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  1. 6 Poles... 20 minutes... £6. That's £1 per Pole. They have time for a max of 3 clients, so each one is earning a MAX of £3 an hour (and that's assuming they're 100% busy and have zero expenses). It's not that "no Brit would do that amount of work for so little money", it's simply that no adult Brit, who wants any kind of reasonable independence, could possibly afford to survive on a max of £3 an hour. If the cost of living weren't so high, I bet there'd be plenty of Brits who would be happy to do it. The "lazy Brits" argument, which in essence is what you're implying although not saying directly, doesn't really hold water with me.
  2. I'm sure the Eurocrats realized it would be a side benefit of the free movement of people.
  3. That's "free movement" for you. Millions of wealthy (by world standards) Brits didn't up and move to poorer Eastern Europe, even though they had "free movement". But to me, it's not even about the speed. It's about pure numbers. Half of the world's population lives in relative poverty. If we opened the door to them all, this island would sink under the weight. That's why I think the quota talked about by UKIP, of around 50,000, sounds quite reasonable... and simply returns us to levels prior to 1997. That proves it can be done... the only real difference between then and now is EU rules, and political will.
  4. Maybe we'd re-open some of those coal-powered plants we were forced to shut down by the EU. Westminster is certainly not ideal, but at least it's easier to change, compared with unelected beaurocrats overseas, handing out Directives that must be enacted into law. Besides, we ultimately get the governments we deserve. The real problem is voter apathy, because Westminster is just a reflection of the people we as a country voted for. That's why it's exciting to see a "new kid on the block" like UKIP come along. Yes, they may end up being "the same" as all the rest except with an anti-EU slant, but at least it's an opportunity to stir up the LibLabCon political cartel. There is no simple "answer" to this country's problems, but neither is just giving it over to Brussels and saying, "OK, you guys sort it out" a good solution, imo. In a sense, UKIP's approach is actually the more mature, because by bringing back powers to Westminster, they have to also take responsibility for those powers. As it stands, politicians can just shrug and say, "What can we do? EU says No." Case in point... immigration. Just days ago, Cameron proclaimed he would reduce immigration from the EU. And now, the EU has responded saying that would be illegal! Yet another responsibility he can get out of. "Nothing we can do... EU says No."
  5. Maybe, but since England is growing at 2.5 times the rate of Scotland, we need to put all those extra people somewhere. Either we stuff them into our already overcrowded cities, or relax the green belt. "The estimated population increased in England by 0.7% to 53.9 million, in Scotland by 0.27% to 5.3 million, in Wales by 0.27% to 3.1 million, and in Northern Ireland by 0.33% to 1.8 million."
  6. You get the freedom to work in and move to Bulgaria!
  7. Corrected for you. It's an easy mistake to make.
  8. Does Ambrose Evans Pritchard have some kind of massive vested interest in QE, or is he just a huge QE fanboy? Everything he writes has "must print money or else" written either in or between the lines.
  9. Precisely. And campervanman wants to see these people govern the whole of a federalized Europe. Thanks, but no thanks.
  10. Yeah, like Income Tax... something like 1% when it was introduced. It's a bit higher now.
  11. Hmm. I think what would cure the problem is massive doses of fresh printed money sent to the banks. My £5,000 consulting fee invoice is in the post.
  12. I predict the "negotiation" will go something like this: Call Me Dave: "We need to negotiate [insert topic #1]." Eurocrat: "Non." Call Me Dave: "What about [insert topic #2]?" Eurocrat: "Non." Call Me Dave: "And finally, could we discuss [insert topic #3]?" Eurocrat: "Non, you English pig-dog. I fart in your general direction." Call Me Dave: "Thanks, and have a nice day!" OK, I'll admit, all of that was really just to get the phrase "I fart in your general direction" into a HPC post.
  13. ...and that was only Day 1. "This is the first time Mipim has been held in London - the conference usually takes place in Cannes." I bet it won't be held in London next year.
  14. By the way, you'll find that the ones on this forum who don't think immigration is a problem, usually either live abroad, are able to afford to rent out big houses, or live in parts of the UK that has seen a much lower population growth, i.e Scotland. (England is currently at 2.5 times faster than Scotland.)
  15. You are right to be angry. LibDem, Labour and Conservative politicians are telling you that your situation is a "good thing", when clearly it's not. I think the worm will turn, but it will take time; although there is a chance to help it along in May 2015.
  16. "The poll put UKIP's support at 25%, 2% higher than a similar poll in September. Support for the Conservatives and Labour was tied at 31%, according to the poll, which was based on interviews with 1,003 people nationwide." http://www.euractiv.com/sections/uk-europe/poll-support-ukip-hits-record-high-309120 When you think about it, that is a really amazing figure. Isn't that roughly what the LibDems were polling at the last election? Now, wearing my cynical hat, it could be a ploy by the polling companies, so they can then have UKIP's support "erode" gradually in the run-up to the next election, like they did recently when it apparently "declined" to a "mere" 15%, still higher than the LibDems. On the other hand, if that figure can be maintained, I suspect we're going to be in for a truly fascinating General Election, one that is going to cause campervanman to pop a few gaskets.
  17. Looks like the annual figures don't come out until June (based on the fact that the BBC reported this year's 400,000 population growth in June), so we won't even know whether they got anywhere close, until after the election! Not that there is any need to know. Answer is, they won't. From the linked article: "The estimated population increased in England by 0.7% to 53.9 million, in Scotland by 0.27% to 5.3 million, in Wales by 0.27% to 3.1 million, and in Northern Ireland by 0.33% to 1.8 million." England is growing 2.5 times faster than Scotland and Wales. "A quarter of the UK population growth was in London." So London, with approximately 12.5% of the UK's population, had one quarter of the UK's growth. I bet that green belt's feeling a bit bloated right now.
  18. Has it ever been posited that this massive steel over-production might be deliberate, in order to cause the collapse of the industry in Europe and North America, thus allowing China to monopolize it? Who knows what those central planners are really planning.
  19. And Boris Johnson is being groomed as the next Conservative party leader. We have so much to look forward to in this country, it makes me leap for joy. Either that or the meds.
  20. This is the very definition of "globalization". Everything sold to the highest bidder. But politicians tell you it's a "good thing", so not to worry.
  21. Precisely, and Boris Johnson has only just decided that something needs to be done about London immigration, and Cameron has only just announced he's going to tighten immigration from the EU (yeah, right) after 4 years in power. They are totally see-through.
  22. They don't need to do that, though. They'll probably just extend the amount pensioners can put into ISAs or National Savings Bonds at nice juicy rates.
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