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  1. This is so true, started for me more than a decade ago when my company offshored tech staff, been semi employed/unemployed ever since. Had savings in bank but because interest rates are LOWER THAN INFLATION savings are losing value exponentially and I have refused to spend, or been extremely careful for what I spend ever since.. Government thinks it is clever funny, firstly reporting fake inflation statistics, then 'seeing through' certain items or periods of higher inflation and then using this 'low inflation' to stifle wages year after year till all of a sudden Poundland is the only department store doing business in many UK towns and 'they' cant think why this is happening. The government, the 'City', the landed gentry and many business owners are nothing but a bunch of scum traitors when it comes to their own country.. same in Australia where I have to spend time. Aus selling off the housing stock to Chinese money launderers same as UK, importing people to undermine wages same as UK, both countries fobbing off disabled people and telling em to get work when employers believe that sick and disabled people should be put down... We either get the likes of Corbyn if we are lucky or a right wing nut job Trump pig if the Dailymail/Expresss/Sun gets its way. There will be nothing in between, one or the other.
  2. steve99

    Daily Mail: Are house prices set to tumble?

    Tis what the Chinese money hiders do In USA/Canada/Aus been in Melbourne recently and seems the mainstay of city based apartments is Chinese funny money. The government there does nothing to restrict the flow of this money no matter how filthy it is. Friend of mine checked out one of these flats that were being marketed exclusively to Chinese speaking buyers, agents were rude and angry when he started questioning as to why no info was in English and questioning about how much the service fees were. These flats are bought and left empty as an offshore money box for corrupt officials and shady business types. Govt thinks this is good as it keeps prices high. I do Hope they all get financially filleted.
  3. Yes crony capitalism at its best, ie 3rd world style economics
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/dec/15/persimmon-chair-resigns-chief-executive-obscene-bonus And was a promo shot with Persimon chief scumbag with osbourne on a building site showing off the new scheme but later shown as what the scheme was really about. Osbourne DID know what he was doing with this scheme. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3639837/Mr-100m-Outrage-bonus-boss-housing-firm-propped-taxpayer-funded-Help-Buy.html Dmail originally portrayed this as a benevolent/altruistic scheme when it originally wrote about it.
  5. steve99

    Daily Mail: Are house prices set to tumble?

    I would guess far more GenX who have never known much other than good times. More GenX have moved up the mortgage spiral with the almost religious belief in house prices keeping them faithful to the HPI cause.
  6. steve99

    House Prices vs Salaries

    Oh dear! what a way to think. I can assure you that someone in marketing, male or female is being greatly subsidised by those earning much much less than yourself. Your company pays them less so that they can pay you more. The toilet cleaner at your workplace who is on a zero hour contract, min hourly wage is subisidising you purely on account that they are paid less than a living wage and you are getting double a real living wage. Marketing like many modern high paid jobs in the UK (especially) is an almost useless occupation (regardless of all your so called education and experience leading up to your high paid job). I can add marketing to the long list of most of the UK's high paid jobs that are worthless and pointless in comparison to the jobs that would make the UK a much better place to live and also that which makes the UK a better contributer to the entire planets well being. eg bankers and their associated financial engineers, city lawyers, Anyone involved in most aspects of real estate, TV personalities, sporting hero's and so on. If you told me you were a doctor or a civil engineer, a farmer or numerous other real and necessary jobs that contribute to society then I would go along with what you say however a huge number of people who do real jobs have been shuffled down to the bottom of the pack since Maggie T and chums decided that 'the City' and whats on paper has more value than things we really really need in life. Even experienced teachers are on half of your pay. (mind you I would think that the core of the Tory party would do away with education for real people if it didnt lose too many votes, ie they see teachers as a nuisance) As for tax, well we pay a huge VAT in the Uk and this was brought in and expanded so that those taking the most money could pay less tax. I can assure you that the majority of people on low wages are making someone else rich, not themselves.
  7. steve99

