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  1. If Another Lockdown is Imposed, or Vaccine Passports are Introduced, the Government Will Use the Almost Unlimited Powers Granted to it by the Public Health Act https://dailysceptic.org/2021/10/21/if-another-lockdown-is-imposed-or-vaccine-passports-are-introduced-the-government-will-use-the-almost-unlimited-powers-granted-to-it-by-the-public-health-act/ "We’re publishing a guest post today by Daily Sceptic regular Dr. David McGrogan, as Associate Professor in Northumbria Law School, about the Government’s reliance on the Public Health Act 1984 to railroad through all the Covid restrictions of the past 18 months and which will almost certainly be invoked to justify vaccine passports if and when they’re introduced." Good article. Basically, it's saying that ministers have the ability to dictate what can and can't be done (i.e. "mingling") based on the Public Health Act 1984, not the Coronavirus Act. In short, and frighteningly in my opinion, Sajid Javid can impose whatever rules he likes.
  2. I thought the NHS had approved some? If you work is in or related to the NHS (a hospital, right?) you'd have more access to this information than me.
  3. This year there are therapeutics available, besides vaccines. Maybe use them more?
  4. The insinuation being, the unvaccinated are stupid? Thanks 👍 I'm still waiting for the large scale trials to end. 3-5 years of trillions of mRNA spike proteins being injected into you every 6 months should give us some interesting scientific data to work with, from which I can make an informed decision about the safety of the vaccine.
  5. Wonder why they removed it? The conspiracy theorist inside of me would say, the data is increasingly showing it's a pandemic of the vaccinated. However, I wouldn't be so cynical as to actually type that idea out, because I know governments wouldn't lie, manipulate or cover up data that doesn't suit their argument.
  6. I don't think he's lost sight of it. Based on his posts, I think he embraces it. Boots may be stomped on people's faces as much as necessary, to achieve ZeroCovid(tm).
  7. Quick question. At what point will the Bank of England upgrade their stance to "Extra Vigilant"? 5%, 10% or 15%?
  8. Social media executives will be prosecuted for hate and abuse, says Boris Johnson https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/social-media-executives-will-be-prosecuted-for-hate-and-abuse-says-boris-johnson-pxf6hspdh "Boris Johnson has pledged to introduce criminal sanctions for social media bosses who allow “foul content” to be posted on their platforms." Ah yes, the extremely specific "foul content". Anyway, I guess Bitchute will have to go somewhere else. I often wondered why on earth they would want to locate themselves in London, the litigation capital of the world, and now the "foul content" police-body. (Unless that was... the real point of Bitchute ) Archived: https://archive.md/355Lc
  9. I read somewhere that we do a lot more testing than many countries, so this could account for some of the higher "cases." Plus, according to this table, (Weeks 37-41), nearly 350,000 were in the under 18's who are least likely to go to hospital for covid. The second highest group is the 40-49's (111,896), of which only 11,729 were unvaccinated. In other words, a lot of "cases" are... - kids spreading it (and hopefully getting herd immunity for their cohort soon), and - the "vaccine" being a bit naff at stopping people from getting it. But either way, they apparently reduce hospitalisations, so that's good. To summarise my summary, a large number of the "cases" aren't all that serious. - Kids (who are unlikely to get too ill, and almost certainly won't die), and - Older people, most of whom have some "protection" from the vaccine in terms of being seriously ill from covid.
  10. Great. So no need for any Plan B, C or D over the NHS then. Please let the media know 👍
  11. Ahhhhh, you're on first name terms, eh? Hmmm. Interesting. 😜
  12. It may stop you from dying*. That's about it. * Disclaimer: You might die from the vaccine.
  13. Can you please relay that message to whatever news channel @Bruce Banner was watching? They haven't got the memo yet
  14. 90% of the 16+ population have been at least single jabbed, 84% double jabbed, and the virus has ripped through the child population and left virtually all of them still standing... so what's to be complacent about? Or is it that this is now becoming a pandemic of the vaccinated?
  15. So would calling politicians "opportunistic c***s" be outlawed by this legislation? Asking for a friend.
  16. Sad, but true. History rarely repeats, but it definitely rhymes.
  17. We're in the middle of the Corona Wars, so case numbers are important to continue rallying the troops. This Invisible Enemy must be defeated by Any Means Necessary (especially if it involves giving your continual whereabouts to the government through digital ID), and even though it might mean more Boots Stomping On Your Face... it's for your own good, I hope you understand, and for your 84 year old gran, even though she's been triple vaccinated with the "Safe and Effective" stinger. Jabs away, chaps!
  18. That was a Public Service Broadcast on behalf of the World Economic Forum. ❤️ "Your Life, Is Our Life."
  19. Summer 2020. That's like 15 months ago, aka a pandemic half-lifetime.
  20. Yeah, even France, with all its vaccine passport nonsense, backed down from making the jab mandatory. They'll just ramp up the inconvenience of not being jabbed.
  21. Anonymity is easy. The problem is governments making it illegal. Then you would become a criminal just for communicating in private. Governments have a tendency to make ordinary things illegal. It wasn't so long ago that meeting in somebody else's house was illegal. Literally, months ago.
  22. Yes, I agree. What will be interesting to see is how these figures change over time. If they get worse for the vaccinated over time, then I'd suggest that's definitely evidence of the vaccine itself having a negative effect.
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