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  1. Oh yes all the doom mongers nearly cost her! She has no concept of under offer as opposed to sold. Still think EA
  2. noddynoo


    I def think there is a way to go.Houses are selling here again for some reason but I think it will be short lived and then we will see the real falls.certain areas with good schools are still selling at only slightly less other areas have bigger falls.
  3. noddynoo


    bubble i paid 35% off last house sold in the street which was 7 months previous and about 20% off the asking.I am def not calling the bottom just commenting that a rush buy is not always wise.i am going to have to sell now which I am aware will be a nightmare
  4. noddynoo


    Shower! That troll is so annoying I AM NOT A TROLL!But I wish I had his hair
  5. noddynoo


    Don't rush it though.I bought end of last year as was terrified of what was going on in the banking system and now hate the house!So be careful that you don't just see it as 'better than renting' which I know I did.Was blinded by the working hower!
  6. I agree but try telling my parents that! I had to buy when I did for health reasons as rental was terrible and really expensive Anyone who can wait will get their reward whe 3x income becomes the norm but we don't all have that luxury I wanted to live in a nice home now as I really wanted my 'good' years as it were to be in a home I loved the irony is I now am not so keen on the road!But that was my gamble really Not going to use this site anymore too nasty but good luck to all teh genuine people here waiting until this ridiculous house of cards falls and they can get one of the basic ne
  7. Oh dear a tad bitter Not a troll and def not in a hovel Not a clue who ctt is or why he thinks I;m a troll but I have been showing friends and family this site for yrs in the hope of stopping them making a mistake we don't all have time to wait forever for a home those who do should def not a fool though After taking advice here I got a house st 35% off peak fairly easily so was more than surprised to see teh recent nonsense in Brighton Posts not tearjerking just facts
  8. Who put the little troll pic on my name?How did they do it? I quite like the hair though! I am hoping prices go through the floor tbh as I have brothers who are really struggling and renting dumps and they want to settle down.So am surprised to be called a troll
  9. No its a chronic form I am only 44! Only came on here to get some advice for my parents who are planning to move here to help me out Troll indeed
  10. Who rattled your cage? I didn't str to make money you fool i sold as i could no longer do the stairs as I have heart failure. I think you are a nasty little poisonous idiot. A VI in being here of course i have I have always thought prices ridiclous in relation to income and just don't understand how somewhere as inflated as here can have this mini boom when there is so much bad news about Get over yourself
  11. I agree wolf and am wondering if all the talk of low rates and QE are conning people into thinking they can go ahead again.Also all the talk of ed Balls wanting to scrap the school lottery system has definitely made houses near the good schools move again Nightmare
  12. I am just giving feed back so don't lynch me.I bought at a huge discount last oct as I had str a flat where stairs had become a problem.I sold in august 07 rented for 15 months and am now in the house.It was 220k and last to sell in road was 340 in jan 08 so was a good deal and the agent advised the guy to take the money as it was cash.I always knew there was a way to fall but needed to be settled and thought I would prob lose initially but didn't mind. fast forward to now and my parents are planning to move here and I was telling them oh you'll get a good deal prices low blah blah and lo and
  13. I bought at the end of last year in Brighton after selling up in summer 07 a flat where I could no longer do the stairs. We bought a house for 220k.The last one to sell in the road sold in the May 08 for 335k and the most ever paid was jan 08 345k.Ours was a buy to let landlord jumping ship and he had it on at 259 in order to get 250 But we were cash buyers and the agent advised him to take it.It is in the area around 5ways 3 bed victorian terrace good structural condition electrics and newish boiler but shabby decor. I couldn't bear the rip off rental I had and doubtless could have got a bett
  14. Why does anyone asking a simple question always get moved?I am of the thinking that there will be a crash at some point too and as someone with a few lucky buys under her belt I was asking for advice
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