    Australia Faces Its Demons

    However these 'clearance rates' are Bsh*t. Many agents only report their successes, bad news (in their view that is) is often not reported.
  8. Liar loans as handed out to speculators who have been the main prop of so called lower end property in the last decade or more. If liar loans stop for speculators then the whole market may collapses from the bottom as well as the top,,, we hope.
  9. Which town is that? Monaco?
  10. See what you mean.. written in the paradise papers perhaps?
  11. I agree about the evil not relinquishing their power and assets.. In France the peasants used the guillotine when the elites went too far. We had a big dose of socialism in the 1950's which balanced the books somewhat, education, council housing and NHS all things that lead to a more civilised society. The current complacency dominated by the young is due to the old Roman ' bread and circuses'... ie far too many entertaining distractions and little to unify them to make a better world . If things get progressively worse then we will have a million people living by canals and under bridges like the USA and given more time employees will have to camp under bits of tin at the side of their workplace like in 3rd world countries,, that is, we already are heading into having the structure of a 3rd world economic and social system. Every injustice and slide to the Neo liberal side of economics needs to be fought all the way and not just give up and say 'we have to make do' etc.
  12. Maggie T to a T. Nobody is owed anything? (apart from born-to-the-manor?) no but take away society and civilisation we would be back to Medieval in a flash. We have had 37 years or so of this theory already where the rich have got richer and the the poorest have gone backwards(eg housing in particular, part-time zero hour contracts etc) or not progressed at all if they are lucky. All due to negative social policies. Wealth redistribution does work and no, it is not taking anything off anyone. Those on the highest salaries should not be on so much to begin with that they can a)live on the big house on the hill and b ) own your house too. And as such need to be tempered with progressive tax scales. and c) Most people obtaining a big salary are doing nothing useful for society at all eg real estate speculators, bankers, movie stars, advertising, city lawyers working for big business and so on, ie they are not 'Earning' their money they are 'getting or obtaining' it. and d)wages at the bottom are far lower than the cost of living so should be much higher at the cost of higher wages at the so called top of the wage tree. If we need make-work schemes with a guaranteed real wage or UBI then so be it because it will be better than what we have got or are heading for.. Personally I think the entire monetary, tax and handouts system needs a rethink as it has gone past its use-by date. e
  13. It is strange that this motive has become a reality because under the rules of neo liberal economics we have reached the pinnacle of perfection and are having to paper over the cracks that are becoming apparent in the dogma. Freedom of the bankers was one of the central themes of neo liberal economic theory as was planned by the right-wing think-tanks between the 1950's to early 1980s (the last 35 years or so has been the implementation stage of the perfect economic system) Both 'new Labour' and Tory governments are everyone's worst enemy. Once again I stress neo liberal economics which they are both beholden to, and the young in particular dont know any different on account of zero exposure to alternatives (even though you can see major differences in parts of mainland Europe) Too many of the old ie Gen X onward, are too comfortable to get off their a-holes even though their kids are still living at home aged 35 or so. Even though many of us desire a total change of economics and social policy across the board for all age groups. No, they have been conditioned by the majority right wing media to accept that neo liberal economics and asset price inflation is the creation of real wealth for all. Yes like medieval land ownership, inheritance only
  14. Most that dont pay 'bugger all tax/NI' are there on account of a )wages too low, b ) not enough real jobs.
  15. However to believe that everyone over a certain age did/does all of these things is nonsensical. Lets take voting Vote Labour, .. Get house price inflation, let bankers run riot, let our companies and rich use tax havens, dont build council houses Vote Tory... Get house price inflation. let bankers run riot' let our companies and rich use tax havens, dont build council houses and so on, What you are talking about here is, by and large the worst 20% at most of our older population. We would have an equally 'worst' portion of GenX gen Y and so on. Also to note that for the last 3 elections, Boomers have not been the dominant force (ie GenX +Y is) and I would say that the last election that boomers had a big say in, in comparison to other groups was when Blair got in, we had hopes that he would do away with all the inequities that dominated the Thatcher years (which by the way most boomers hated with a passion) We were ultimately disappointed. Real people have little say in what happens.. Voting is not a menu choice of what we are going to get. Mostly we dont know what until it happens.

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