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  1. I live in a flat around Slate Wharf (which I rent). If I was going to buy a flat in the city it would definitely be around the Castlefield and maybe Spinningfields area. It's a bit quieter and more tucked away in this part of the city center.
  2. 285 k now for a Byrom street terrace. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-49792750.html?utm_content=v2-ealertspropertyimage&utm_medium=email&utm_source=emailupdates&utm_campaign=emailupdates1day&utm_term=buying&sc_id=6867987&onetime_FromEmail=true
  3. I might just accept it later in the year or early 2016. At least the state can't confiscate my house or blast it away with the printing presses. God I'm thinking like a peasant where the only wealth is land lol (like us al).
  4. Ah yes I think you are Altrincham/Hale also? I'm watching what is available around the 200-260k mark recently and there isn't much. I'm loathed to buy somewhere that a developer has had their hands on because that isn't what I want really. I just have enough cash now for that sort of range but would be in a better position towards the end of the year. I'm probably just going to have to accept getting shafted by our dysfunctional property market.
  5. I guess that might be true from those who are looking to cash in their HPI at some point, but I guess a 'normal' market has a steady tick-over of people trading up and down and estates for sale after people die. As has been mentioned, election uncertainty may be causing some to postpone moving?
  6. Anyone have any theories regarding why supply (house on the market) isn't forthcoming?
  7. My local Tesco is somewhere you can be very confident in summer to find blokes walking about naked from the waist up.
  8. It's a flat I rent and you have to pass through two locked doors and a locked gate to enter.
  9. Well it won't crash until the last of us are shaken from the tree lol.
  10. Yeah it's kind of a crap life, I'm away too much doing a bad rotation of 6x3 (6 weeks on, 3 weeks off). But then I have worked in an office (briefly) and found it somewhat suffocating. Best thing about the job is the time off, and I should be able to get 4x4 rotation at some point when oil bounces back (I hope). I have a geology degree but work in a 'sort of' engineering job where the skills are very specific and not readily transferable. Anyway, I only work for the money and couldn't care less about the industry or my career in it. Like I said before, I would have no problem with a minimum w
  11. I can't live like that, make such a faustian pact I mean. Most of my managers are like that, and they have become assholes, sold their souls.
  12. Well I don't work in a normal workplace (I work on oil rigs) but I do take your point. Most of my friends at home are middle class grammar schooled types, now with your typical management careers, they have kids, are married, mortgage etc. I think to an extent they have to conform to a certain life model, there is a reason they make the same life choices.
  13. I've been renting for last 9 years or so. I could have saved a bit more but I did waste a few quid here and there on this and that. Also I was ill for a year and didn't work.
  14. I managed to save that much because I have no gf, wife, or kids. I have a job which pays above average but I'm hardly bringing in mega-bucks. Without help from Mummy & Daddy no most 30-somethings aren't going to have that sort of money.
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