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  1. 65 year lease £8K plus service charge and £600 ground rent. I can see banks not liking this one.
  2. 'There was a lot of deep-rooted anger' Unknowingly they thought it was EU policies that inflicted misery on them but as we here all know it was mostly Tory policy. The last labour govt and being in the EU was worth around 6 out of 10 for us. People moaned incessantly about that poor 6/10 and voted Tory and Brexit. Tory giving us 2/10 at best and Brexit 0/10 for improving the lives of the common woman/chap in the UK
  3. However the only answer they will come up with is one that stokes the demand side not the supply. Easier loans for FTBuyers, more shared ownership scams and schemes and so on. They have a department somewhere that does nothing but plot these schemes. I have been onto my MP on behalf of a nursing student nearby who is having problems with the leasehold management company that she is forced to pay lots of money to for so called services and management fees. The only feedback we have gotten is that 'this is a very good deal' and 'leaseholds are the best way to organise apartments' and so on. The Tories are individually up to their necks in real estate scheme, scams and freeholding of apartment blocks and the land they sit on. They will never make it better or easier for anyone but themselves.
  4. They have made themselves a prime target for Chinese revenge. A big island with tiny population but a quasi dictator with a very big mouth is asking for it. As someone who has to live there again in all probability I want to see it get knocked down to size first because as it stands the national arrogance (half the population and all the government) is sickening. As are the house prices, even compared to the UK
  5. Morrison who is affectionally known as Scumo by Labour opposition supporters is indeed a genuine psychopath. He has zero tact, zero diplomacy and even paid some so-called consultancy to give his inner circle 'empathy' training at great expense, but as he is a genuine biological psychopath it was wasted on him. The rest of his party are mostly trained by birth, like Boris to be sociopaths. His mouth has been a danger to Australia ever since he turned up. He also has no concern about the mega thousands of Australians stranded overseas. Current price to get back to Aus for me for a few weeks to see ailing family is circa £10,000 return due to the quotas per day per flight back into the country including paid for quarantine and even then you are wait listed up to 6 months ahead. But at the same time he is importing 10,000s of workers to sweat it out in the crop picking fields, all on subsidised flights and free quarantine. 15,000 millionaires have been able to come and go as they please based on their 'business' credentials. This is how Scumo does everything and treats everyone he doesn't see as equal. The Murdoch press which dominates Aus opinion keeps the majority voting correctly. Scumo will f** this up. He does not plan ahead. Trump got him to tell the Chinese off re covid failure which lost much business with China trade. This will be worse, and no he doesn't and nor does most of the Aus population give a toss about Chinas treatment of sub sections of the population. His stupidity and grandstanding have lead to him being easily used by bigger powers that he admires.
  6. ''problem with house price escallation is down to interest rates, not supply/demand'' But more so, unregulated bank lending policies, ie 5x joint incomes or whatever silly figure it is now. What was the point of low interest rates anyway if it did not make housing more affordable? Obviously deregulation has been gamed by politicians and bankers for the last 40 years hence no real limits on bank lending.
  7. Yes but those empty homes are Tory holiday and second homes.
  8. As I keep reading in the daily mail/express/sun comments. A learned response. Yes I read these rags to keep up with what the d*ckheads are thinking and what opinions they are teaching their disciples.
  9. A bit like spending on plumbing or on a new car whereby the provider of the goods and services may pay income tax and VAT. Its the round robin of money creation and balancing the books at the end of its cycle as it comes back to treasury. The rich however do it via family trusts and dodgy but accepted (by the govt on behalf of the rich) offshore tax havens.
  10. An element of truth but the last labour government who I assumed to be Tory lite, were nowhere near as divorced from the poorest 25% of society as this government is. Universal credit, zero hour contract jobs, running down the NHS and most certainly its preparedness for a pandemic, using private companies to declare terminally ill people fit for work, pouring ££Billions into cronies pockets on covid contracts (spending far more than any EU country), causing brexit, causing a massive division within the population due to Brexit, probably causing the breakup of the UK and much more to which half the reader here can fill the gaps. Blair/Browns failure was in not undoing much tory policy re housing, bankers behaviour and getting into bed with bush for the never ending wars. (Tory had 10 years to pull back before they did so) However did sort NI out, introduced min wage,(some people were earning as little as 50p per hour before this) Improved education and the NHS and so on.
  11. Telegraph readers despise DM readers even though they have the same opinions, only use bigger words. DM readers despise Sun readers. Its a thing with right wing people to sort people out according to assumed superiority and inferiority even if they have the exact same thoughts and opinions. BJ despises at least half of his voters if not the 99% of them that did not go to Eton and Oxbridge.
