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  1. Yields are poor, there is definitely more coming to the market and lots of prime W1 coming back on as' reduced', do think sellers have tried their luck and after a couple of weeks reduced the price...but still hugely over priced. Paddington now 1500 per sq foot!
  2. I can vouch for property going up 20% in London in last few months, everything is crazy at present. I sold in December and cannot find anything 'reasonable' to purchase. I know of someone who bought an affordable housing property and no checks were carried out, its now let. There are simply still no checks in place.
  3. They probably did know in 2007 they would be bailed out in the future! Will be interesting to see what checks, if any, they carry out when I utilise next, but London is crazy and everything since October up at least 10-20% so cant find anything! Thought this apt...
  4. It's been a few years since I got a brand new BTL mortgage but all they wanted was my view on rental income which was then rubber stamped by their "surveyor" . When I ported another mortgage 2 years ago I was not asked a thing!
  5. Good afternoon everyone, have been reading the forum for a couple of years with interest. Its impossible to MEW in Spain, I have a house there that I tried to remortgage and the banks simply wont let you release equity because the 'value' has gone up. If you wanted to release money for renovations that was possible but they want certified estimates from local tradesman and invoices sent to the Bank at the end of the renovation for payment ......not that this policy helped Spain's housing market much!
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