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  1. But it does kind of show the hypocrisy of governments. Amazingly, within days of 9/11 we "knew" Bin Laden was behind it, orchestrating from a cave in Afghanistan two impressively flown planes into the Twin Towers to cause THREE buildings to collapse, and another "plane" into the world's most guarded building, the Pentagon (travelling so fast you can't even see it on the footage). Yet if (and I say IF because we can't "know" until the report is released) the Saudis had a hand in this somehow, Americans weren't allowed to know for "national security" reasons. No, it's for political reasons. The Bushes were friends of the Saudis. This is what I mean by hypocrisy. It's "national security" when they want it to be.
  2. And then... Children could override parents’ decision on vaccines, says Zahawi https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/sep/05/vaccine-passports-to-be-required-for-nightclubs-and-mass-events-in-england "Nadhim Zahawi, the vaccines minister, said parents of healthy 12- to 15-year-olds would be asked for consent if coronavirus jabs were approved for their children – expected to be pushed through by ministers this week. But he added that children could override their parents’ wishes “if they’re deemed to be competent to make that decision, with all the information available”. In my opinion, the best way to test their competency would be to give them a quiz on the JCVI's decision not to recommend vaccinating this group, and the reasons behind it. If the child can fully understand the JCVI's decision, I'd say they're Gillick competent
  3. The 20th anniversary of September 11th is coming up? He panders to those people who really care (i.e. the victims), and then six months later another redacted version of the documents get released, but it isn't big headline news because it's no longer a 9/11 anniversary. Otherwise why wait six months? Why not just release them NOW?
  4. Like Barack Obama promising to close Guantanamo Bay within a year of his executive order, which then got quietly shelved, I'll believe this when it actually happens. It'll either get quietly shelved, or the release documents will still be redacted. They need the six months to decide how much black ink to buy.
  5. February 7th, 2021. No plans, until they have plans. Won't do it, until they do.
  6. Jabs not recommended for most 12 to 15-year olds https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-58438669 Well, congratulations to the JCVI. I genuinely thought they would cave to political pressure. I think their decision highlights that its politicians who are primarily behind the "warp speed" desire to vaccinate children. Of course, the JCVI left a way for the government to go ahead anyway, but at least parents and their children can be fully informed that the science on the safety for this age group isn't there yet.
  7. UK decision on Covid jabs for children expected imminently https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/sep/02/uk-decision-covid-vaccines-children-expected-imminently "The education secretary, Gavin Williamson, said on Thursday he was waiting “with bated breath” for the JCVI’s verdict, which although advisory is seen as crucial to the government’s decision on the issue." Just in case they say no
  8. Did you watch the video Dr Doom posted earlier? The two women in the video were pro-vax (one being a GP, if I recall). They were both double jabbed, and recommended the vaccine to adults, but were appalled at the idea of their children receiving this vaccine potentially without their consent. Maybe you want to find a new sub-label for these people, although I appreciate that would complicate your worldview.
  9. Speaking with my conspiratorial hat on, it would perhaps depend on the level of "regulatory capture". For example, large amounts of FDA funding come from the drug companies themselves. Drug companies may have some influence over the NHS, but maybe not to the same level. I don't know whether what I've said about "regulatory capture" is true or not, but it would help to explain why the NHS have found cheap alternatives, but the FDA don't seem to be aware of any. I've already pointed out, they can't issue an Emergency Use Authorization if there's an alternative method of treatment. Also, the vaccine companies have already made their money here in the UK, since 89% of the adult population are vaccinated. They're not anywhere close to this in the US, hence the focus on the 3 approved vaccines (in the US that's Pfizer, Moderna and Jannsen) as the sole treatment for covid... although they have also approved a drug.
  10. If they don't use it they can sell it at half price. So the Taliban have basically been handed at least $40 billion.
  11. Good video. Pretty terrifying statistics. Everybody should watch this.
  12. What's going on in Japan with Moderna? That's the FOURTH now... Japan finds another Moderna vial suspected to contain foreign substance https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/japan-finds-another-moderna-vial-suspected-contain-foreign-substance-2021-09-01/ TOKYO, Sept 1 (Reuters) - Japan reported a fresh contamination case involving Moderna's (MRNA.O) COVID-19 vaccine, the fourth such incident in less than a week, threatening to slow the country's sputtering inoculation campaign.
