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  1. Where we live now on the left-right measuring scale of economics is " Corrupt crony capitalism" which was the obvious end point of the neoliberal construct. Semi monopolistic businesses living it large on government contracts, all given in the Tory/Eton golf courses and sleazy steam rooms. Monitisation of everything and perma-debt for the rest of society. All held together with lies and a massive right wing crony media/propaganda machine.
  2. Or pay for it with one wage, or have a full-time job, or a bus that turns up at all, never mind on time and was cheap rather than on par with a taxi. Or beer in pubs at approximately 1/3 of todays prices. Corrupt, crony capitalism with a healthy dose of disaster capitalism i has done a fine job over the last 40 years in transferring your due money and rightful share of economic gain into the offshore tax free havens for the current scrounger class of filth.
  3. They are so arrogant that they even think they are above the laws of nature, physics and viruses. They are brought up to order the world around them with a wave of their limp hand. Not even if the country is reduced to a 3rd world economic disaster and covid has closed down the NHS will they even begin to believe they had anything to do with it, just the misbehavior of the plebs sabotaging their perfectly planned grand scheme. I have worked for CEOs like this who have run companies into the ground, boosted share prices temporarily by sacking staff or offshoring and when that falls apart on account of realities biting, blamed everyone but themselves, then gone on to ruin another company in the old boyz network of musical chairs. (you just have to look at that Dildo Harding cow to know what I mean)
  4. Unbelievable coming from that rag. Boris used to run it. Nothing more than a collection of brain farts from the cosseted class that see themselves as literary geniuses but are little more than spoilt brats doing one of their hobby jobs. (Like our Boris does as PM) Must be something starting to bother them.
  5. The reasoning is insane. Boris and chums say that if we have a 3rd wave in summer it wont be as bad as autumn/winter. What a twit when by mid autumn most will have been vaccinated. A complete lack of logical reasoning which will lead to the Uk becoming a pariah state of plague to the rest of the world. It wont be just Wetherspoons suffering when we get to into that state of disease and madness. I would have gone for a 100% lockdown as soon as the Boris variant was climing up the exponential curve. 3 or 4 weeks would have put a lid on it in time for 'freedom day' and vaccination completion.
  6. Some of them expected a mass expulsion of foreigners or people who looked foreign from Brexit day 1.
  7. I will know when my rabid Daily Mail reading mother in law starts telling us that she knew Brexit would be a fk up. She used to read Private Eye and the Guardian 25 years ago but for some reason her husband started bringing the Daily mail home and within a few short years she was a rabid tory and more recently a Brexit voter claiming that she knew all along how bad being in the EU is/was. The Daily mail seems able to wipe their readers minds clear before reprogramming them with the next scheme/scam in line with tory ambitions.
  8. Not quite right. New Labour carried on with many tory policies including not building social housing, encouraged a price boom just like the Tories did in the late 80's. It was just chance that Labour was in when the EU came up with the open border idea for workers but that was right up the Tories street. As for Tories immigration policy, they have a new and crafty arrangement with India based on letting young Indians into the UK for 2 years (Ive seen in Australia what that means). Even though I would only have given new Labour perhaps 5 out of 10 as a government, I could barely give the tories 1 out of 10. They have worked hard to destroy all social cohesion, made us xenophobic, more racist and insular and destroyed our participation the the worlds biggest and best trading block. Their austerity helped to slow down the economy and made life hell for the chronically ill and disabled. Introduced zero hour contracts for the already low paid, run down the NHS as much as they could get away with and enabled the death of 140K people thanks to a p**Poor covid response based on filling cronies pockets before public health.
  9. BL had a factory in Australia, think they mostly did comercial stuff but they came up with a new 6 cylinder car called the P76 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leyland_P76
  10. This is the case, I worked in several factories back then both in the UK and Australia, fitting electronic control systems then some of the first robots etc. I could see the difference between a factory that the owners wanted to shut down and a modern one where they wanted to keep it open. The management in the run down old fashioned places worked hard to sabotage employee relations to the point that they would threaten to strike and occasionally did so for valid reasons. The modern factories wanted to keep employees onside somewhat. The majority of British manufacturer execs put nothing into the businesses apart from their paws in the till, they expected employees to go back to the 1930s with cap doffing and low wages while churning out 1930's technology cars and motorcycles for eg, and hoping the public wouldn't notice how far behind they were compared to Japan and Germany. On par with todays Tory crony businesses. Total scroungers who have their monkey-like paws out waiting for a juicy covid contract which requires little work on their part and much reward for their tax haven bank accounts.
  11. Has kept the population dumb and dumber for the last 30 years or so. My dads age group were far more politically savvy than the vast majority today who actually believe the dog sh&t that comes out of Boris's mouth. That was thanks to actually reading papers, fewer distractions with no internet, either very little tv and often watching documentaries as there was little trivia on the only 2 channels, no free music apart from the radio. The other big one was the unions which kept people informed as to what the Tories and capitalists were up to. The 1970s strikes were very much instigated by the factory owners sitting at high table with tory toffs in the City of London, who constantly undermined agreements, even worse, sabotaged machinery etc and blamed the workers. This was all done on account that working class people were starting to get ahead for the first time ever. Thatcher put an end to that and unlike some EU countries we have slowly regressed to being insecure, fearful work slaves with diminishing public services. (Hence another reason the worst of the Tories were keen to distance us from the EU)
  12. Jimmy McCulloch (late guitarist from Paul McCartney's Wings) in this band at the age of 16. Overdosed on something nasty 10 years after this.
  13. The flaw with New Labour was that they carried on with neo liberal economics inherited from the Tories but with somewhat better social policies. Labour back then occupied the middle ground, almost tory lite which gave the tory nasties an opportunity to move even more right than Thatcher did in many respects. Not since Thatcher got in 42 years ago has the UK had a proper housing policy beyond ramping up prices. A housing boom means a house price boom, never a building boom.
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