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  1. You heard incorrectly, the new offices are for the "director of strategic diversity and inclusivity" and their staff required under new EU laws since the op tour of duty is 6-months without being able to access such vital resources. To house these we have had to remove the sonar systems, guidance systems and weapons. Since H&S required that the minimum ceiling height for civil servant offices are 8ft - one deck has to be removed from the 6ft5 decks to accommodate this. As a result, the weakened hull can only dive to a depth of 10ft without loosing structural integrity.
  2. It's a bit different as it is a lot simpler to get people on and off carriers when they are mobile. We have got along quite nicely with three. Two is nuts, and reducing the subs is also nuts unless you remove them altogether. The SDR was nuts and based on less operations than are currently being asked of the forces. No wonder there are defence over-spends and under-equiped troops. This all gets blamed on poor defence procurement (something the smart acquisition initiative was supposed to address). Whilst the cabinet and GB asks for more from defence whilst simultaneously cutting funding we are a laughing stock. Si
  3. .... ish - not as lo-fi as it used to be ?
  4. Now I am a happy bunny - thanks :-)
  5. Absolutely - I ONLY use the lo-fi version - it is more "work safe" as it just looks like a bit of work rather than an online forum. It is also lightweight on the phone. This hi-fi version is around 200-300kb per page whereas the lo-fi version is a few k. Bring back lo-fi please a I cannot get my daily jolt of hpc Si
  6. Not just sainbury's. Me missus has spent years spreading our mortgage over loads of 0% cards and paying the min payment with other 0% cards - saved us 000s a year. As those deals are long dead, I have been systematically 'cleaning' up ( i.e. closing ) unused accounts and have had the same thing said to me more than once (Egg being one of them). One chap was adamant I should not close the account screaming - "where would you be if you suddenly needed money?" - I replied "on the board of a British bank I guess" - he was not ammused. Si
  7. Si_


    This was inevitable when you consider that the local stats state that 97% of new builds over the last 2-3 years in the conurbation were flats luxury lifestyle apartments. I moved out of Southbourne last Sept and got 250k for our extended 4-bed semi with a garden (nice area, off road parking etc,). You cannot get a 2-bed apartment for that in some developments - shear madness. I guess it is the flats that will be hit very hard in the coming correction as I guess demand for family homes will be less hit than the over supplied flat market (let's get back to the old days where flats were cheaper than houses!). I also looked at the sale prices of that new development in Boscombe spa road where the local papers were talking about the first million pound penthouse - nothing sold for anything like that on the land registry stats? Pity the people who live there and have to walk through DSS B&B land past working girls and dealers to get to the boscombe centre and then find English is a second language! Boscombe will never match Canford Cliffs / Sandbanks as a des-res, will it? Si
  8. The Knowledge Economy ! The Emperors New Clothes The UK is seriously broken - once the rest of the world decides that London is not the best place for creating financial markets and Brent finally runs out.............. Si
  9. Stop spending on all those IPODs and save a deposit. Rent is dead money.
  10. Article in the local rag ( Bournemouth Advertiser ) stating that in 94/95 new properties around here were built 50/50 flats/houses. In the last few years 97% are flats. Article goes on to state that that is to continutue with around 700 new residences (all bar a couple flats luxury apartments) to be built each year in Bournemouth. With a lot of families around here, you would expect that the market wants as many houses as flats and the 94/95 mix was about right. Strangely, the new build flats (aka lux aparts) cost around £220-270 whereas you can get a nice 3-bed semi with a garden in a nicer area for less? This strikes me as bizarre. I can only imagine that house prices will remain high for the time being and flats here are an extreme risk of a large correction. Si
  11. This is probably another reason she cannot get legal aid. She was NOT made redundant as she was not employed in the first place. The company she worked for was procureing a service from her own limited conpany (presuing she is setup this way). She probably has a substitution clause too. She has not employmnet rights except through her own company so she should sue herself As had been stated before, most contracts have a short term termination agreement and she cannot argue this. Going to sexual discrimination will not work since a company is neither male or female and it is probably the services of her company that were terminated not herself. Why the f*** did she not put the houses on the market as soon as her problems were obvious? It is her lack of planning and forsight that are biteing her now. Perhaps she will now sign over all assets to her hubbie/friend and all the debt to herself and go for IVA/bankrupcy like many others are doing Si
  12. Dashed well hope not as that would mean that me ( and tens of thousands other British Forces babies born in all sorts of countires ) would have a nationality different to my parents. Si
  13. Indeed, we have been expecting pressure on rents for a while since 97% of stuff built in the last couple of years has been flats luxury appartments. There are going to be some sorry people who have BTLs in these new blocks everywhere. I still don't understand why it seems that noone pulled out of contracts when the SIPP U-turn happended, there still seems to be mugs buying. However, the 3/4 bed semi's have been flying at around 250k strangely - frustrating but a lot of stuff is still selling for stupid prices in the area. Si
  14. I agree the market seems sort of stagnant, but the EAs have beleived their own Spin and are talking asking prices up still. There seems to be a lack of consistancy too. Some stuff which looks nice and relatively well priced sits on the market for ages, others, not so good get snapped up in days. Si
  15. Sigh, the wife has been reading the Time today. An article in the home section talking about massive pick up this quarter, 50% more buyers registered and prices going up 5% in London and more in places like East Anglia. RICS are there saying that after 15 months of flat or drops, we have had 2 months of rises so everything is rosey (funny how for those 15 months things were apparently rosey?). Main section has an article that housing supply is massively outstriped by demand by £350k upwards houses which is going to force prices up massively in the first half of this year. Hmmmm, I have been telling her for 3 years there will be a crash. Am I in trouble or what Si
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