  13. A scarier sounding variant? Most of the Greek letters sound fairly tame. Except maybe OMICRON.
  14. For sure, it isn't junk (even though there are still some biologists out there who continue to cling to this notion). I think I was just saying that in the year 2000 (just 21 years ago), the mainstream consensus was that the typical genome was more junk than purposeful. My point was, the human race is still relatively new to all of this. We're still discovering new proteins every year, and new uses for these proteins in unexpected places. This vast leap in scientific knowledge over the last 20 years is why I think we should be proceeding with a lot of caution, especially when injecting genetically modified mNRA / proteins into the body. For example, if it's so good, why has Moderna literally never bought a drug to market before, based on this technology? mRNA technology was mainly all theoretical or tested on very small groups (i.e. cancer patients) until the White House decided to allow them to make a vaccine and sell it to the masses. That strikes me as.... bold
  15. Two reasons... (1) because in the case of the current vaccines, "vaccinated" doesn't mean you don't get covid 🙄... much like all the people who get measles, mumps and rubella after being vaccinated. (Oh, wait...) (2) the "double jabbed" will be treated as "unvaccinated" if they haven't got their six-monthly subscription to Pfizer's Digest renewed. This is already the case in Israel. The Supreme Court in France has just overturned one of Macron's decisions which meant people without their vaxxpasses couldn't enter supermarkets in shopping centres to buy groceries. It's getting interesting out there.
  16. Good catch. I'm sure it'll be approved in the West, once everyone's been quadruple vaccinated.
  17. Maybe we should try... something different?... Hunt goes off script with ivermectin https://spectator.com.au/2021/07/hunt-goes-off-script-with-ivermectin/ (An Australian viewpoint.) Even the Japanese health minister recommended it a few days ago
  18. We really need to be rolling out and publicising other preventatives for covid, especially if a decent proportion of these are vaccinated. It's kind of shocking to think that, despite Operation Warp Speed, how many ways do people know about to lower their risk besides the vaccines and face masks? Vaccines do seem to help, but they're still not keeping people out of hospital (see Israel, for example), which is why more products are coming online over there, but are still virtually unheard of here.
  19. Good article. It's nice to see both sides of the debate. There may be a case for delaying to give other countries our vaccine shots. I was just pointing out that I don't think JCVI are going to be looking at that as a factor. Also, I don't think the public would accept it. After all, little Johnny needs his shot to protect him from long covid, right?
  20. The Pfizer-BioNTech one will have been tested on people 12 and over, since the FDA have given emergency use authorisation for that age group. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-covid-19-vaccine
  21. Not to downplay this issue, but the above seems like a New Scientist article dressed up as a science paper, advocating kids not going back to school. It also references the one below... This was a study of 129 children, posted on January 2021. How are the children doing now? What's the follow-up? Do they still suffer from long covid, or have they recovered? Please post the follow-up. Again, to be clear, I'm not trying to minimise what those children went through. It should definitely be a factor in considering whether to vaccinate the younger groups. However, the adverse events databases are also full of people who experienced very weird and debilitating things after vaccines, and this should also be a factor. And if, in the event that nobody is following up on those 129 children, then I'd say... how are we supposed to "follow the science" if the science stops being done? If all 129 have recovered, then that's just as important as if they all still suffer from covid symptoms. Wouldn't you agree?
  22. Well, yes, but I've been scolded as being "anti-vaxx" by @Will! for having that opinion... just letting you know It does make me wonder though, if they can "accelerate" their review, why were they being slower beforehand? Were they being cautious, or just dragging their feet?
  23. Here are the criteria JCVI are using... https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/jcvi-statement-august-2021-covid-19-vaccination-of-children-and-young-people-aged-12-to-17-years/jcvi-statement-on-covid-19-vaccination-of-children-and-young-people-aged-12-to-17-years-4-august-2021 Nothing about shortages worldwide 🤣
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