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  1. I'm very much into the ideas presented here but won't the goal for lots of people be to ultimately cash out back to fiat and buy overpriced bricks and mortar rather than some kind of quasi bring the system to its knees. Is it a punt on prices continuing their upward projectory or something deeper akin to changing the absolutely rotten corrupt status quo.
  2. O Brien starting to connect the dots
  3. I feel the same in Hounslow and increasingly feltham. not a nice feeling.
  4. I think you are wrong calling Hounslow sh!tty, its much worse, but apart from that spot on.
  5. Labour stronghold here, voted UKIP My girlfriend who lives in a conservative stronghold area is also voting UKIP. She is 28 and did tell me she felt a bit sheepish telling friends she would vote for UKIP, its perverse to me as i think you should be more sheepish admitting to voting LIBLABCON
  6. I gave up a while back, im not interested in buying a place near the area i currently reside as any nice areas are a joke price. I toy with the idea of relocation , either this country or abroad, for the time being im ok where i am. I did save pretty hard in my younger years ( now 40) so had a nice cushion of being able to drop to part time work and enjoy having plenty of free time , Ive made a decision to try and minimise paying into the system as much as possible, no income tax , no tv tax. I could save money on living costs further by going HMO again ( did this for 2 years) and its a possiblity as essentially my labour is worthless against housing costs and a very generous benefit system.
  7. Those who dont qualify for housing benefit are at a massive disadvantage to those that do qualify, in fact the disadvantage is so big now that i see friends and family that are in receipt of housing benefit have a superior living space to reside in than i, as i have to pay my own rent. I really dont believe you could make up a more perverse situation of housing in this country if you tried
  8. This. My girlfriend and i often joke that its getting increasingly hard to name anyone we know that isnt on benefits in one way or another. Ancedotal but a relative had a particular axe to grind against another relative who is a single unemployed mother because of the free money and free housing she gets, some months later this relative is complaining that due to a promotion at work they will lose there working tax child credits. There we have it in a nutshell. I think that the benefit problem is magnified by those on benefits that can basically live rent free and those that work and earn too much to claim benefits ( or have savings) are expected to pay silly money for rent/mortgage out of their already taxed salary. Everything always comes back to that in this country, house prices too high, rents too high, council tax too high, elec/gas too high,petrol too high etc etc , everything else is a distraction/divisive and doesnt anyone who benefits from all of the above like it that way
  9. Hi council dweller, would be interested to hear what you find out.
  10. Is this any different to current depravation of capital rules. In my current situation i have low income but savings, if i didnt have savings i would be eligible for housing benefit on the private rental i reside in, i too could blow the lot on a ferrari and then claim housing benefit, however surely i would be told to do one by the benefits gang Im running down my savings slowly but surely ,purely as my outgoings are way higher than incomings with no particular aim in mind other than not work that much and not pay income tax.
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