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  1. I do know a HMO owner in London. He voted brexit and most of his if not all of his EU's have left. He now has what he calls 'rubbish' tenants who know every trick in the book including sabotage. He just got rid of his only White British tenant who was an older alcoholic that sh * t all over the bathroom and an Asian who wired up the switch board (bypassing the RCD's and CB's) so the place would catch fire or electrocute someone if there was a fault. Cost him a fortune in Solicitors letters and lost rent during the covid landlord freeze. Needless to say he's not taking any more tenants till c
  2. I see it as BAU with a few anomalies thrown in. As a western country, in comparison to others, I see the bonus of Brexit adding to the burden of Covid making things somewhat extremely sh * t but not the end. There have been lots of black swans throughout history that have been survived and often been the start of something good (hard to believe right now)
  3. Airbnb, be somewhat hands off, get mrs Mopp from the village to come in and pay her/him the cleaning fee that they put on the price of each let.
  4. Most dont even vote never mind collectivise. Just look how far the US is down the social toilet and little changes. The march on the capitol was on par with our football hooligans more than enmassed, intelligent youth with a plan.
  5. They never ever stole our jobs. Our employers decided to give them our jobs, sometimes without even asking if we wanted one of them. In one way or another this will continue. Employer wants immigrants, employer will get immigrants. They will bark the word 'shortages' and the government will do as they are told (after all, who contributes to the tory party?) They will be invited from Africa and Asia under all sorts of concocted visas, just like Australia does with its pretend points system where every restaurant and hotel employs pretend 'students' from India for 1/2 the minimum wages. As f
  6. And we pay these plonkers to do the right thing? unbelieveable.
  7. I know or did know 3 people who became £$£Millionairs in thier 20's. All of them did dogdy things to get started, not on par with this scam but enough to make a mega differrence. One pilfered from his employer by writing down stock, then selling it in the local rag (pre ebay and internet), another ran a house of multiple occupancy but not legaly and got illegal immigrants to pay him a fortune (In Australia) The other one was an electrician that used to rip off customers, usually old grannies then invest in the Aus property market when it was cheap and rents paid mega dividends. I also kno
  8. No I dont think it was paradise under Blair, they absocnded their duty when they let the housing market go mad instead of undoing what the tories had done, ie rebuilding social housing to the point that the tories couldnt drag it back down again and putting curbs and banking and bank lending to mortgages. Blair followeds the new 'third way' as it was described at the time, ie Tory economics and Labour social policy. If I gave them 5/10 as a government I would give the last 10 years of Tory 1/10 at best. In fact this is what happens every time, no government will ever fullfil your wants and
  9. Could be, like in the 90's when Murdoch changed his alliance to Blair. Boris slipping down the ladder.
  10. Interesting. I bet hundreds of companies are running scams and schemes which wont show up till they have to go bust. Sort of how the UK economy is run now, for the benefit of the bankers, city of London money laundering spivs, the landed gentry and their ground-rent estates, the house builders and their 'help to buy' bonus, their shared ownership scams, the lease hold scandals that are run like some medieval fiefdom, the offshored 'for tax purposes' companies, the treasury having a game of golf with the chairman of UK PLCs to work out a tax concession, All more or less legalised criminal a
  11. The 'World beating track and trace' was planned as another river of tax payer money into cronies pockets. If it worked that would be a lucky bonus but like every single covid outsourcing project, it has been a case of profits for the right people first and 'can they do the job properly and good value' a very poor second. Cant let a good war virus go to waste can we. I'm still trying to figure out how the inner circle of Tories and their cronies are going to milk brexit (beyond running the UK as the worlds biggest money laundering machine)
  12. Warned by the vested interests who read the Telegraph. ie cronies of Sunak and the Tory inner circle.
  13. It was just a hobby to them, ramping up house prices. Telling dipsticks to put a cheeky £20K extra on the price to make sure they got to buy it. I'm sure they hived off their share when the going was good.
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