Road, left onto the Hertford Union Canal path at the White Post Lane bridge, past Victoria park, left onto the Regent's canal, over the bridge by the climbing wall, through Meath Gardens, Bancroft road, Colebert Avenue, Malcolm Road, Malcolm place, Three Colts Lane and then wiggling through the back streets round Brick Lane.) Saves me more than £5 a day on travel.
  11. Locrating can be quite useful for getting a rough overview about an area. It's a google maps hack that allows you to search based on commuting time, distance from station and / or schools, property price and ofsted rating. Pity it doesn't also include the current season ticket price as well. You can always get that from here
  12. I've lived in Leyton for a while and think the house prices; whilst obviously insane compared with the current wage level in this country; seem positively reasonable compared with some of the other madness going on in London at the moment. Peckham, Hackney and Brixton are also extremely grim but insanely expensive. Leyton will be relatively cheap for some time though as Waltham Forest strongly oppose the conversion of the Victorian housing stock into flats as they want to keep 'family homes' yet the schools are so bad that no family with children who can afford to move out wants to live ther
  13. Blimey, The Ship on Cable Street has been turned into apartments. http://shipapartments.co.uk/gallery.php The first 1 bed apartment is already on sale for £410,000. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/31890362 The price just amazes me. Tiny aparments in a grim area. 3 friends of mine used to rent the whole building back in around 2002 after it closed as a pub. They were working part time as cycle couriers so weren't exactly flush with money, probably paid less than £1,000 / month for the whole lot. Bit of a dive though but fun for a party. I love that part of 2 of the apartments
  14. Many years ago Greggs used to have an offer which included a negatively priced doghnut. Drink + Sandwich was £3.65 Drink + Sandwich + Doughnut was £3.50 Used to buy the deal each day and give / throw the doughnut away. I tried asking if I could pretend to take the doughnut but they wouldn't have it.
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