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  1. So what does the official informed consent information sheet say? It would be interesting to compare the two.
  2. It probably failed to include the slogan "incredibly rare" (tm). Anyway, I still contend that the best way to check a child has "informed consent" is to get them to read the JCVI's latest decision, and then test them on it. Obviously their very nuanced arguments are being spelled out for these children. Anyone know when children learn about mRNA in school, by the way?
  3. Well, yes. That's why the system is evil. It forces you to dance.
  4. I did a quick spreadsheet to show what 2% inflation does. (You can start at £1,000 in Year 0.) Bottom line is, after 35 years at 2% inflation, your money has lost half its value. The technical term is "slow daylight robbery". I presume governments like it because it allows them to inflate away their debt.
  5. https://archive.is/8GAk2 With all these universities doing online courses, annual costs should also be a lot lower now, right? Personally, I'm amazed how they can still get away with charging £9k a year.
  6. Well, couldn't that be the point? Hiding the fact that millions of people aren't buying the Official Orthodoxy? For the BBC, the easiest way of dealing with things like that is to ignore it. Like in the movie "Brazil" where the people eating in the restaurant are shielded from the chaos around them. Notice the board put up at 1:50 ... Think of the people at the table as "freedom pass" holders 🤣
  7. Also WTF are they doing injecting a 1 year old? Is that a typo? https://medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?IDNUMBER=1261766 "Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (broad), Systemic lupus erythematosus (broad), Convulsions (narrow), Noninfectious encephalitis (broad), Noninfectious encephalopathy/delirium (broad), Noninfectious meningitis (broad), Generalised convulsive seizures following immunisation (narrow), Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms syndrome (broad), Hypoglycaemia (broad)"
  8. Sickening. To think that these kids probably wouldn't have died of covid anyway, but are now most definitely dead not long after taking the vaccine. Worse, some people will still deny a causal link unless Fauci, Whitty, the FDA, CDC, JCVI, Moderna, Pfizer etc all unanimously say there is. Let me put it bluntly: These are kids who didn't have to die. They died to save mostly 80+ year olds who (a) have already had their lives, and who (b) were supposed to be protected by something called a "vaccine". Well done, society. (Also... I wonder how long that thread will be allowed to stay up on Twitter.) Edit: Someone archived it, presumably in case Twitter take it down for not conforming to the Official Orthodoxy. https://archive.is/CrnoP
  9. We saw this start to happen in 2008. Result? The government printed mon... sorry, "quantitatively eased". So they have a mechanism for dealing with contractions in the money supply. They magic up more of it. It depends who you owe the debt to. If you're HM Government and you owe much of it to another branch of HM Government, interest isn't that much of a problem. But anyway, your argument is premised on the money supply, which we know governments will keep going, even if it means pumping it out in various nebulous schemes.
  10. I'd call their bluff. "You're right, you can't afford it." Nationalise the refinery and barr Essar Energy from holding assets like this in the future. Or at least, I'd write up the draft order proposing this during the meeting with them...
  11. Nothing to do with bailing out the financial system then?
  12. How does something (an oil refinery) reach "the brink of collapse" when it is part of Essar Energy, which in turn is part of the Essar Group? This would be like a Cadbury factory on the brink of collapse, after being owned by a US "cheese" manufacturing conglomerate. (I put "cheese" in quotes, naturally.)
  13. 30 Facts You Need To Know: A COVID Cribsheet https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/30-facts-you-need-know-covid-cribsheet Probably worth bookmarking, since there are plenty of links allowing you to follow up on each point. I didn't even know this one, under point 26 about legal indemnities... From the quoted link, it's one of the sections of the Coronavirus Act 2020 that are not subject to the expiry clause, i.e. they will never expire (unless the entire act itself is repealed). Worth remembering, next time Chris Whitty tells you what you should be injecting into you and your children. Our Government have given themselves the same level of indemnity as Pfizer.
  14. In the case of vaccines, some people are frustrated that other people aren't listening to The Science (tm). Meanwhile... - The main vaccines being pushed, particularly in the Western world, are those based on mRNA technology that has never before been used in an approved vaccine or drug. This is a fact. - The last time they tried a coronavirus vaccine (2003) they didn't get past the animal trials, because the animals developed severe issues, including a vaccine that used the Spike protein. - We still don't know the long term effects of injecting trillions of instructions for the cells of your body to produce Spike, and to keep doing this every 5-6 months with boosters. - The JCVI suggested caution in regard to vaccinating children with these new vaccines, but Chris Whitty said, "Let's do it anyway!" - Biden wanted to jab everyone with boosters. The FDA suggested caution in this regard, and so did the CDC advisory panel, but the Director of the CDC said, "Let's do it anyway!" And this is without even getting into alt- territory, like graphene oxide, or the shards of metals and fragments of foreign objects that are being found in these vaccine vials. I won't add them to the above list because, while I keep an eye on those developments, I'm still sceptical of them, because for example, if Pfizer, Moderna. J&J etc really were putting graphene oxide into vaccines without disclosing it, they should simply be sued out of existence. But we live in a word where, for decades, tobacco companies denied their products were harmful or addictive.
  15. Because they were doing "Must Prove Trump Wrong" Science (tm), even if they weren't actually following science but were overdosing the patients 🤣 Yes, will be worth keeping an eye on India again now they're stopping Ivermectin (again?) and HCQ. Will there be a "purely coincidental" big spike in infections? Watch this space...
