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  1. Sure, but can you think of many examples of regulation genuinely being dismantled? I think UKIP are the only party who express an interest in such things, and in the unlikely event of their election I rather doubt they would deliver. Even on this site I often see support for more regulation rather than less - of banks and estate agents in particular. Some of the regulation that we face in healthcare is actually quite important (eg pathology accreditation), some is highly annoying and makes us uncompetitive with the private sector (eg EU tender laws). All of it increases costs; believe me
  2. It is what it is. Increased regulation and compliance requirements are like birth, death and taxes.
  3. A few observations: -PR (or communications as it's usually called in the NHS) is pretty important. For example, major service developments require public consultation or risk legal challenge. There are other more day-to-day functions - eg I use them quite often to communicate changes to users of my diagnostic laboratory; we serve thousands of clinicians and it's much more efficient for a central office with access to various channels to do this on our behalf. If it's not done then our users and laboratory regulator will get upset -Equality and diversity jobs are largely there to satisfy s
  4. It's really not that difficult for a reasonably bright student to achieve A grades with enough coaching. If state schools coached their pupils in similar fashion then the exam or its marking would have to change to accommodate the improved performance. Performance in these exams is hardly about 'achieving potential', they're just a milestone along the way.
  5. This thread prompted me to update my long-neglected PropertyBee and take a look at South London, where I bought my first place and lived for many years. I'm gobsmacked to be honest: asking prices for flats are approaching double their 2007 peak; I suspect that these prices are largely achieved given the speed of sales and lack of reductions. Cramped 2-bed flats on the newbuild estate where I purchased in the early 00s are around 475K - that's over 6x the starting salary of an NHS consultant. Even 1 bedroom ex-LA places on estates in places like Streatham are now advertised at 250K! It's
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