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  1. At the low end of the market in NW9 London, I would say it has not started: a 1 bed flat in Amelia House, Boulevard Drive, London NW9 Sold Jul 2008 for £178,950 https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/flat-19/amelia-house/11-boulevard-drive/london/nw9-5jp/28509191 a 1 bed flat in Amelia House, Boulevard Drive, London NW9 Selling now for £320,000 https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/49505759 another for £299,500 https://www.winkworth.co.uk/properties/10623284/sales/amelia-house-11-boulevard-drive-london-nw9/HEN170292 a new build 1 bed flat in London NW9 (slightly larger) S
  2. Spotted yet another petition out there on the twittersphere: https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-abolish-leasehold-strict-regulation-for-residential-managing-agents-be-introduced This petition appears to have 2,483 signatures already, which is still not that many given the number of people stuck with ludicrous new-build leasehold houses. Perhaps it is just that too many people who own property don't understand the difference?
  3. Already written a post explaining how aid can work within this very topic here . TL;DR?
  4. Okay... Some older studies concluded that there was no correlation between aid provided to a state and its stability. However, more recent studies have shown that it depends on the characteristics of the state (in what way the state is fragile: whether it has legitimacy, capacity to handle crises, good governance, lack of conflict, etc) and also the precise types of aid are being provided. The Fragile States Index uses 12 variables to evaluate fragility. This study explains some of the variables mentioned in the report above (though doesn't statistically show aid can help f
  5. As an idea, it is without intellectual foundation. Though Jacob Rees-Mogg may have benefited from a great education and has a superficially likeable character, these populist ideas are nothing other than 'misattribution of cause' and policies which could make the problem worse. Redirecting money from aid to housing is wrong because the housing market is very distorted. The Tories certainly will not correct those distortions, as those distortions benefit so many of their supporters. It took George Osborne years to realise the distortive effects of BTL and begin to act u
  6. Negative real terms interest rates are 'theft' (direct theft of the value of savings and salaries). Financial sector bailouts are 'theft', and actually discourage self regulation. Massive shoring-up of corporate balance sheets, again is 'theft'. Trickle-down of this 'monetary' expansion is almost non-existent. The part-time-libertarians, and very few financial/property sector shills are apparently the last dinosaurs who believe the above techniques are preferable options to spending ('fiscally') the same money in the real economy, on public services, on infrastructure, as m
  7. Here is a petition someone has made: https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-sprinklers-to-be-fitted-in-to-all-high-rise-buildings
  8. We are talking peanuts. Possibly some councils could add sprinklers to all their high-rises for less than a few million. Some of these flats may be rented out and making money. The paying tenants would want to live somewhere safe. Any business would borrow the money at the current crazy low rate and get it done. What's the problem here?
  9. It is possible that "marketing speak" may have confused the designers, or that they simply tried to save £5000. Reynobond or Reynobond FR (Class B ) "Fire Retardent" Reynobond A2 (Class A2) "Non-combustible" Reynodual (Class A2) Reynolux (Class A1) "Incombustible" This PDF on the website carries the instructions: "As soon as the building is higher than the firefighters’ ladders, it has to be conceived with an incombustible material." Grenfell tower was 67m high and therefore should have used A1 class cladding according to the manufacturer's own statement above
  10. No it wouldn't. Sprinkler system for that block is quoted at approx £200,000 by BAFSA. 120 flats rented at average 1,500 per month equals £180,000 per month.
  11. Noticed this chart on Sky news earlier -- OBR Household Savings Ratio chart shows a negative forecast:
  12. To be fair to the property developer... on this occasion they appear to have followed the rules correctly. From the Guardian: Reading part 3 of the LVMF it states the: Background Wider Setting Consultation Area (BWSCA) is 3.5km. (The new building is much further away than that, so there should be no problem...) Edit: perhaps there could be an adaptive camouflage solution/workaround to replace the current sky colour, paid for by Friends of Richmond Park? Something like these displays over the outside of the building:
  13. Some things I noticed watching the Select Committee "Economy Committee" on iPlayer recently: Consisting of ex-MPC member Sir Charles Bean, and Austrian school economist Detlev Schlichter (possibly a future MPC hopeful) - who claims helicopter money doesn't work because if everyone gets it, it will make prices go up (i.e. like Help to Buy or any other scheme) he also says the only reason monetary expansion could work is if you give it to some people and not others (i.e. that QE was known to have distortive effects on the market). I think the debate shows us how far from a true science
  14. It's a shame that a crowd funded approach doesn't fit here: you would need to find a bank willing to assess and lend to 5,000 separate buyers, and release the funds in stages to landowner, architects, builders, utilities, etc. Has any bank ever done this? Also, councils are still HRA capped (though recently slightly extended), so Islington council would struggle to afford the entire project themselves. (Although it would be in their interest to have 5,000 extra council tax receipts, rather than investment units that take 8 years to sell...) Total cost including land, building, archit
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