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  1. One of my brother in laws left his law firm a few years ago and has set up his own business doing "offshore tax planning" for wealthy people. Only other legal person i know is a mates sister who has been in house lawyer for an energy company since she qualified years ago. I also worked for one of the high street banks years ago doing marketing and they had a massive (i mean massive) legal department - had to meet them quite a lot to sign off adverts and deal with any legal bother like when we mailed people we shouldn't and ASA complaints and the like. I having a law degree doesn't mean you have to be a solicitor as such.
  2. My missus made me admit I was wrong. We STR from London to West Mids and rented for a year but bought 3 years ago. We got a smaller house than we wanted as I was convinced house prices would crash sharply but nothings happened in the areas we are interested in. Interestingly after not really thinking about house prices for ages I'm back into it as now as I'd rather move than have an extension/loft conversion. My missus thought my HPC obsession was over when we bought but its back again ha ha.
  3. My wife speaks Punjabi but she isn't a Muslim - I'm intrigued by your "logic" on this matter - please tell us more.......
  4. We bought about 3 years ago and I recently had a look on Rightmove and there were a couple of houses still for sale that we looked at 3-4 years ago (4 bed detached Solihull) at the same price from what I remember. One in particular I was very keen on but the estate agent said they wouldn't accept much off asking price. I suppose it all depends on how motivated the seller is at the end of the day.
  5. Working out which nappy offer is the best value is a bit like winning a prize on 3-2-1 - the variety of pack sizes and different offers makes you think they deliberately go out of their way to make it too complicated for a busy parent to work out! The assistant in my local Morrisons always tells parents the cheapest offer if she's in the aisle sorting anything out.
  6. I don't post on here much having bought a house nearly three years ago - we STR when we moved out of London but we bought after 12 months after interest rates tanked and we wern't getting enough interest to cover our rent. Anyway, as another example to throw in the mix (obviously I've had to "guesstimate" rental value and how much our house is "worth" which isn't totally accurate as we live in a village with lots of different styles of houses): Purchase price (Feb 2010): £360k, 4 bed detached, 3 bathroom, non estate Costs of renovations (roof work, guttering, replacement of garage roof, new bathroom): £12k Value of house: no idea - on right move for 400k plus (yes i know its only asking price). Only other house that's been sold in last three years was 550k but it was a big 5 bed Rental value: £1,450 pcm Mortgage: £130k fully offset so no interest charged, now at £100k. I think we pay £600 a month off and pay extra as we go along - bonuses and the like. OK - we're not typical - we both bought flats in London in the 90's (when I say London I actually mean Croydon. My missus around Hayes although we did eventually end up in a poncy part of west london). We're not typical house buyers but we are typical of people buying the type of house we own. Most of the people we know have small mortgages but then most people we know are like us - savers, drive older cars, don't have flash holidays and so on). All the house price reductions round by us have largely been in the less desirable areas. My missus wanted a bigger house but we thought house prices would continue to drop and we'd move when they did. That ain't going to happen round here anytime soon so we're going to do a loft conversion and extension on back (we bought a house where this would work really well just in case). Anyway, that's our situation - thought I'd throw it in as an example. My missus and I both feel house prices are massive and unsustainable but what do you do?
  7. Buy a house with an offset mortgage (we have one from Barclays). This way you will have the joint mortgage but you can offset your savings against the mortgage and not pay any interest. The savings will also be in your sole name. So in our case we have an offset mortgage and we cant see each others "sole" savings such as Cash ISAs. Mentally your girlfriend will see the purchase as a 50/50 but with your savings you have the benefit of not paying any interest on the mortgage (so you're in the same position as if you had bought in cash - difference is you keep your savings but pay no mortgage interest).
  8. I bought my first flat in Croydon in 1993. I assume people still buy in Croydon for the same reasons I did: 1. Couldnt afford anywhere in London 2. Fast train links from 3 stations into London (including London Bridge which is then a 10 min walk over the Thames into the City) Not the best looking town but handy - shops/pubs. Also used to be really late trains from Victoria that stopped at East Croydon so you could get home after a late night in the West End (not sure if you still can)
  9. If its a nice home you want and can afford it then buy it - we bought a home 2 years ago and i've got to be honest I dont even think about house prices now - got a great house in a nice area. Lifes too short - do what your heart tells you and be happy in your decision.
  10. It might not be your choice but loads of people shop at John Lewis - our local one (Solihull) is always busy and we (well, mainly the missus) buys a lot of stuff there. We bought a house a couple of years ago (ahem...) and we had quite a bit of stuff from JL.
  11. Which football team is that? My tickets (Villa) normally around 36-45 mark. Saying that we did get 4 for £20 (2 adults/2kids) for one match this season on a family promotion.
  12. I popped into Solihull yesterday (early - needed a few bits from Mossisons) but had a quick mooch around the shops - HMV wasn't open at 9.30 when I walked passed. I normally get something from HMV in the sale - all the other shops that I went by were open. Not saying they're about to close but sounds like the staff couldn't get there in time to open up. Solihull was pretty quiet although I left at 10 ish.
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