  12. Aussie politicans are fools and corrupt, just like UK https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2021/09/morrison-government-corruption-knows-no-bounds/
  13. Could make it a hobby if you are bored. Problem is, only the likes of us HPInflation sceptics will know or care, everyone else in the world of Sun/Daily mail news sphere will hold the belief till the whole thing crashes.
  14. I remember someone in Australia sussing out these stories which ran in the Murdoch press, popping up every month or so. He did a bit of investigating and found just about every one of them to be pure b.s. Often real estate agent juniors were put forward to act out the part with a fake interview with the paper. All the EAs used to put mug shots of all their apes dressed up in suits on their websites, all the way down to the 16 year old tea boy/girl. All that had to be done was get the gist of where the supposed RE hero lived and sift through all the local REA websites. Took him no more than half an hour on most occasions. for eg, scroll down then across when you find the mug shots. Dont let the fancy titles fool you https://www.nicholaslynch.com.au/?utm_source=xtend&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=news_australia&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1ouKBhC5ARIsAHXNMI9ht-YEVyfgrXAfunSkFXTdVjJ79vR0oMwuLFqYp3X3H82YL00cbiMaAgLeEALw_wcB&doing_wp_cron=1631818646.1239631175994873046875
  15. Part of the Aus desire for the new subs to be built in Australia rather than imported directly now was for pork barrelling purposes in Adelaide which had just lost its car manufacturing (thanks to the very same government). This was a potential loss of LNP (right wing nut jobs running the country) votes. I suspect this government wont be in charge for more than a few months now due to massive failure on many fronts (regardless of the massive Murdoch propaganda machine in Aus) and as such the potential incoming government might not agree to this.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/aug/13/half-of-landlords-in-one-london-borough-fail-to-declare-rental-income Now multiply this by 100s across the country. Time for a HMRC hotline to drop a landlord in it.
  17. Nothing would surprise me with that arrogant c-word. He was sacked from some of his jobs for dishonesty (sound familiar) belongs to a whack-job cult/church that has a background of child abuse and cash-for-prayers. Puts on a good Aussie show of being mates with everyone but is a total psychopath in reality. Has let 1000's of companies take mega advantage of covid relief schemes to the tune of $Billions without accounting for the money at the same time as sacking the staff they are supposed to be saving and has started a dob-in-a-dole-bludger for anyone unemployed that ostensibly does not take a job, no proof needed. (in Australia, low paid McJobs are very hard to get with lots of competition and 100s of applicants for every 2 bit part time job and more for full time jobs, ie far worse than the UK). He has proven his sociopathic credentials when Australia was suffering its biggest bushfires for decades while taking an Hawaiian holiday and only paid relief to crony business not the 1000s he promised to. Extremely cruel with refugees by imprisoning them on a devils island to the point that children are self harming and women getting raped by low life security guards and spends circa $3million per refugee keeping them there. I could go on for hours about this slimeball but you get the gist. All tory/conservative politicians are the same now, the world over, you could mix and match Trump, Boris, Morrison and Bolisnaro and see no difference in national policies or outcomes. Article states: ''It should be noted that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is not a good man. He’s been instrumental in policies that have led to the deaths of countless asylum seekers — possibly contravening the U.N. Refugee Convention — and was singled out by the Australian Human Rights Commission for endangering the lives of children held in detention. He tried to get a bill passed that would allow parents to remove their children from classes if same-sex marriage was discussed in school. In December 2019, when Australia was struggling with out-of-control bushfires, he ******ed off on a vacation to Hawaii and got his staff to lie and say he was still in Australia. In 2021, the Australian Parliament was rocked by a rape scandal, which Morrison handled fairly appallingly — two-thirds of Australians concluded Morrison’s government was more concerned with protecting itself than women.''
  18. He got rid of those that caused the most embarrassment to him. Nothing to do with incompetence, that's across the board with the inner circle of the tory party. I am amazed Patel still has a job but perhaps none of his close cronies want it.
  19. There is much panic now re https://www.reuters.com/world/china/chinas-house-cards-evergrande-threatens-wider-real-estate-market-2021-09-14/ lots of investors clamouring to get their money back.
  20. Lloyds bank and probably others are setting up to become mega landlords going forward. I suspect they will have first choice when it comes to buying out forced sellers, ie they will have first choice over the cut price property, leaving the non forced sellers to carry on selling at the always inflated prices, same as lending to buyers may well carry on in this potential new duel market. The new fire inspection standards might also kill the entire flat market (even conversions and small low rise blocks) with lenders holding back on any and all flats till fire standards accessed and complied with. .
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