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  1. I don't think that's true. Even Nigel Farage was saying we could be like Norway, who are in the single market. You can't know how many people voted Leave in the hope of an EEA-style relationship.
  2. The only ways to have kids in London are either to be eligible for social housing or to have rich parents drop six figures on you. Workers with decent jobs but no inheritance all hit their 30s and they either move out to the commuter belt or they give up and leave the country. Sharing like a student starts to wear very thin in your mid-30s. Commuting from somewhere just outside the M25 is the only solution but I wouldn't do it for the world - expensive and hours of your day down the drain. The problem is there always seems to be a new cohort of bright-eyed young interns eager to get on the treadmill behind those who fall off. London is a trap.
  3. Wasn't this thread about a think tank report on BTL tax relief? Diane Abbot didn't write it, right?
  4. It's government by slogan, except the slogans are all lies.
  5. Are campaigning for security of tenure and campaigning against landlords' tax breaks mutually exclusive? Tightening the tax code a little more is IMO much more likely to happen and will end up being more effective, anyway. A lot of pressure groups seem to think in terms of 'rights' - but the people with power seem to think in terms of 'assets'.
  6. Would it raise house prices 10k? Or would it raise them 50-100k? A 25 year old with a decent job and a 10k deposit in the bank goes to get a mortgage. That 10k leverages up to maybe 100k. A 25 year old with a decent job and a 10k deposit and a 10k handout has 20k in the bank. That 20k leverages up to a lot more than 110k. Our whole economy is now a total mess and this 'solution' is a another red herring. The government talks a good game about rewarding hard work but it's now absolutely clear that the game is rigged. Never mind all this free money everyone else will be getting - where's the wealth that I've been working for?
  7. 'Centrist' in the UK is pretty much a codeword for Blairism - far to the right of any post-war government before 1979, either Labour or Tory. I'd rather not have the threat of ID cards, 40 day detention, war, and such back again, thanks. Never mind the tax credits, the gold selloffs, the Buy-To-Let mortgages, the 'relaxed' attitude to oligarchs and non-doms, the light-touch regulation, the Pathfinder program, the missed inflation targets, the bailouts, and the massive boom in house prices. Never again. 'Centrism' is utterly dead. Might as well try a dose of post-war style public ownership and housebuilding, for a change.
  8. BTL mortgages should be banned straight up. They're assessed mostly on the rental income, paid by the tenant. Why not just lend the tenant the money to buy the house and cut out the middle man? If you want to be a landlord you should have to pay for the house outright.
  9. My parents are not me - I have no control over their success or lack of it. I myself wasn't able to read in 1980. Sounds like you've done well. But I really do think the windows of opportunity have been closed, now, and the Tories certainly won't be redressing the balance.
  10. This framing in terms of 'aspiration' vs 'envy' only works if everyone has the same life chances and if outcomes are generally fair. Then we could happily say that rich people earned their wealth and that poor people should have tried harder - indeed, that anyone could choose to buckle down and give it another go. I'm afraid the real world doesn't work like that. Wealth locks in privilege, not only for the generation that worked for it, but for successive generations too. No-one has control over who their parents are. Careers are so precarious, and the rat-race so blisteringly fast, that just one life upset - a breakup, a mid-life-crisis, a failed business venture, a period of ill health - and you'll never catch up. The old middle class of the 20th century is dead. We're almost all 'middle class' now - which means we must work (even very professional and high-stress jobs) to pay the rent and to enrich the bankers. It is not the 'politics of envy' to want to remake a system that currently works only for the very richest. The people that worked hard for their money should be just as angry at the parasites as the rest of us, because it's those at the very top who are risking it all for a few more % of the pie. They should have let a few more scraps fall from the table over the last 30 years. I 'aspire' to live in a fair society where I feel hope for the future and where my salary buys me the same amount of house my parents' salary bought them. The Tories have spent 8 years proving that they have zero intention of delivering that. While people give them the benefit of the doubt, I am rapidly running out of productive years. And finally, S24 is a very small fig-leaf covering a multitude of sins.
  11. Blair and Brown are gone. I'd personally like to see Brown apologise for what he did to house prices. But whoever's fault it was, it's clear the Tories aren't interested in fixing it - despite promising to before 2010. They've had eight years and the situation has gone from terrible to catastrophic.
  12. I bought a house a year or so ago and it made me miserable. As soon as I walked in the door with the keys I knew I had made a horrible mistake. I guess I have now technically 'sold to rent'. Just waiting for a bunch more 'first-time-buyer-only' schemes that I have now made myself ineligible for. I am still extremely angry about the housing situation in this country. Buying a house - or buying the wrong house - shouldn't take your entire savings since childhood plus your entire earnings to retirement (or beyond!). Buy a house and you're trapped working to pay the mortgage - who really has options in today's job market? - and on top of that you're responsible for the floor and the roof and for leaks. We have all been made slaves to the banks, in one way or another. And no, smug homeowners, you cannot use my anecdote as proof that millennials 'prefer to rent'. I would have preferred to pay the real-terms prices you paid, and then an imperfect house might have been okay. I prefer not to be a slave - but I think the only real escape these days is a lottery win. You certainly can't earn freedom on PAYE, any more. Good luck to everyone who has bought - I really do hope you'll have a great time in your house and that you can move on with your lives.
  13. Yes, if it's a loan the bank will take it into account when deciding how much you can afford to borrow. Parents shouldn't have to give their kids 90k to buy a house in the first place. How many years does it take a worker without rich parents to save 90k?
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