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  1. My original post last week explained that the house isn't big enough. We moved in with a view to extending but have realised we don't want to live in the building mess but are also not happy with the lack of space, so the move isn't just about a hpc, it's because we're not really happy with the size of the house, and a hpc does seem to be on the horizon. The equity in the house will pay our rent on a bigger place. This does make sense to us.
  2. As some of you might remember, last week we were thinking of str'ing. We had an offer within 2 days of putting the house up for sale (they didn't even arrange a formal viewing but turned up at our back door). We've since had another person wishing to view and it's not even on the internet yet. Hopefully this offer will progress to a sale (they're paying cash). We put it on for 10k more than we paid a year ago but 10k under the estate agent's valuation and came down by 2k. So, things aren't really looking that sticky around here. But it might just be because our house is quaint and beautiful and we put it on at a lower price. Just thought I'd keep anyone who's interested informed .......
  3. This is a good question. I suppose I've changed my mind.
  4. Thanks for this reply. I think you're right. I think the HPC has officially started. I do feel it's best to try and get what we can at this stage. I rang a few estate agents this morning who said they're very busy - a lot of valuations I guess.
  5. We relocated from abroad - worked in the Middle East. We had a one year old baby. Now he's a little older a move would be a lot easier than it was back then.
  6. I think we need to consider all costs of selling against the amount we might lose (which unfortunately is impossible to gauge). We would be prepared to rent for 5+ years.
  7. You can indeed hint that my market timing skills are not impressive. We didn't just put a good deposit on this house, we put down 180k. Do you still think it's best to stay put?
  8. We're not entirely happy with the house. It's beautiful but small. We worked very hard to save a lot of money to put towards the house and would feel very sad to see our savings diminish with a hpc.
  9. Is it too late to STR? We bought our house around this time last year. We're getting estate agents in this week to give us some valuations on the place. We waited for years before buying, hoping for a HPC; should have waited a little longer I think .......
  10. If I didn't have a young family I'd put our place up for sale today. If I was a BTL I'd definitely be getting out now. Saw my father in law this morning and he was talking about it - said it looked as though I may be right (he's disagreed with me for years!).
  11. I agree. We bought a house (which we could well afford) last year. I believed house prices would fall but we decided to get cut our losses and get our family settled. We have a minimal mortgage and opted for 10 year fixed rate. Recently I'd begun to think that house prices would never come down but the headlines today make me think things are definitely on the turn. I hope it happens quickly - we'd really like to buy a bigger place in a few years and it'd be great not to see such ridiculous prices.
  12. Thanks for your good wishes. I agree with your comments entirely. Here's for an interest rate rise on Thursday (we've got a relatively small mortgate at a fixed rate for 10 years).
  13. Used to read a lot on HPC a while ago. Moved into our new house a few months ago and it's great to be here (luckily we could afford it!). My friends tell me it's good we're finally on the property ladder - one even said our house could possibly be worth more already. I said I thought our house would be worth a lot less in 5 years time and I certainly wasn't expecting the value to go up. She looked at me as though I was stupid - she's a doctor (consultant level). Obviously, the public isn't convinced of a HPC ........... interest rates need to go up before any of them are convinced I suspect.
  14. We're in the process of buying a house. We've decided to think about it for a couple of weeks and delay signing things for a while. I wouldn't say we're 'worried looking'. We're obviously still browsing this site and know deep down the s@*t will hit the fan at some point, but hey we need a home.
  15. You really should be cast for the next series of Grumpy Old Men.
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