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  1. Point taken. My post was in effect a repetition of the first, which I produced before I was away for the weekend, and then forgot that I had sent when I returned. Must have been a good weekend, eh? By the way the house I am referring to is close to the border, not Glasgow area. Regarding Northern England: my weekend was spent in South Yorkshire, where there are masses of for sale boards e.g. Bentley, Barnby Dun, Dunsville, Thorne. Spoke to my solicitor yesterday, who confirmed that the housing market had quietened down.
  2. House in my area in south of Scotland went on the market March 2005 at £375K, with Smiths Gore and local agent. Finally sold in February 2006 for £250K. OUCH!!!. I make that a 33.3% personal crash.
  3. House went on market near us almost exactly one year ago at £375k. Reduced to £350K summer. Reduced to £300k autumn. Reduced to £265k Winter. Sold February 2006 for £250K. I make that a 33.3% reduction. Ouch!!
  4. Yeah, right, that's why a desirable property along the road from us went on the market at £375K March 2005 and sold last month for £265K and why I had to reduce my OO price from £275K August 2004 to fixed £250K to get a sale in November 2005. The *rse fell out of the south of Scotland market July 2004 for higher priced properties. Lower priced "in town" properties are still pretty buoyant, but this is because there is not an oversupply in this area and desperate people are paying ridiculous prices to get on the ladder. IMHO.
  5. Two current side by side headlines on Moneyam Personal Finance are: UK house repossesions surge and Home price rises accelerate Quote from first article:'The moderate rises in unemployment of the past 12 months and higher numbers entering the initial stages of the repossession process, should mean that repossessions will continue to increase over the next few quarters,' said RICS' Stubbs. 'But its impact on the overall housing market will be limited, and will not stall the recovery in market activity and prices witnessed in recent months,' he added. Hmmmmm
  6. Update: "A similar house (bit bigger but less desirable situation and grounds) 200 yards along the road from us also went on the market in March 2005 at £375K, with local EA and also a national. No viewings. Reduced a couple of months later to £350K. Still no viewings. Reduced in summer to £300K. Zilch!. Now reduced to £265K (stamp duty no go zone) and as far as I am aware still no interest. Reckon that's about a 30% reduction and still not sold yet." House has now gone "under offer" after nearly 10 months on the market and a 30% reduction. Don't know what the final selling price was. No dou
  7. Been reviewing the South of Scotland and Borders property websites. There seems to be an awful lot of properties going to "fixed price" from OO. Unusual for this part of the country, especially against a media fuelled background of expected increases of up to 12% in rural Scotland for 2006. One good indicator area is Moffat on the DGSPC website. A year ago (when we were seriously looking in this area) properties were selling like 'hotcakes' as soon as they hit the market. Now they a beginning to stick and several are on "fixed price". The overall impression that I get is NOT one of a buoyant
  8. "...planning to date an unmitigated disaster and costs spiralling+++" Good chance that it will go ahead then?
  9. Hi TTBP, D+G based. Do keep a close eye on Borders though and agree prices unsustainable. Have viewed several properties Hawick, Jedburgh, Galashiels, Cockburnspath etc. over last couple of years, but thankfully managed to resist temptation to buy at such inflated prices. Personally I saw fall off in demand in the Borders just under a year ago and also quite a lot of properties going under offer and then coming back to the market. Something you tend to associate more with the English system. Also, many properties are now being changed from "offers over" to fixed price (which is what we had
  10. "Well done on your sale. Is that house on at offers over (OO) or are they doing the pricing dance (OO,to fixed, to lower OO, to lower fixed,...)? and welcome to the forum." Thank you. Regards the house for sale, to the best of my recollection, it was offers over £375K, offers over £300K, £300K region and now offers over £265K. We were even asked our advice on how to achieve a sale (having recently sold ourselves) to which I pointed out the failings of the selling agents marketing approach and also suggested reducing the price again, following which it was lowered to OO £265K. Probably stil
  11. Decided to sell 18 months ago. Had house valued by regional EA at £275K to £285K in July 2004. Went on the market in August at offers over £275K. Was told to expect offers £290K to £295K. Five viewings in three months. Two offers of £250K. Took the house off the market over winter and put in new bathroom, revamped kitchen. Put it back on market with my own solicitors estate agency in March 2005 at £275K. Absolutely no interest, zero viewings. Re-wrote particulars myself and insisted on new set of photos then reduced price to fixed £250K. Fifteen viewings in five months. Three firm offers. One
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