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  1. Ooh. Ooh. Please sir, I have a question! Did you check to see how many of them were vaccinated? 🤣 Article seems to suggest: No.
  2. "Doctors have searched for a pattern among patients to determine if less access to health checks in the pandemic or a history of Covid-19 infection may explain it but have found no obvious trend." Well, it's a complete mystery then. Maybe these people are consuming more fried Mars Bars? I really can't think of what else it could be... 👀
  3. We don't necessarily know. All we can do as humans is... (1) Look at the evidence. (2) See where the evidence leads. (3) Prosecute or not prosecute. (Unless you hold to the ideology of naturalism, in which case you automatically assume no planning or intention could ever be involved. But they only use that in the "life" sciences )
  4. Italy’s vaccine passport power grab Is Draghi embellishing a crisis to sidestep democracy? https://unherd.com/2021/09/italys-cynical-plan-for-vaccine-passports/
  5. But anyway, where does your ridiculous assertion even come from? Here's the stats from the latest official UK report, circled for your convenience. Edit: The circle should also include the two columns to the left (since they're also vaccinated).
  6. 🤣 Our Pfizer Who art in Manhatten Hallowed be thy vaxx Thy vaccine come Thy jab be done, all over the earth as it makes for heavenly profits. Give us this day our six-monthly jab And forgive us our hesitancy As we have forgiven those who are hesitant. Amen.
  7. This looks like it would help the discussion, for those who are interested. (I'm on p20 of his presentation so far.) Have COVID vaccines killed ~ 200,000 Americans?http://www.skirsch.com/covid/Killed.pdf (Note that VAERS is the US version of the Yellow Card system, where people can report adverse effects of vaccines and other pharmaceutical products.)
  8. Well yes, that's my point. The fact that 1,698 deaths are in effect "officially denied" as being due to the vaccine makes the whole system look biased and even rigged, and allows the True Believers like zugzwang to live in his bubbleworld of "one or two deaths max".
  9. The 1,700 who died within 28 days of a vaccine. The ones in the Yellow Card reporting system here in the UK. Given the vast resources we've spent on the pandemic and invested producing a vaccine, I think the system could cope with 1,700 autopsies? According to zugzwang there's only been 1 (or maybe 2) deaths directly linked to the vaccine. Maybe. But if that turns out to be closer to 1,700... don't you think we should be finding out why they're dying in a little more depth? It kind of seems like common sense, really.
  10. I can see why they'd be angry. Probably more convenient to give the vaccinated some kind of tattoo or mark. To Make Life Easier for them.
  11. Yes, it would seem that if the Science related to vaccines were being followed, the Scientists would want to autopsy all of the "deaths within 28 days of a vaccine". For some reason, Science isn't interested. Thankfully the Germans have some interest, at least. It's almost as if there was every incentive to produce something at warp speed that could be marketed as a vaccine and could be shown to have short-term effects, but no real interest in monitoring long-term effects. The girl who was part of Pfizer's trial on children... because she become wheelchair bound after Pfizer's study concluded... not interested. Vaccine 100% safe. Science. It Is When We Say It Is. (tm)
  12. Just found this... https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2020/7/part/1/crossheading/inquests/enacted Suspension of requirement to hold inquest with jury: England and Wales (1)For the purposes of section 7(2)(c) of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (requirement for inquest to be held with jury if senior coroner has reason to suspect death was caused by notifiable disease etc), COVID-19 is not a notifiable disease. Not sure what that means in practice?
  13. Let's be honest. "The Case For The Vaccine" would be much greater if it actually did what typical vaccines are supposed to do... - protect you from the critter in question - prevent you from transmitting said critter - keep you out of hospital. So far the vaccines don't seem to be doing a great job on any of these fronts, really. 87% of COVID hospitalisations were vaccinated? They'd get basically the same result if the vaxxed had been injected with saline. But at least it prevents you from dying, right? Vaccinated Michigan couple die minutes apart from COVID-19 while holding hands https://news.yahoo.com/vaccinated-michigan-couple-die-minutes-145200142.html They both had underlying health issues, but the article doesn't say what.
