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  1. video of whole (and is long!) debate can be found at http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=15537&st=12:37:54.7100000
  2. It doesn't matter if these headphones are maybe three times (possibly more) overvalued. Isn't it well known that paying far in excess of somethings actual value suddenly makes it worth that amount
  3. You'll all be thrilled to know one of the 'experts' will be Kirsty, the only person they felt the need to mention :/
  4. Using their online calculator right? I've noticed this whereas most other calculators come up about £30,000+ less than theirs. Can only think it's to get you all excited at the possibility of all that extra debt you're allowed and through the door to see an advisor (where the amount no doubt reduces but they are more likely to get your custom?).
  5. "expert panel on housing on Friday, if you've got questions on housing or points to make....." (think it say email [email protected] but not sure).
  6. Thanks for the link, would have hated to have missed that. The chancellors sudden look of "Oh, right, you're looking at me for an answer??.. ermm...." then, skirt around the actual question a bit, and, oh look we're out of time, lets move onto other important issues facing the nation like politicians keeping fit in public. Still, great moment.
  7. Seriously, what does that even mean? What is classed as 'anything'? The many buyers (I hear) that are putting in offers well above asking price, that is not his definition I take it.
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