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  1. As the UK is one of the most affected countries we should not be encouraging domestic tourism and travel. More likely to catch it here than most EU holiday destinations.
  2. Has anyone noticed how much new car prices have gone up in the last 10 years or so vs wages and the pretend government inflation rate? I was mooting this last night after walking past a local Ford show room with a new Fiesta, a model with a bit of bling on it, with a price tag of circa £20k. I came to the conclusion that the reason they have gotten away with it is purely on account of how car leasing for real people (as opposed to companies) has become the normalised way to 'own' a car. After thinking this, then going forward, what is going to happen to new car sales and the industries that back them up?. People wont be so keen in future taking on these liabilities now that they realise that their incomes are not secure and anyone can end up unemployed and poor just like the people they previously despised. This will be true for lots of the things we indulge in via debt and mortgages. To note, I have never bought a new car and in fact bought a 3 year old Ford Focus 1.5D (so I can tow a boat) last year with 20K on the clock for less than half of what it was new.
  3. I would sneak my own sandwiches on board and eat them in the toilets, dog style.
  4. Back in London 20 years ago our chairman and CEO of my slowly failing telco company used to fly concord to New York every other month even though we had no offices there. From New York they used to have conference calls to their contacts in the USA. They stayed at nice hotel suites overlooking central park, had chauffeurs and 'walking' money for their prostitutes.
  5. As someone who has done around 30 miserable (happy family problems, not holiday) return flights to Australia in the last 20 years I can tell you the reason 777's 787's are the go-to plane right now and that is because they have slipped an extra column of seats in them from the original design. This makes the seats narrower than that of a ryanair 737 and arm rests 1.5'' thin. Unless you are very thin and young with a good back these planes on long haul are a night mare. That is how a new 777 can hold as much as an old 747. A380s were the pinicle of long haul travel for economy passengers for many reasons and would gladly pay more to fly on them but it looks like we will pay more to fly on squished, deep vein thrombosis, sardine cans. Hopefully some airlines like SIA and emirates will keep enough to see me out. The only close exception to the modern seating config is A350s which are wider than the 787's for the same across seating config.
  6. Strangely enough. The relatively new build we live in (5 years old) is much bigger in internal space than any of the normal 3 bed semi's in the area. After looking at perhaps 15 of them now realise that they are in fact very small. We have 1000sq ft internal space and a separate garage and the average semi is circa 800sq ft with only one bathroom whereas we have 2 and an extra crapper. Also much better built with extremely thick walls and insulation, level floors, modern plumbing, heating and windows. Land space is smaller though. Still would not buy brand new via a builder though. We were just lucky to find the right place 2 yo.
  7. Osbournes transparent scam finally admitted by the parasites themselves. There is a new estate near me where they have been drip feeding circa 8 houses at a time for the last 4 years. Each of them selling for circa £40 - £50k more than the same 5 years completed estate that I live on for the same style house.. Only HTB and whatever other scheme/scam is allowing this to happen. Perhaps they are not counting on peoples loss of confidence, that for the first time ever asperational, pretend middle-class tory voting workers might realise that they too are vulnerable and can end up being what not long ago would have called a 'benefit scrounger'
  8. I know an old codger HMO landlord, 77 years old now who wont let go because the bank interest rates have been less than inflation for the last 10 or more years. He is a charming old fellow who plans to evict half of his tenants asap because he wants to put his rents up. I told him 'good luck with that' and if this goes on longer, the type of people he 'homes' wont be paying any rent nor moving out. He really is not connected to the real world any more. Most of his tenants are min wage zero hour contract workers mostly coming from EU. He also voted brexit thinking it would keep Arabs, Indians and Africans out. He has had recent serious heart problems and I can see his wife selling this monster house when he is dead or crippled for less than half what he would have gotten in the last 5 years just to get rid of it. She is 20 years younger than him and much nicer, she will enjoy the money.
  9. In the same position but water of a ducks back to me as was bought up with this bigotry in Australia. My wifes brother and family moved back home to Scotland from London. They lasted less than a year on account of their kids getting bullied for their London accents and some of the teachers were no better than the kids. There is a town in central Scotland where some of my wifes family live and one of the shop owners wont reply to you if you have an English accent and nor will he take English or should I say British ££ notes.
  10. .what scientists to choose? The one that is paid to give Boris a nice simple, easy to understand answer when demanded, but probably completely wrong.
  11. Yeah, right. worshiping something that does not exist is essential. Not long ago he didn't believe in viruses that actually do exist. Besides if you do believe in the supernatural you dont need to do it in a tribal grouping.
  12. Was an OK wage, but only OK, in London in the year 2000. Would not buy you a house. Doing the same job now as back then would probably pay the very same £25k thanks to outsourcing and mega immigration. They are able to 'see through' a patch of inflation, one sector at a time, then over a few years each sector has inflated without leaving a ripple in the nice 1.5% inflation straight line. Our wages and pensions are tied to this magic figure. Reality can be quite different. If you are rich, inflation is low, if you are poor, inflation is high. As designed.
  13. Market forces, like taxes and laws are for the small people. If market forces work against the inner circle we use tax payers money to prop it up. Same with industries not liking a shortage of workers and refusing to pay up or train new workers, they go running to the government for some imports or in more recent years decades they just go straight offshore. Same with the new build housing market, get the government to prop up new buyers with whatever scheme/scam comes to mind and next thing you know the building companies CEO gets a £100milion bonus.
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