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  1. worst maths.... ever. If -2.6% MOM carries on for 38 months, average house will be down around 63%. Which is pretty close to free.
  2. This is an example of a huge problem hitting the west at the moment; Cowardice. Not only is it causing invasions of countries (who may or may not pose some sort of threat), but it's actually preventing our soldiers being properly cared for when they return. The people of this country (and more importantly America) need to suck it up. The minute threat of terrorism bores me to death, why on earth this group of idiots are so frightened by it escapes me.
  3. A friend of mine is looking for 2 bed flats and is amazed as to what passes as a "double room". He found a new build, rooms decent size, in Milton keynes (but not a prime area of MK). 895 pcm. Needless to say, he will buy as soon as possible.
  4. Agreed. Time will tell. I reckon a *crash* will only pick up momentum when the yoy -ves are reported in back to back quarters. I don't see that happening this year. I'm not seeing them in short/medium at all.
  5. I thought today's 0.25+ had been pretty muched completely priced into the currency market, but 11:00am today, boom, another 1/2 cent up. I'm quite surprised by that, although that may come back down to 2.0150 later today.
  6. Considering 4 years will get us to 1 year before the olympic games, I think it will be more than just the london prime market that will have legs. Probably other "regenerated" areas and some surrounding areas too.
  7. This is how I see it. Drop - 0% Hold - 40% .25 up - 55% 0.5 up - 5%
  8. This ones is. (look carefully @ the property on the right, the For Sale sign is visible). House who's price is about to plummet
  9. The Land Registry have not posted the figures in the usual manner for the last quarter. (Q1 2007) I normally look at the publications area: Land Reg Publications area Anyone know why they haven't published this time round? (no speculation please ) Was it the same reason the BBC held back?
  10. As we all know, it's about sentiment, not affordability. You could sell a kilo of horse shit for 10 grand, if people really believed it would go for 20 grand next year. Someone would buy it for 20 grand next year, if they thought it'll sell for 30K year after. It's not about affordability, and it's not about people's stupidity either, it's simple economics. When the confidence goes, only then will there be a change in the pattern. Personally, I have no idea when the change in sentiment will take place. There have been SO MANY theories of what it will take for sentiment to change, but so
  11. I did my A-Levels in 1993. Even in them days, we only used past-papers from the previous 2/3 years. Any further back than that and they were too hard to be useful. We looked at a Physics paper from 8-10 years previous and it looked like Rocket Science to us. Clearly that trend has increased in the 13 years since then.
  12. I notice you didn't mention which winter. Good call.
  13. Yes, I caught it. It started with explaining how the east is the property hotspot of the UK according to country wide EAs. Was it Cambridge they said would rise 10% in the next year? It was somewhere in the east anyway. After that, they went on to explain that it is widely believed that demand for 2 bed flats has reached saturation point already. Pointing out however, that many are still in the process of being built.
  14. It may be down, but's it's still above the target. So something will need to be done...
  15. Surprisingly to perhaps you only, I didn't post this to do myself "any favours". I posted it to highlight the kind of Suckers the HPCers will feed off. The guy has been had. If he was level headed, he'd use the money to fund an education, train in a trade, anything likely to give him long term earning potential. Acquiring 80K worth of debt, with no earning potential/saving to rescue him from any possible changes of climate is a mistake. I'm not saying he has no chance of making millions. Betting 10K on a horse could make you millions, but it's still a stupid thing to do. Too young to un
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