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  1. In the escape the country episodes you often, as in almost always, get a 50's couple with around 700K who want to set up a BnB. What is wrong with these people? I can think of no worst things i would do in my 50's (or at any age) If i had that much money to hand. i'd be more interested in enjoying life with myself / family. It'll take a lot of £100 overnight stays to break even and make it worth the hassle.
  2. Must be this place https://hallcoproperty.co.uk/portfolio/fletcher-park/ It's in an area called 'Monton Village'. That sounds nice. It concurs up images of garden fairs and cupcake stalls. Interestingly, the Royal Mail know this area by its historic name: Eccles. This made me laugh Prices From: £394.950 I'm guessing that's not including the help to buy loan. They must be mad. There are plenty of much better and cheaper places to buy in Eccles, (sorry, Monton Village), that they wouldn't need an additional loan to afford.
  3. Indeed. If it was there in the beginning they would probably have avoided the property but now they're invested (financially and emotionally) this has created a dilemma. They have no interest in developing the land but this clause will be held over them and will have resale issues, if they planned to do sell within the next 40 years. Who knows what their personal situation will be like in 40 years! The vendors are trying it on and appearing super confident that, should this buyer drop out, a wall of ready and able buyers will replace them. The truth is that the uplift clause, assumin
  4. I have a lot of sympathy with the Mumsnetter here https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4119385-Feeling-bullied-should-we-pull-out Retired sellers slap on a 40 year uplift clause on part of the property just before exchange. Obviously they'll be dead by the time it expires, but they presumably want some 'clever legal legacy' to pass on to their grandkids whilst pocketing the actual money for the property while they're alive.
  5. Rightmove have produced a helpful guide to explain what happens with house sales/letting/renovation/removals/etc during the latest lockdown. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/articles/property-news/new-lockdown-england-home-moves-rightmove-advice TLDR: you can basically do what you want.
  6. ASTs can legally slip into periodic tenancies, but i've yet to see a letting agent in London that will allow this to happen without issuing a S21. They need the juicy fee from tenant and landlord for their 'work'. I don't know if this is still the case post-tenant fee ban as i no longer live in London. Outside of prime areas, agents don't seem to try their luck if they have a tenant who's paying rent. Part of me wishes i was still in London as if I received the annual threatening renewal phone call while evictions were banned i'd take great joy in telling them where to stick their S21.
  7. Indeed. The VIs need to be careful what they wish for. It looks like their wish just came true.
  8. I agree. The gov had to give money to businesses they ordered to close. The gov will always waste money. I only care when this payout directly impacts me by helping landlords and EAs, so no more bounceback fraud loans or stamp duty holiday extensions please.
  9. Exactly. No excuses to extend the stamp duty holiday, although the VIs will obviously still try to use this new lockdown to justify their bleating.
  10. I have. What about it? It seems to correspond with the Tweet. It's spoken in the first person i'll grant you that but this isn't Michel/Tusk's own personal thoughts. When they speak they are stating the policy of the EU. This section is telling. No mention of human rights issues holding up accession talks. Far from it. Let me be very clear: North Macedonia and Albania are not to blame for this. And the Commission reports are also clear that both these countries did what they were asked to do. And the adoption of the Prespa Agreement was a truly extraordinary achievement. So both co
  11. So, by that logic, there's no reason why we shouldn't consider asylum applications from Germany, France, and Italy now that FoM no longer applies to the UK from these countries? Would that not be a little absurd?
  12. Seriously? This Twitter account isn't Charles Michel's random thoughts of the day. It's a broadcast channel for the European Council.
  13. Funny. The EU seem pretty keen to bring Albania in. No mention of human rights. France vetoed membership because Macron doesn't want another Hungary: let them into the EU then allow them to hold it to ransom.
  14. I know (and l did say she was refused) however in 'considering' her asylum claim she's managed to remain in the UK since 2014. That's coming up for 7 years. My point is that the claim shouldn't even have been considered. She's from Europe and somewhere that is being very seriously considered for membership of the EU so Albania can't be that dodgy, right? Again true, however Von der Leyen (and Junker before her) were pushing for this to happen recently, and Albania along with (North) Macedonia seem to be the next countries to join. IIRC the latter changed its name for entirely this rea
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