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  1. AZ? Oops see someone already posted that - apologies
  2. Agree with Seen it Before. If I was looking for a house now I'd do it all the net and ring up to make appts - I wouldn't be trawling round EAs on foot. The EA selling my house always looks completely dead when I go past - I don't think I've ever seen anyone in it. However, they tell me they agreed 42 sales in March and that this is in stark contrast to the preceeding 18 months which have been steady but quiet and a struggle for them. They say March went mad and they were snowed under with viewings, offers and negotiations. They do also tell me that offers are coming in low though - they a
  3. Don't read it if you're not interested. I couldn't give a toss.
  4. Ha ha!! But I marketed mine in line with what was achieved in the same road at the same time. They have priced theirs £30-40K over what they know has been achieved so I think that' greedy and silly!! I know one of them has had an offer £30K under the asking price and they've rejected it.
  5. If you really do think it's grim up north you've clearly never been to The Lakes, The Peak District, The Dales...
  6. Scared of what? That I've sold too low? Even if prices start to go up again and I could have got more if I'd waited - I've made my decision based on circumstances at the time of the offer and that's as much as I can do - I don't know what will happen in 3-6 months time. I've still got a good deposit for my next house out of it and I've made a signficant jump 'up the ladder'. If I've made a 'duff' decision wrt what I could have got, I'll live with it. It's not exactly like a diagnosis of cancer is it? I've been through enough in my life to have perspective on this kind of thing. Anyhow o
  7. OOOooooh, that's so harsh, I love it where I live. Have to say, I cannot fathom why anyone would pay the prices in London to live in such a pit - dirty, smelly, unfriendly and vastly overpriced. I wouldn't live there for any amount of money - have done in the past and detested it. YUCKSVILLE (btw, I know the answer is jobs)
  8. Northern Rock lend based on credit rating. 4.1X joint salaries if you have high credit rating, 3.8X joint salaries for medium credit rating and 2.something X if you have low credit rating. Just done the Alliance and Leicester one - they come out with about 5X joint salary.
  9. Deffo - as I said on another thread. I have a neighbour either side of me trying to sell their houses - they are identical semis - honestly no difference. I've just sole mine and one neighbour is on at £40K more than I got and one is on at £30K more than I got. They've got nooooo chance! I honestly think they've gone against EA opinion too - my EA is laughing her head off at their asking prices.
  10. Chuz and WAL - The reason I came onto the site on the defensive is that somebody from HPC trolled another site that I use (not house price related) where there was a thread about struggling to sell houses - that thread was linked to this site and I was singled out as being a complete idiot for not being able to see the reason it wasn't selling blah, blah. Everyone came on to have a laugh at my expense. It's the only reason I know this site exists. A poster on here called '2005' did defend me actually - they thought they'd identified my house and accepted and posted that it seemed I'd been '
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