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  1. "My Parents: An Insight To Greed And Stupidity" how proud they'll be of you ....
  2. some of those places were like prison cells!
  3. ah! shitterbaby how nice See you're out of the doldrums WaL - bonio working then?
  4. Anecdotal and here's another I've just sold my property for 9k over EA's valuation it ain't crashing ....
  5. Yes, a definite possibility if there are enough 'savvy homeowners' out there and the higher up the ladder you are the less the pressing need to move, so I still wonder whether there will the proprety choice out there. nouveau? Whatever gives you that idea? What are you prattling on about? Not everyone on the planet is in debt, lives beyond their means, must have xyz as soon as it hits the store. Some folk have lived for quite a long time, probably considerably longer than you, is from a generation where 'if you can't afford it you save until you can, has been there, done that. Legal adv
  6. .... will homeowners be selling? Or will they all join a forum and wait for a Housepriceboom? It's a genuine question. If, as you all predict the Crash is coming, I for one as a homeowner would sit tight and wait for things to turn around again before I considered moving on.
  7. If we wait long enough there'll be another Ice Age - depends how long you want to wait (just so you can say 'I told you so')
  8. You actually did that? for half an hour? Couple of points to consider - when I can remember to do it I make sure my name isn't visible on the members list, if I forget I might log out and in again, so saddos like you can't follow my movements. Secondly, my spelling and grammar are a notch up from LATK whom I don't know from adam - GG2 on the other hand, I do 'know' from mumsnet Get a Life! (PS - I'm a laydeeeeeee! )
  9. You ARE joking? - get on a breast - v - bottle thread - you won't know what's hit you! It's actually a very varied site - you can go from naming someone's dog to discussing the Muslim cartoon furore! It has the added attraction that you can disagree with each other without being banned into the ether! (it is boring at times though - like anywhere ) PS - not that stale and placid for your friends though eh?
  10. Sorry not to me because I don't believe in your theory. I only discovered this site relatively recently - some of your regulars trolled a site I use and abused some of its members - of course that led to curiosity about THIS site. Must say I think it's the bizarrest forum I've ever come across. All the changes in rules and upgrading and downgrading of status, labelling posters trolls, veneration of certain posters - bizarre, bizarre, bizarre! Some top people on here though (quite a lot unnecessarily rude ones as well - c'est la vie!).
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