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  1. Auctions have always been that way, not just in property. The auctioneer reads the room and makes up as many bids as they think they can get away with.
  2. Which ‘far right’ are you referring to?
  3. When did you develop mind reading powers?
  4. Gynecomastia is nothing to do with nipples. It’s ‘man boobs’ / an increase in breast tissue.
  5. Beat me to it. Do we believe them this time or will they be announcing “record sales” again in January?
  6. Ghostly

    Restaurant chains suffering?

    You have to pay extra for that in some places. I can see I wasn't being imaginative enough about what could go wrong with this service.
  7. Doesn’t it mean people are desperate to buy a house and will stretch themselves to do so or want the largest house they can possibly afford? And ‘affordable’ doesn’t mean good value.
  8. Ghostly

    Restaurant chains suffering?

    Citation needed. What difference does it make if the drivers are ‘unhygienic’? They don’t touch the food. Local takeaway delivery drivers don’t exactly look like lab workers.
  9. Not in their current forms. I’m probably not voting anymore in any case so it’s a bit irrelevant.
  10. Congratulations Conservative Party, you just ended yourselves. Unelectable.
  11. Better not do anything in that 5 to 10 year period in case people change their mind again. You can’t have too much democracy. If the result of the first referendum is ignored and there is no Brexit I’m never voting for a political matter again. It’s sort of pointless in my constituency anyway as it’s a red lockout.
  12. So, the UK offers and contributes nothing to the EU?
  13. A competent leader who actually wanted to carry out Brexit would have gone to the EU and said we are leaving with no deal unless you offer us something better. What can you do for us?
  14. So the Conservative Party are holed below the waterline pretty much?
  15. That was your first mistake. Did he go on to say he should be voted ‘temporary’, emergency powers to rule the country? I think I saw that in a film once.

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