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  1. If Killer Bunny or Winkie or a few others on this site ever turn bullish, boy you better get the hell out of the market imo. Talk about emotionally attached to, and blinded by, an outcome. "Yeah but this is gunna happen... yeah but that is gunna happen... (so youve been saying for 10 years!) ....yeah but what if blah blah blah....... ....... oh, you are not an uber bear? You must be an estate agent!" Its funny reading threads like these. The people doing all the accusing so often come across as the least rational themselves. Just from their tone and the feverishness of their posts. There is
  2. Jesus like the Tory party isnt already a big enough voice! Of course it is. There are so many scumbags out there. I know people who are not the most productive, dont have the greatest attitude to work, and hence dont have a hope of a decent job. They are now talking about starting a charity with the idea they will get decent paying jobs out of it. Always thought the charity sector likely has more than its fair share of underwhelming people, but this really made me wonder how many higher ups in this sector are just corrupt leeches. It really makes me wonder about some of the well known chari
  3. Yes, this reminded me of the idiotic commentary from Crash Gordon at the election when he kept insisting that the government not taking 6bn in NI means 6bn has be "taken out of the economy". I mean I knew he wasnt nearly as competent as he thought he was, but when hearing this moronic comment I finally figured out how truly dangerous he is. (Not sure what took me so long but hey.)
  4. Huh... wow.... exactly what I was talking about above. Unbelievable. Its so blatant, so insultingly obvious, and yet this is how the world is. And it isnt going to change. There is no reason to think anything is going to change. So Prospect Publishing is likely yet another media firm that is basically the propaganda department of a political party/ideology, going under the guise of an independent private enterprise. I wonder who founded/works at Prospect.
  5. So the Resolution Foundation is just a bunch of Labour Party employees and supporters and basically not independent at all, only technically. Yet notice how the BBC article describes this clearly left-wing, Labour Party affiliated organisation simply as "a think tank". Near the end of the article, however, the BBC is very sure it labels another think tank as "Conservative-leaning." This is such a great example of the sleaziness and propagandising of the MSM, Whitehall types/activists, and the connected elite. Its just so corrupt and cynical. I mean you really think people at the impartial BBC
  6. Actually the agency is probably correct. The key is that the length of periodic tenancies is determined by the amount of rent you pay at a time. If you pay a weeks rent, the period of your contract is a week. If you pay a months rent, its a month. And in a periodic tenancy each period is in effect a new contract. So technically, I suspect the first periodic contract lasted one week, from 25th August 2012 to 31st August 2012. This is because no doubt when they took rent on 1st August 2012, they took a whole months rent. So in effect, when your lease was up, you then paid a weeks rent, which me
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