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  1. Yep. Because even the relatively well off in London can visibly see the effects of poverty, ie homelessness, begging, overpriced public transport, the obscene cost of housing for even those that can technically afford it but at the same time are hobbled with life draining rents or mortgages. I also believe that those in London that vote can smell the corruption of the tory party more so than in some sleepy east midlands town like where I live and everyone was born to vote tory.
  2. Pigs tripe he does. He is doing nothing other than rubbing peoples noses in it. The majority of people using foodbanks are not dim simpletons waiting to be educated in how to budget or cook.
  3. However the Tories have the monopoly on rods and are not going to let them go. eg the cost of housing in all its forms eating your pay before you even consider food, heating, transport etc. The tories are not enablers of the poorest people in society and in fact do everything they can to keep them there.
  4. ''Banks checking their balance sheets being harsher on forbearance and repossessions'' That's the bit that pushed the house price crash forward in the 90's. The banks were very intolerant of late/non payments and had zero forbearance. We knew two couples who got tossed out. One couple sensibly took the bankruptcy option and recovered nicely over the next 10 years but the other tried to stay out of bankruptcy and ended up living in a hovel and all their money going back to the bank for the next 15 years (they are still in a hovel and too old to get out)
  5. However his meaning was clear. He believes, like all Tories believe that poor people are thick, lazy, stupid and lack all self control, like Boris and his d**k, but he doesn't get a lecture in self discipline.
  6. A Kilo of sugar is circa £1 now that is 3870 calories. 4 bags per week per person = £4 = 15,480 calories, divided by 7 gives you your 2000 and a bit calories a day. £4 divided by 21 meals a week = about 20p per meal. Easy peasy. Enough calories to keep them working until they are dead from a lack of real nutrition. If you want it cooked with hot water boiled in a kettle then you will be getting closer to 30p per meal.
  7. Being the prime purpose of brexit. Brittania Unchained means "THE" go to Tax haven. The next part of the Brexit stew is unregulated immigration to run the mechanics of the Cites money laundering machine. Like a Million or two IT and accounting bods from India.
  8. I used to subscribe over 15 years ago. Said to buy gold, and I did, and still have it. I paid about £300 p oz and now at around £1500 p oz. Not a gold bug but the way money has been printed since GFC it is quite logical that it has risen in price.
  9. Yes, People don't realise that property/RE law is arcane and has never been under the umbrella of consumer law. Lots of bad issues with managed property. We know two women who have each paid up to £50k on extra un-needed works on their flats and that's on top of £2 to £3Kpa in service fees. The current government is reluctant to deal with it properly as they themselves as individual MPs and their donors etc are running the show in the background.
  10. I believe they are going to be given a limited 3 year visa. ie employers can cycle them out when the 3 years is up and get a new, cheap replacement.
  11. I think the figures were that at any one time, up to 3 million would be eligible. Doesn't mean that many will turn up every year but in employment terms within the UK that means unlimited choice for employers. However I would guess, big IT employers like banks and other city entities will go to the Sunak family business and just swap the workforce out wholesale. This is more or less what happened to my wifes job in Australia some years ago.
  12. Move sideways but slightly more expensive area. We planned to do that last year, however Sunaks stamp duty cut pushed the selling price of our house up by £20K and the buying price of where we wanted to go by about £50K. We dont have work and have to pay with cash savings so as it stands, right now is impossible.
  13. As someone (and my wife) who suffered the points based system in Australia, ie 10 imported 'professionals' for every apparent vacant job, the points bases system is as corrupt and abused as any immigration system anywhere. If employers say the word 'shortage' then that particular category of employee will be on the list. As for India, which is where most will be coming from, a potential 3 million in any particular year may well be eligible. Most will have degrees in IT, accounting and engineering etc. Employers cant wait.
  14. Its been done forever in London. I remember all the Aussies doing this back in the 80's. I say bring back squatting and if done in big enough numbers the law wouldn't be able to keep up with it.
  15. Australia in many ways is worse than the UK. For eg, infinitely more foreign ownership of Australian housing, especially from Chinese investors (money hiders and launderers), which has been encouraged by the government by allowing money flowing in to real estate to be exempt from money laundering scrutiny. Indeed only a couple of years ago, dodgy investors, were flying in with suitcases full of cash with no questions asked. The only thing the governments , ie State and Federal did was splash out first home buyer grants, which in turn pushed up prices by a multiple of that grant, eg $30K would add another $90K onto the lowest priced houses. Australia is run as a money making machine for big corps and the already rich and nothing else, offshore for tax purposes is the norm, as is employing foreigners on 1/2 the minimum wage for many jobs is also the norm. As for Australians investing in housing, it is also a massive scam, any losses, including bank interest can be written off against any other income and when sold later the profit made with a specially reduced Cap gains tax. Anyone on high wages is up to their necks in it, including every single member of the ruling LNP (right wing nut job) party. Boomers have nothing much to do with it, they are the tiny minority now. Another issue in Australia is that it has the least diversified economies in the western world, everything has been offshored and even 80% of their petrol is shipped in from Singapore now leaving fewer industries for workers to participate in. Young and even older Australians who have been pushed out of industries that were there forever have every reason 'not to fight for the country' The paradox of much of this is that Australia is making aggressive waves with China which it sells its Iron ore and property including farms and businesses to. The monetised higher education businesses also rely on China for $billions in annual income. Another home goal is the abandonment of many of the local pacific islands which has left a vacuum for the Chinese to move in ready to set up military bases, eg Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. The Aus government comes out of the same sausage machine as the UK government, different accent maybe but the same mess of sewage and sawdust in a slightly different coloured condom.
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