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  1. I think he's only got one aim, and to paraphrase The West Wing, they better start sanding down Mount Rushmore.
  2. "The property comprises of in brief - open plan lounge and kitchen area, double bedroom and bathroom". "In brief" - Right, because there's so much more to say and space on web pages is always so limited.
  3. Rises should be no greater than the increase in the average wage for those who live within that area.
  4. Well you did get to live in someone else's house for five years and they would have picked up the tab for maintenance too.
  5. Creative Cloud is £49/month and pretty mucu $49/month. - Yes, a bit cheaper in the USA but not hugely so. I use it professionally so after offsetting against tax that's only £40/month. Worth every penny IMHO
  6. If things are booming, how come the country's infrastruture is a total mess, strikes are back with a vengeance, household debt is rocketing and the likes of Poundland are thriving? </irony>
  7. A smaller war than if Clinton had won. Chelsea to win the Premier League at a canter. Any you know what, I have a feeling that the ducks are all lined up for a 20% HPC
  8. Never a truer word spoke. I call this "personalised number plate" syndrome.
  9. 1) What do you rate the chances of a crash in the next 5 - 10 years? A near certainty. I see at least a reduction of 50% 2) What conditions do you think need to be in place for it to happen? How high do interest rates need to go until things go tits up? A small rise in interest rates and a few months of consecutive falls. Once people start seeing falls they'll wait for more falls. BofE at 1.5% should do it. 3) Will it destroy the country completely? No, it will be painful for some (the ones who deserve pain) and liberating for others (the ones who deserve to be liberated).
  10. There will be no Brexit. I cannot believe for one moment that this was not thought through beforehand and I'd imagine that someone with half a brain said "well even if we lose we'll get someone to bring a legal case, spin it out for five years and then hopefully it will all be forgotten.
  11. ... and how the hell does reducing the credit limit on her cards save money? Thermal lining behind blinds to save heating bills? Really, I'd be staggered if that outlay paid for itself in 10 years.
  12. I was in Bayswater yesterday working for a client and happened upon an "open house" viewing of a place. It was superb, no question and the asking price £8.5m - I said to the estate agent that I'd heard prices at this kind of level and above were dropping and also asked if they'd had any offers. His (assumingly) honest reply was that there had been little interest, no offers and that a year ago it wuld have sold for £10m "within a few days of going on the market".
  13. If I want a return on my savings I just spend less. Easy to get 3-4% like this, tax free and requiring no effort. I fancy a new car, but it's not going to happen. Couple of holidays? Well they'd be nice but not whilst I'm seeing no return from the bank. Pubs that charge £4-£5 a pint? Go swivel, I have Wetherspoons within 500 yards. Heating, stays off. Some new camera gear? Nope it can wait. Every penny I don't spend is a victory. I have a home that's paid for an could easily get by on much much less if I had to.
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