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  1. Lower interest rates have triggered a resurgence in demand for mortgages and breathed fresh life into the housing market First-time buyers are trickling back to the housing market, enticed by lower rates and sellers dropping asking prices. The low borrowing costs of 4.5% appear to have sent a message to buyers that interest rates are unlikely to go back up and could fall further. At the same time, many house hunters appear to have taken the view that property prices will not fall much further and there is little reason to wait to buy. The strongest growth in lending was boosted by high leve
  2. London City’s poorest areas have seen their house prices rise dramatically thanks to the Olympics 2012 to be staged here. Tower Hamlets, an East End borough, has seen prices jack up by an incredible 12,000 pounds in a month. This area has Britain’s most crowded dwellings. Likewise its neighbouring borough Newham, which includes Stratford, posted a hike of 3.1 per cent. While price rises were to be expected, £12,000 a month is pretty exceptional. The general view is that the entire housing market now "on the turn". Buy-to-let investors are racing to invest in east London ahead of 2012. The O
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