  14. I make it a personal rule to only buy stuff when Consumer Confidence is in the -5 to +5 range.
  15. Worth noting that Pfizer's trial on 12-15 year olds involved 2,260 adolescents. So if this girl's sudden decline really was due to her 2nd shot, that's 1 in 2,260. Rare, or not? You decide. https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/press-release-detail/pfizer-biontech-announce-positive-topline-results-pivotal
  16. This girl is in a wheelchair apparently because of "anxiety"... and not because she was part of Pfizer's original vaccine trial. Mom details 12-year-old daughter's extreme reactions to COVID vaccine, says she’s now in wheelchair https://www.foxnews.com/media/ohio-woman-daughter-covid-vaccine-reaction-wheelchair (Sorry, I couldn't find a BBC link to share.) - De Garay explained that after receiving the second coronavirus vaccine dose, her daughter started developing severe abdominal and chest pains. Maddie described the severity of the pain to her mother as "it feels like my heart is being ripped out through my neck." - "They need to do research and figure out why this happened, especially to people in the trial. I thought that was the point of it," De Garay concluded. "They need to come up with something that's going to treat these people early because all they're going to do is keep getting worse." Science. It Works When We Want It To (tm).
  17. "It's A F**king Kid": Johnson & Johnson Official Says Children Shouldn't Get Vax Due To 'Unknown Repercussions' https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/its-fking-kid-johnson-johnson-official-says-children-shouldnt-get-vax-due-unknown Project Veritas on a roll again. - "Kids shouldn't get a f---ing [COVID] vaccine," said regional business lead, Brandon Schatt. - He also commented on the pressure campaign to restrict social privileges for the unvaccinated. "I mean if you can’t work, I feel like that’s punishment enough.”
  18. That wouldn't surprise me. Also, vaccine passports were planned in the EU (2019) before the rona outbreak, all the while Bill & Melinda were kindly showing world leaders how private enterprises could make mon.... sorry, help out in the event of a worldwide pandemic (October 2019, Event 201), and at the exact time the world's military were having their Olympics (Military World Games)... in Wuhan. You literally can't make this stuff up 🤣
  19. Good list. I know Ah-so will say they were only changing plans. They never actually introduced the the actual thing so as to be able to cancel it. But it definitely shows there's a lot of verbal excrement that comes out of politician's mouths.
  20. In terms of how it looks at face value, I'll give 3.5 out of 5 stars so far. - I'd give 4 if they dropped the continual threat of vaccine passports, but the cynical side of me says that vaccine passports were the whole point. I suspect (but hope I'm wrong) they want us in a New Normal, not an Old Normal. (Italy is one to watch in that regard, where you can't even work without your "freedom" pass.) - Delta kicked in at the same time as the UK was getting vaccinated, so some of this could be due to delta being less dangerous. - Also interesting that they haven't updated the hospital stats for several days now. I wonder if they're cooking something up? 👁️
  21. Thanks. I suppose it's a tricky one, though. A fair counter-argument would be, how many people who take a drug or pharmaceutical product would actually understand what it does, at a biological level? But it's interesting that a 12 year old wouldn't be able to understand the difference between, say, an mRNA vaccine, and a more traditional vaccine, without some basic education on what mRNA does. Then again, there isn't any choice at the moment. It's Pfizer or nothing for this age group.
  22. So what does the official informed consent information sheet say? It would be interesting to compare the two.
  23. It probably failed to include the slogan "incredibly rare" (tm). Anyway, I still contend that the best way to check a child has "informed consent" is to get them to read the JCVI's latest decision, and then test them on it. Obviously their very nuanced arguments are being spelled out for these children. Anyone know when children learn about mRNA in school, by the way?
  24. Well, yes. That's why the system is evil. It forces you to dance.
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