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  1. "Almost two-thirds of people think the green belt should not be built on, according to a survey conducted as protected land faces rising pressure from housing developments." Reads: two thirds of people want to preserve the status quo, even if it means there children and grandchildren end up living in broom cupboards There was a report from the Adam Smith Instiute early in the year stating 2.5m could be build on 2% of green belt land. The myth that there isn't much land to build on and that any encroachment on green belt land is an insult to future generations is a gross untruth forced on the public, its time it went.
  2. Surely it would be cheaper / better value to go to a bank and get a loan for £5000 to buy a decent second hand car and pay it back over 3 years. The payments would be about the same but you'd have the advantage of owning it or selling it at the end. Driving a new car is an expensive way of getting around, whether owned or leased. I think plenty just want the new car status. Astonished that you can get finance deals on sofas for £500! The cost of administering these loans gets passed on to customers who pay cash.
  3. I hear the "we worked / payed in all our lives" quite often, everyone who's ever lived has worked all their lives. Most people I know have no private pensions or plans to take one up in the near future. What's the point if your renting? They're expecting the state to act as a backstop. The benefits bill will be a monster in 30 years time
  4. Driverless cars will be common in 20 years aswell. The way we travel is definitely in for a shake up.
  5. The timing of this is outrageous, any prospective buyers will know that Osbourne wants to get rid of it before the general election and will hold out for a lower price. The euro zone is just about to go into recession so anyone interested won't be willing/able to pay anywhere near the market value. If they could sell off number 10 and rent it back at the taxpayers expense they would.
  6. http://bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29390596 New builds come with a 10-15% premium anyway so any advantaged gained would be absolutely minimal. Most first time buyers are looking for a 2 maybe 3 bed house that needs a bit of work, this is what makes them affordable. The sweetener's mentioned - lower energy standards, exemptions from some taxes and the need to build a certain % of social housing are all masking one thing, namely if these homes were to be delivered to the market a 20% discount you would have to build more dwellings on smaller plots. We already have the smallest homes in Europe, these would have to be even smaller An interesting admition there by Cameron when he lumped BTL and foreign investers in with speculators. We heard nothing from Milliband during the conference about building more social housing and getting the housing benefit bill down, Cameron and Clegg will follow the same line in their respective conferences, there's clearly no intention of changing the status quo.
  7. Its a peculiar quirk of British life that money inherited from property goes straight back into property. It's more common in Germany / The US to see the money put into productive enterprises or investments not piles of bricks that have been sitting there for a hundred years. The average age someone receives an inheritance (usually from there parents) is 51. It which stage it is of little use to them - boomers have already bought / nearly cleared the mortgage The money is often shovelled on (amongst the middle class) to the next generation who throw it at property. The only people I know of my age - 30, who have managed to get a property have done so through the BOMAD / inheritance. The rest are left to pick up the scraps Inheritance is a burden on the next generation, I am much more in favour of giving the money to charity, at least this way it doesn't store up problems for the next generation. Of course some will say why work hard if your just going to give it all away, well at least your contributing to society in the process. We have become a society where you are not just dependant on what your parents did with their life's but increasingly what your grandparents did with theirs.
  8. Why are we still building houses out of bricks? No wonder they are so expensive. Most houses in Germany are produced off-site and constructed on site
  9. How long before they start offering 110% mortgages again?
  10. These brickies may earn £150 a day, bit if you have to retire mid 50s because their backs have gone are they that much better off? I say £150 is about right considering they can be out of work 25% of the time and they are out in most weather (except rain) 100K a year is pure fiction
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