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  1. So, the lazy tossers have only made offers on 3 houses before they start whingeing? FFS!
  2. That's 'cos we've lived through proper recessions, 3 day working weeks, actual petrol rationing when you couldn't drive your car on Sundays. We know from our parents how tough they had it during The War, and in the aftermath. You youngsters don't know you're born.
  3. Nope. People would register. Think about current certifications required, gas & energy efficiency now. To whom do you think this additional cost would be passed? That's just a single, national label for commercial mortgages for residential property. Abolish BTLs and property would be bought using commercial mortgages as was the case prior to the invention of BTL products. At what rate? It's already 40%. Freelance IT workers have to use limited companies in order to jump through some not well thought out legislative hoops. Working through a ltd company is no biggie. Who do you think would end up paying the extra costs? Are you certain that Buy To Let mortgages are the source of finance here? See above regarding ownership by companies. See above regarding costs. Oh, and Hi Everybody... I'ts Been A While...
  4. For blokes shopping is an Objective, for women it's a Process. A bit like sex, really. Which is why some blokes (who understand such things) get laid a lot, and others 'get lucky' when they can. HTH.
  5. No it won't. It'll give him a tax loss to carry forward against future years' rental profits (as and when)
  6. As has been previously alluded to in this thread... Netbooks and tablets are vying for the same market sector... Anecdotal. I want something a bit more portable than my current laptop. Tool of choice will be a tablet, not a netbook. QED.
  7. Simple point that you have missed completely. Yield is Gross Rent divided by current Market Value. Any other figure you produce may be relevant to assessing the viability of a rental but it isn't Yield. So Yeild is still 6%. Net Prifit will be considerably less. In just the same way that, for a trading company, turnover is NOT the same as profit. Simples
  8. Meanwhile, in Other News - Bears found to be Catholic Pope found shitting in the woods HTH
  9. Not very far at all. You won't see many BTL'ers selling the places they bought over the last 10 years when they are getting a 4% return and only paying 1.5% (ish) interest.
  10. And, in all fairness, this should be made the official last Hitler parody - (now let's see if the thread gets move to 'Off Topic' )
  11. The point of this 'initiative', which every single clever person who's posted a reply so far has completely failed to spot is the real message - Unemployed waste of space chav? Wear a condom or lose your benefits. You can bet your sweet derriere that this message will be well understood by those it's targeted at. The actual purpose of this? To stop the kids being born in the first place. Simples. And, for the avoidance of doubt, a proposed policy with which I agree 100%
  12. Don't be silly. It's not an IVA until it's been agreed and heard by the courts. An IVA is legally binding.
  13. That's your mistake. No rent while work underway + small increas afterwards = OK Rent while work underway + no increase afterwards = OK Anything else = Not Acceptable. Everything Is Negotiable HTH
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