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  1. It's quite simple. Tell them if its not removed from Rightmove the offer is withdrawn. Take it or leave it. Then get a mate to call and ask for a viewing just to confirm.
  2. +1. There's never really a good time to have kids and we are on the clock so to speak. You'll also be fine raising them on your own. Get on with it, making the baby is the best part
  3. In our middle class NCT group 5 out of 6 are returning to work. They all have posh houses whilst we are in a paid off flat, but my wife gets to stay at home and I even do a 4 day week occasionally for more time at home with my daughter. House prices is surely the main thing driving this.
  4. When you consider this question you can sadly see why BTL is popular. A grand or two of inflation linked rental income vs a dwindling pension pot feels a lot more secure.
  5. Even when these things are setup to disintermediate the banks, they still end up stoking the property market bubble. Is there really so little production going on that every pound of investment needs to be routed our steaming turd of a property market?
  6. Manchester is not a bad option for people priced out or bailing out of London. In many ways it's England's second city. There's a lot to do there. You can get a lot more house for your money, there are some decent jobs there, and south Manchester has some posh bits with good schools. I look at it from time to time and I know a few other young families in London who have the move on their radar. I think this would support prices up there to a degree.
  7. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v36/n01/james-meek/where-will-we-live
  8. It's a sign in that direction. A positive number makes it look like interest rates will rise so price of gilts trading today falls a little and pushes up the yield.
  9. We paid around £1500 labour and £1200 materials recently in Essex for a sterling job, albeit a small bathroom!
  10. It's genuinely not a bad strategy. Pay for your university fees with unsecured debt and improve your quality of life in your early 20s. Maybe get a few grand stashed away as well. Default on it all, disappear travelling for a year, and then offer small full and final settlements when the letters slow down. You can then stay in the UK and keep off the radar a little, or work abroad for a few years. At age 25 you are likely to be in a much better financial situation with this strategy than you would have been otherwise.
  11. It's worse than a pyramid scheme - it's all borrowed and leveraged money going into the bottom. Those old pyramid schemes selling Tupperware to Housewives had more legs to them than the UK housing market.
  12. Why do people moan so bitterly about a £10 rise on ~£100 electric or gas bills, but don't seem to mind paying ~£1000 a month for rent or a mortgage? Why do people get so angry about the power companies making profits for the expensive sourcing and distribution of energy to the home, but don't mind paying 10x as much for a dumb static 30 year old pile of bricks. Yes I want cheaper and fairer power bills, but it's costs are trivial compared to what the equally essential housing costs. A 1% reduction in housing costs will pay my energy for more than a year! I would personally feel less aggrieved paying say £100 a month for my house, and £1000 a month to power it! Old people are often used to described as being unable to afford to heat their home and therefore at risk of freezing to death. I wonder, how many of them are rattling around in very expensive old houses (that are too big for them and too expensive to insulate and heat)? I find it hard to have much sympathy to this case. Just something I think about every time I hear someone moaning about high energy costs.
  13. I will vote for labour next time purely in protest at Help to Buy. Much of the housing bubble grew under Labour deregulation, but they didn't attempt anything as cynically aimed at keeping the bubble inflated as Help To Buy. Housing is the most important thing in almost all of our lives. A good quality affordable roof over our head personally impacts us more than the national debt, healthcare, education, defence, foreign policy etc. They have cynically tried to keep this away for us - keeping the population in massive debt for 30 years and directing almost a lifetime of earnings to bankers. It's a disgusting policy and they've lost my vote for life.
  14. With all of the positive press on the housing market, I'm starting to notice a return of the annoying smug property bull boring me to death at dinner parties, something I haven't experienced for a few years. One guy recently chewed my ear off for hours about how property is an amazing investment and will only go one way because we're a small overcrowded island. With how he was talking, I thought he'd made a packet based on shrewd property investment. In the end it came out that he only had £300k of equity in a £1.2 million house. A house like that could fall 20% and wipe him out in the blink of an eyelid given a few percentage points on interest rates. I also know a bloke who recently traded up from an overpriced £300k flat to an overpriced £550k flat in central London. He is constantly going on what a great and shrewed investment his last purchase was in the 2008 dip. From my perspective, he was lucky to be bailed out by a sea of printed money, and has just taken his ill gotten gains, leveraged them up, and taken them back to the casino table for another spin. I earn more than both of these guys put together, but live in a small flat miles away from London just because I see how ridiculous our current housing market is. This makes these conversations particularly annoying and takes massive willpower not to tell these guys how it is!
  15. A lot of people are going to be in a similar position one day here. There are lots of high earners who just use it to leverage themselves up for more mortgage debt. They have been lucky so far, but a less benign economy, house price falls and one lost job and a lot of people are going to get caught out.
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