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  1. Why disappointed? According to the media, 89% of the adult population are vaccinated here. Even as someone who is "vaccine hesitant" I'd say that's a resounding success for a vaccine campaign. You'll never get to 100% because some people simply don't want to take it, for whatever reason. Most of these are already aware of the higher risk of getting ill or dying from covid, and have accepted this. And some people may not be able to take it for health reasons. I know one person in this latter category. In other words, I'd say the vaccine campaign hasn't stalled. It's pretty much over for adults. It's done its job. The focus now will be on coercing kids to take it, and on parents to make their kids take it, and for schools to make the kids take it. I use the word "coerce" deliberately, because that's where I see this as going. I could be wrong.
  2. I think when they get proper FDA approval, the vaccines will come with a lot more legal disclaimers and warnings. At the moment, it's being used under an "emergency use authorization", at least in the USA. I'm not sure if we have the same kind of system in the UK, or whether we just give the vaccines a straight thumbs up / thumbs down.
  3. Well, 89% of the adult population have supposedly been vaccinated by now, so it sounds like job done. If you're vaccinated, you can stop worrying, because you're (a) less likely to get covid, and (b) symptoms are much less severe. In that case, hopefully people will ease up on the mad rush to vaccinate children with a vaccine based on a new technology, the world's first mRNA treatment. But somehow I doubt it. They'll find a way to pressure kids to take it, regardless.
  4. Maybe send in some intelligence to actually locate the culprits first? Then go in, capture them, and put them on trial. A little lower on my priority list would be... (1) Invade the country to find a handful of men. (2) Invade ANOTHER country, because why stop at one? (3) Take ten years to find the Prime Suspect. (4) When you find him, kill him and then bury him at sea.
  5. I just read this from someone commenting on a ZeroHedge article about this situation. I thought the comment was particularly poignant:
  6. Precisely. Just for the record, you should add a disclaimer that you're not advocating diet fizzy drinks as a cure for covid. Some people need these disclaimers...
  7. Well, Dettol isn't natural. Probably not simple either. (Plus, just in case I have to spell it out to anyone reading: don't drink it 🙄)
  8. Ha. Yeah, I knew what Trump meant, but sadly he was speaking to a bunch of people (the American public) who didn't. I've seen the term disinfect used in medical journals, in precisely the same way that Trump meant it. True. At the same time, it just seems to me that this is a problem likely to have a simple natural solution. I just don't know what it is.
  9. Here's a thought which just hit me. When a virus particle is outside the body, it can be destroyed easily enough: soap and water. It destroys the membrane of the virus. But the impression seems to be, that the instant a viral particle gets into your throat, literally the only thing that could possibly save you is the vaccine. OK, I appreciate I've exaggerated for dramatic effect... but does this all-encompassing focus on the vaccine mean we're losing the ability to stop a virus from affecting us too much once it's in our throat, by just doing some simple things? For example, I peruse a lot of sites related to covid, and a lot of people commenting say they've used this combination or that... or even simpler stuff like green tea and zinc. I appreciate all this is anecdotal, but in our headlong rush to give our lives over to big pharmaceutical companies, might we be missing some simple solutions that could kill the virus in our throats, before it gets to do any serious damage? I fear we live in a world that's now so paranoid about quack medicines and quack doctors, that we've gone to the other extreme... which is that there cannot be a solution that hasn't been peer reviewed by 500 institutions, approved by Fauci, the FDA, CDC and the WHO, and sold by drug companies. If something ridiculously simple like soap and water can kill the virus outside the body, surely something pretty simple* can do the job while it's hanging onto our throats? Or am I missing something really obvious? * Edit: By simple, I'm thinking more natural, I suppose. But then, soap is simple, but it's not natural.
  10. "When I began researching this article, I expected to hear from teenagers who had been sucked in by the crackpot conspiracy theories that are rife on social media – that the jab makes you magnetic, or contains some sort of electronic mind-control microchip. In reality they presented coherent and convincing arguments." Typical adults, projecting their stereotypes onto children. "How else can we convince vaccine-hesitant young people to do the right thing?" And here we go. It's now "the right thing to do." The mainstream caution didn't last long, eh?
  11. Can anyone answer me a question? To introduce the question... I know that DNA stores our genome (the 3 billion nucleotides that make up the human code sequence), and that sections of DNA are "transcribed" (i.e. copied) into mRNA (after the RNA has gone through a bit of processing, such as "splicing" to get the necessary bits and pieces). All that is Biology 101. Moderna and Pfizer/Biontech are using mRNA presumably because it doesn't alter the DNA of a person. However, mRNA is often "translated" by the body (specifically by ribosomes) to build proteins, which in turn can build more complex structures that are built out of multiple proteins. Presumably then, the mRNA in these vaccines are to cause the body to build certain proteins. So my question is, how long do these proteins stick around in the body, and are they in every cell, or just in a select number of cells?
  12. Not that I believe this, but some kind of conspiracy with regard to coronavirus is possible. All it would take is foreknowledge of the virus, and then to ensure that it was released. That's not completely implausible, in my opinion. Disclaimer: (1) No, I'm not saying I think this is true. I'm just saying it's quite possible. (2) Viruses exist.
  13. Personally, I don't believe that Buzz Aldrin ever went to Hawaii. That pose looks so fake.
  14. (1) "No medicine is 100% safe". Precisely. (2) "Remove the indemnity and no medicine would ever be developed." While this is debatable, in this case, it doesn't matter. The vaccine has already been developed. Also, these companies received government funding to accelerate the process. (3) "Why should the drugs companies get it in the neck if they've produced something that's met all the required approvals?" Because it's their product, so they should ultimately take responsibility for it. Anyway, in the case of the vaccines, it's governments who are primarily declaring these things "safe and effective", so I guess it's OK that they end up paying if they're not.
  15. I seriously doubt any of the countries on that list would want Afghanistan to have nukes. Assuming that's true, they're not getting them any time soon. I'd be far more worried about Iran getting nukes. They actually might.
  16. Also, the younger person who inherits a chunk of money might simply decide, putting £600k into a house in Winchester is simply... not worth it. In fact, given the price of properties across the country, I'm surprised they'd think anything was worth it right now. But people need places to live, which is ultimately what sucks many in to the Property Ponzi.
  17. But apparently Brexit has been an abysmal failure, even though it's younger than an unborn child.
  18. OK, you posted it. Nice. Still, it was Biden who basically shredded it, by not sticking to the deadline.
  19. (1) Trump had agreed a peaceful withdrawal by May. Biden said "screw that" we'll withdraw on September 11th because it would be more symbolic. That worked out well. (2) What was in Trump's agreement? Was it to hand over complete control to the Taliban? This is a genuine question, by the way. (3) Either way, the bottom line is, America invaded a foreign country and occupied it for 20 years. Don't give me the "they were getting Bin Laden" line. You know how the Americans finally took out Bin Laden (according to the official story)? They raided his compound in Pakistan, killed him, then buried him at sea. They didn't occupy Pakistan for 20 years. So please don't blame Trump. I admit, It's not all on Biden either... but he may have made things worse by reneging on Trump's agreement.
  20. @Arpeggio I'm still fairly new to this thread, so I don't know what your hypothesis is for what we're currently living through. If you're saying SARS-COV-2 isn't a virus, presumably there's a big conspiracy across the world to make it appear to be a virus. But then, my question to you would be... in that case,why wouldn't the people behind the conspiracy just release a virus? Surely that would be much easier?
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