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  1. ? NuLabia was ToryLite 1. Better social policy but Tory economic policy. Boris and chums are conservatives in the way they siphon off public money into the hands of cronies, and lets face it, covid has been very profitable for them and their conduits to the offshore tax havens. Sold off royal mail cheap, also to their cronies(ie a cost to us, the owners of the post office). Help to buy helped builders to mega bonuses Yes they are Conservatives, cause that's what conservatives do.
  2. Lloyds bank has just started some sort of a housing scheme whereby they buy up lots of houses and rent them out, ie they will have first choice in repossessions then to avoid flooding the market, just rent them out. https://propertyindustryeye.com/lloyds-bank-plans-to-become-a-large-private-landlord/#:~:text=Lloyds Bank is planning to,according to The Financial Times.&text=Under the plan%2C called “Project,it looks to boost profits.
  3. Investment in housing has become purely speculative. Rents are mostly a function of wages so cant go up much if at all. Stamp duty cuts, even lower interest rates, dodgy lending practices backed by government all add to demand which directly aides speculators.
  4. They ignore 90% of what is in the M25. All they are concerned with is 'the city' 'parliament' and their own properties in zone 1 or in their home county estates. Everything the current government says or does should be run through this filter. Same can be said for Brexit. Their agenda was meant to benefit a very few cronies and the inner circle of the tory party. I am yet to see/hear/read about any normal human being that is benefiting from Brexit and if they do it will be at the expense of 10 that are disadvantaged.
  5. They are all bad. Currently we are dealing with the Tories and their corruption which has become massive thanks to the virus opportunity. Even Thatcher's lot were not that bad. More money has ended up in cronies offshore bank accounts in the last year than in the last 4 decades. Corruption and cronyism is nothing new of course, I remember Camerons sell of the post office shares cheap to the right people in the 'city' which in itself was a transfer of our money to a few private oligarchs and crony scroungers. Mind you all the privatisations had elements of this in them. I remember Thatcher'
  6. Interest rates used to rise more on account of wages going up, most workers have zero pricing power now. Cost of living inflation in itself wont prompt them to put interest rates up and hasn't done for the last 12 years or so. They hide it and pretend there is no inflation. After all we have had mega house price inflation and that has been deliberately removed from the inflation collective of goods and services that are measured.
  7. Some of the returning riffraff voted brexit but too thick to register in EU. Perhaps they believed the man that sold it to them.
  8. I do know a BTL barron who has two daughters and a younger wife waiting for him to croak it for the big inheritance. The 3 of them are well paid but spend their earnings as if they were teenagers, ie all of it and nothing to show for it.
  9. That was common for boomers in the early 80s then 90s recessions. Both individuals loosing jobs and banks were rapacious with repossessions. Need to takeit out on the government, instead most younger people don't vote or vote tory when a proper semi socialist Corbyn would have been far better for younger people (and all poorer people)
  10. Nothing to do with it. Real people, like working people in the UK and other classes of real people (not speculators, they dont count) have paid mega prices to developers purely for the leases on these flats. The builders/developers should be 100% held accountable and if the building company/developer has closed shop, the directors should be liable for every penny, not the tax payer. It should be the government prosecuting these parasites instead, wont ever happen as most of the current tory party (and a few Labour) are connected either directly or indirectly to every aspect of housing/buildi
  11. How ironic, Germans vote green and half of all brits would now vote Hitler. Lets face it, the Daily mail supported the nazis some years ago.
  12. Says it all. and that wall paper cost circa £450 a roll. Terrible taste, like a bright pink car or yellow shoes with a blue suit. Probably did it on purpose to fk it up for the new incoming PM who is now sharpening his backstabbing knife. At least its not Selfridges tasteless tack that us cretins have to put up with. (not that many of us can afford Selfridges, Ikea is a push these days on my zero income)
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