  16. Suggesting people have a mental affliction for not agreeing with the 'official' point of view is reminiscent of what was done in the Soviet Union to many of its opponents. Let me give you another analogy. It's by no means perfect, but anyway... Suppose you're a researcher, plugging away at your research, and then you see a small fire smouldering in the corner of your lab, which soon sets fire to equipment, curtains etc on one side of the lab. Do you... (A) write up and publish your observations in a peer-reviewed journal? or (B) Shout FIRE very loudly, sound the alarm, and get people out... in the hope of sparing people from the fire? I guess my point is, if you see something seriously wrong in the system you're working in or under, or an imminent danger, you sometimes have to rant, shout or whistle-blow outside of the system. You can't carry on as normal in those circumstances. Many human systems involve either crushing, curtailing or heavily containing dissent. One example is the MP whipping system. Another example is doctors who lose their license if they speak out against vaccines. This means, they have to speak loudly or they won't even get heard. The system will "crush, curtail or contain" them. Also, you seem to get easily hung up on words, rather than the substance of the arguments. (1) "Proof". Could that be a mistranslation? But even if not, you speak in absolutes too, i.e. the "impossibility" of things because you have "proof". Your statements are just as sweeping as his. (2) "So-called vaccine." Come on. You know why people say this. Technically and legally it's a vaccine, but the latest out of Israel says it isn't doing much "vaccine related" stuff at all. Most of the vaccines people are used to pretty much eliminate the critter, i.e. smallpox or measles. This is why the CDC quietly dropped the "immunity" wording in the last year or two, when defining a vaccine. But notice the substance of his argument, when you look past the words that get you all hot and bothered: If there was an effective treatment for covid, they couldn't market the vaccine. This is true. Hence, he suggests, this is part of the reason the FDA & co went all in against Mr Mectin & Co. If there was a simple treatment that could kill the virus, they couldn't peddle the jab. Or to be more precise, they couldn't have issued the Emergency Use Authorisation. This is a fact. The FDA even refer to the law which tells them the criteria, in the Emergency Use Authorisation documents themselves.
  17. Yes (although I think alpha had a higher mortality than delta, not the other way round? The people who died on Jan 27th would have mostly died from alpha, which was more deadly than delta). Either way, I take your point. However, I hope you'd agree it's also critically important to understand if people are dying from the vaccine, and if so why. Not just because of raw numbers and Science, but also because of questions like... - Do the risks compound, as more boosters are given? - Are the risks associated with the vaccines worth it for children? - What about vaccine injuries? What proportion are serious, and what proportion are "a bit of a headache for 3 days"? As you line up for your 3rd and then 4th and then 5th shot, you'll probably want to be reassured that it's "safe and effective" based on Science, and not just a politician saying a slogan, right?... and that you're not, say, actually overloading on Spike proteins. So I get your point. Stats Say Vaccine Better Than Covid Deaths. It's a valid point. I hope you'll also agree my questions are valid.
  18. Obviously the CDC Director knows more Science (tm) than her advisory panel. Nothing at all to do with $$$ or politics, you understand. Incidentally, ten bonus points if someone can tell me how the CDC is actually funded.
  19. Well, that's the question, isn't it? Last I checked there were 1,600 deaths within 28 days of a vaccine here in the UK, but I don't know how many were autopsied. I also remember the article on the BBC journalist, which said she was literally the first to be autopsied. In other words, the number of deaths causally linked to the vaccine is somewhere between 1 and 1,600... but I don't know if anyone has made any effort to follow up, beyond the reports in the Yellow Card database. I read several of them, and it seemed quite likely that many of them were related. The specific way they died was usually recorded on their death certificates, i.e. "death by heart explosion" (I'm exaggerating a bit)... but since no direct causal link to the vaccine could be detected by a casual look at their body (i.e. not an autopsy), a vaccine link isn't made. By the sound of it, the Germans are starting to autopsy their "deaths within 28 days of a vaccine", and finding a causal link. I guess my point is: the adverse effects database can only track "deaths within 28 days of a vaccine", and I accept at least some of those will be coincidence. But there doesn't seem that much effort (at least here in the UK) to go the extra mile to find out, i.e. by an autopsy on them. If you can tell me how many of the 1,600 have had an autopsy, that would be progress.
  20. Well, would you look at that. Actual autopsies to establish in more scientific detail the cause of death and any possible connections to the vaccine. I wonder if that radical idea will catch on here?
  21. Ah, the usual bias - diverge from the mainstream too much and you're given the "conspiracy" label, ooh and a "mental affliction" for good measure... just a short step away from Soviet Union tactics. Throw in a Wordpress "debunking" page and you're all set 👍
  22. So bottom line is... the "vaccine" is more of a preventative, maybe (arguably) stopping you from getting really ill from covid, but not doing a whole lot else. And only if you "get vaccinated"... if you've only had two jabs, you ain't vaccinated 🤣 Meanwhile, you play Russian Roulette with every booster shot, with the "very rare" side effects, assuming the millions of other reports on the adverse effects databases worldwide were just people with the hiccups. And also assuming these continual injections of Spike into the cells of your body aren't doing anything else to you, like screwing with your immune system. 'Cos we all know Pfizer & Co, Inc have tested the long term effects out to the 10th booster, right? Plus, the CDC director has just over-ridden her own approvals committee who were like, "maybe we shouldn't approve these boosters", but she says, "Yeah, let's do this!"... so, Follow Your Science (tm).
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